Favorite Sports in the UAE

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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One of the priorities emphasized

Built by H.H. Sheikh Zayed, may mercy be upon him, sports facilities for the youth of the UAE have truly blossomed. Sports clubs have been formed with government support, stadiums have been designed, and soccer has become the national game. Superior government and personal sports and leisure centers have been established throughout the country.

Traditional skills honed in the past have also been developed into sports in which the UAE competes with great success internationally.

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These include camel racing, arts, and various forms of equestrianism.

The UAE has also gained international recognition for staging spectacular events and invite tournaments, particularly in sports such as golf, tennis, and snooker.

These events attract world-class international sportsmen and increase awareness of such competitive sports in the UAE. This encourages wider participation and assists in promoting tourism.

Now that we have introduced sports in the UAE, I will be focusing on camel racing sports and, in due course, falconry.


As a result of the expansion within the field of camel-racing in the UAE, greater attention has been paid to the challenges of breeding, including the application of the latest technology. The Al Ain-based Embryo Transfer Research Facility for Racing Camels, established in 1989, has pioneered insemination and embryo transfer in camels.

Associated with the research program, a well-equipped veterinary hospital has been established, which is engaged not only in treating sick camels, but also in advising owners on the best possible care for their animals.

Training camels’ stages of the race

Firstly, Assaf or Taming: Ideally, the age of a young camel should not exceed three years (Lagaya). This process involves controlling the camel’s head movements (Khatam).

Secondly, winter training is introduced. This is a crucial stage in providing the camels with high-level fitness. This is achieved by encouraging them to walk a distance of 2-4 kilometers daily, which is increased by at least one kilometer each day over a period of no less than 20 days.

Third stage coking (Al Tafheem)

At this stage, begin to reduce the quantity of food and water to alleviate the weight and atrophy of the stomach. This stage is a way to assess the fitness of the camel. Also, the camel needs to relax before participating in any race.

Camel foods

Al Madaha: A morning dining experience that offers a wide variety of barley, dates, and milk.

Al Muasha: A dinner meal consisting of barley, dates, and wheat.

What kind of food is provided to camels before the race starts?

Al Suaoot: An offering of food for the participating camels in the race. This includes oleomargarine, honey, and eggs. Such food is provided due to its health benefits and to supply the camels with the energy they need to perform well during the race.

Famous camel racecourses in UAE:

1. Al Wathba Racecourse in Abu Dhabi, with a length of 40 kilometers

2. Al Marmom Racecourse in Dubai, with a length of 10 kilometers

Children camel jockeys

Camel jockeys in the past were usually young boys between the ages of six and seven, weighing only about twenty kilograms so as not to overburden the camel. They hailed from various nations such as Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Mauritania. Their parents often sold them to traffickers to serve as camel jockeys in the United Arab Emirates. This practice became an international issue, especially the trafficking of child jockeys from different countries for the races. The United Nations Children’s Fund, also known as UNICEF, along with the UAE and other countries, signed an agreement enforcing new rules aimed at preserving the rights of these children.

New Idea in the camel race (robots)

Now, the United Arab Emirates uses robots as jockeys for camel races. The jockey robots are remotely controlled by the camel owners, who also receive relayed GPS data and even the camel’s pulse rate from the UNIX operating system supercomputer.


It is a really valued tradition in the UAE. Falconry is a sport that came to the UAE a few years ago. Both poor and wealthy individuals enjoyed it as it was a significant part of their life in the desert. The falcon is known as the Saqer and is adored by the people for its beauty and splendid eyes.

H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may mercy be upon him, loved falcons. Falconry was his favorite sport. He said, ‘Falconry is a sport that teaches endurance, strength, and patience.’

Famous kind of Falcons in the UAE

The two main species used for falconry in the UAE are the Saqr falcons (Falco Cherruq), brought from other geographical regions, and the Peregrine (Falco Peregrinus). The Saqr is more popular because it’s suitable for desert hawking. The female Saqr (Al Hurr), which is larger and more powerful, is often preferred over the male (Garmoush). The female Peregrine (Shahin or Bahri Shahin) is also considered better than the male (Shahin Tiba) for hunting purposes.

Falcons Training

Training falcons needs each courageousness and patience and it’s created potential by the trainer.

The key to success in art is that the relationship of falcon and huntsman World Health Organization should exercise patience, skill, and devotion. the power of a falcon to adjust his master is what makes the Arabs just like the sport plenty.

In the coaching method, the falcon sits on a spherical wood issue sort of a mushroom that moves. this is often known as Al Wakr. Or on the trainer’s hand that is protected against the sharp nails of a falcon by a giant cuff that covers his hand, this is often known as the Mangala. this is often sometimes made of material that is crammed with straw or artefact. this is often wherever the falcon sits.

The falcon is command by 2 braids of cotton, these are known as Al Sabbuq, and that they are connected to a leash to create the bird an unengaged to move. Al Burgu is another piece that’s utilized in this sport. it’s placed on the falcon’s head to

cover his eyes. this is often as a result of they need superb eyes and that they might see terribly sharply.

They additionally have to be slowly adjusted to any new atmosphere. Their eyes are coated as a component of the coaching method. Then they’re set out slowly through showing them slowly the atmosphere around them.

Al Mukhlat is that the bag within which the trainer hides bound up houbara wings or pigeons. these items that are within the bag are wont to attract the falcon back to urge them. this fashion of attracting the falcon back is named the tilwah.

The wakir is that the sitting place of the falcon. it’s an extended and embellished wood Stand. On high of it there’s a flat soft place for the falcon’s sharp claws to rest on. once the falcon flies faraway from the wakir, the tip of the long stand, that is down is pushed into the sand wherever it stays upright.

Controlling the falcon is extremely necessary, particularly once creating each catch. lightweight and additionally sturdy chains are placed on its ankles. these items are known as the subuq and are thirty centimeters long. they’re terribly sturdy and versatile. they’re made of nylon.

The two ends of those chains are tied along into a brief chain. This short chain is then connected to a tiny low ball. these items create falcon move easier and controls his flying. the full piece is named the mursel.

The falcon shouts ‘yalla’ and once a second, the falcon with all its power opens his wings and moves them in no time and powerful. Then moves quickly into the sky.

As presently because it sees the animal that he’s speculated to catch, he quickly chases it. This chase goes on for a few times till the gets tired and slows down and at that moment, the falcon flies down quickly and pulls it to the bottom.

The main animals that the falcon is meant to catch are: Houbara or MacQueen’s Wader, Limicoline Bird (Kiriwan) and Hare (Arnab). The Houbara is a powerful bird which can weigh up to four kilograms. It can stand as much as seventy-five centimeters tall and it’s known for its great speed. It’s fast in flying and on land. This is what makes the chase more exciting for the falconers.

Sheikh Zayed Book about falcons

His Highness Sheikh Zayed is known by all people as an expert in the sport of falconry. He had been practicing this sport since he was a teenager. He wrote his famous book titled “Hunting with Falcons,” which was published in 1976. It is considered to be an encyclopedia of falconry.

Falcon price

In the late 1940s, a falcon could be purchased for around 120 Dirhams. In the 1960s, it was around 2,400 Dirhams. Nowadays, their prices are more than ten thousand Dirhams. ( )

Famous Places for Falconry


• Qatar


• Pakistan

• Morocco


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People of the United Arab Emirates are best-known for their love of traditional sports, like racing and falconry. This sport originated from the desert environment and culture in this country, and I believe they will continue to maintain it.

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