Why Soccer is the Sport most Famous

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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For many it is not a mystery that the sport of the Soccer (or fut-bol in other countries) is the physical activity that has more followers around the world, which raises passions, emotions, joys, rivalries, etc; all that is what the fut-bol brings. But why is this? In this essay from a very particular point of view I, because soccer is the most watched sport in the world, all aspects that for me make football the king sport in the world and the one that has more followers. Important values are promoted such as: team spirit, respect, overcoming, effort and discipline. Touching the point of values would deepen the importance of society for sport as it plays a fundamental role in how successful football is today, since the same society is the one that from an early age instills love or lack of love for its members towards this beautiful sport. But just as society can positively influence the acceptance and success of football, it can cause the same population to be divided or disintegrated by the varied comments that citizens freely make about this sport. Society has a very important role, if not the most important, in the success of football because the population is the consumer of this sport. It also needs little equipment and anyone can play it anywhere; of this last is born my second foundation and very personal opinion for which I think that soccer is the most popular sport among the hundreds of sports that exist.

Football, compared to other sports, is easier to practice, that is, it is very accessible and anyone can play it, just go out and you can find children, young people or even adults practicing sports in the streets. Cheap, this is another fundamental thing for this sport to be so popular. From children of one or another way we started to practice it. In some way, from an early age, we are becoming familiar with this beautiful sport that is football. Cheap also because a soccer ball does not exceed $ 120.00, compared to other sports in which apart from buying the ball or ball to practice it requires separate equipment to avoid getting hurt and that increases the amount of money invested, if necessary. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, thanks to these media, soccer is the most popular sport. There is not a day in which by these means you do not talk about football or everything related to it. A clear example is the sports programs on television, most of the time that the program lasts, it is destined for football, and leaves other sports in the background, this clarifies the importance of football. Not to mention the time allocated for football in both TV and radio commercials, especially of sponsoring brands of the same soccer teams. On the internet, something similar happens, they flood us with soccer advertising but on the internet through banners and things like that.

What I wrote earlier is for me the things that influenced football to be the most practiced amateur or professional sport in the world and I get the most popular sport, for some this will be true, for others they will add more factors that influenced to be the most important, but it is true that football is a monster in sports, social and administrative. The factors that for me, were the ones that gave the success of today’s football are congenial in a masterful way since one factor without the other would not be anything, all this makes the wonder that is soccer nowadays; The king sport.

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