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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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A ball will bounce differently depending on the surface because some surfaces are harder than others like grass, turf, concrete they are all different. Some surfaces absorb more energy than others do. A hard surface, such as concrete, absorbs less energy compared with a soft surface, such as a grass floor. The more energy absorbed by the surface, the less that remains in the ball for it to bounce. When a ball is dropped gravity pulls the ball toward the ground, slowing the ball down so that each bounce is shorter and shorter, until eventually the ball stops bouncing.

How does changing a ball pressure affect the bounciness?

Soccer balls can variate from many different sizes and pressure in the ball. It all depends on how much pressure is in the ball, it can variate on how far it goes or how many times it will bounces. Inside a ball there are gas molecules, as the gas molecules expand, their energy increases and they bounce around faster inside the ball. That’s why higher pressure leads to a higher bounce of the ball.

Why does a soccer ball bounce ?

Soccer balls must be inflated with air before they can be played with. When air is pumped into the ball, the number of air molecules and consequently, the air pressure inside the ball increases. The soccer ball starts to gradually inflate and expand outwards. Once the air pressure outside and inside the ball is the same, equilibrium is reached. Pumping more air into the ball beyond equilibrium will increase the tension on the latex wall of the ball and make the surface of the soccer ball harder. The force of the soccer ball hitting the hard ground puts an equal force back onto the soccer ball, meaning it bounces back up. This happens because soccer balls are made out of an elastic material which allows them to be squashed or stretched and then return to their original shape.


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