The Favorite Sport in the Life of Every Type of Fan

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Updated: Nov 09, 2022
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Different types of fans have been classified for decades and decades. Sports fans are an enthusiastic devotee usually as a spectator to a particular sport, athlete, or team. They usually show their enthusiasm by attending the sports game, joining a sports club, or watching the team on television. People will experience a gaming event by living through their favorite players or teams. Why do these people like to watch sports? Science has proved that watching sports makes us feel dominant, feel a rush of pleasure, and we actually feel like we are playing the game. To understand these different ways to support a sport teams we classify these sports fans into groups. There are many different groups of fans but some of the many are super fans, super violent fan, bandwagon fan, and the sports haters “fans.”

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The super sports fans are the fans that are willing to ordinarily dress for the sake of the team by using face paint, body paint, and ridiculous hair. Super fans are very enthusiastic about their team when they are winning. They are always willing to drop anything to go root their team on, they religiously follow their team. They have followed their team so long that they can tell you the starting line up when they first became a team and every win and lose they have had and where they played when they had there big wins. There is also the super fan that follows every team and every sport. They will watch any sport and any team just to have something to talk about. They will know if someone hits a home run or a team scores a touchdown, he knows. Every conversation they have in life somehow will come back to sports.

Sometimes fans can get so invested into the game they become the super violent sport fans. The super violent fan loves his team so much and gets so infused into the game that he can becomes a danger to himself and others. When their sports team wins, they become feeling empowered and successful. When their team wins at home, that is all the better, but many of these fans don’t know when to draw the line, and they become mean spirited. Many mean spirited fans have tasered the other teams fans, fought the other fans, and people have shot each other over supporting the other team. If this enraged excitement happens while at home, there might be beer cans thrown, screaming, yelling, and punching. Why do sports games lead to violence? Alcohol contributes, the nature of the sport, to join the victory of the team, and the way people act in groups. All play a role into why we have the super violent sports fans.

Now we have bandwagon fans. These fans are the most common in sports all around the world. Bandwagon fans are simply the fans that support the team with the most championships, winning in the league at the moment, or are reigning champions, and if any second they catch wind of the team they are supporting is doing bad they will jump ship to another team that is winning at the moment. These types of fan are usually disliked by the superfans who know everything about their team. Although most people won’t admit to being a bandwagon fan, there are some ways to detect a bandwagon fan. Ask and see if they know the staff if they are a true fan then they will know more than one star player and they also will know the coaches and little about them. Determine if they know the statistics if they are a true fan they will know more of the statistics than just the star player this also takes time and effort to know. Also, see if they know any historical information about the team like past championships, past star player, and their past records. These are just some of the many ways to detect a bandwagon fan, but is there anything wrong with being a bandwagon fan? If it weren’t for bandwagon fans, we would have the same people supporting the same teams and that would bring no fun to the game. Besides bandwagon fans give something for people to bug people about. This also lead to people real fans can laugh at when they have no idea what’s going on or who’s playing, or just simply looks ridiculous trying to support their bandwagon team.

Now we have the sports haters. Although these are not sports fan they play a big role in the sports department. These are the people that don’t necessarily hate the sports itself but hate the the stupid, silly stuff that comes along with it. They think that sport lovers are just brain dead people that watch sports and that’s all they care about. Sports haters believe that schools are the source to the issue because they have the big gymnasium and the state sponsored games when really they should be worrying about the education and learning of the students not their athleticism. They will also judge the athlete on their outside appearance instead of their athletic ability. Sports haters will say that athletes dress like buttholes, or that they are probably on steroids, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This group of “fans” even have their own website trying to enlightenment people to their opinions about sports and what it is doing to our society.

It is clear that there are many types of sports fans. Some of the many are the super fans, super violent fans, bandwagon fan, and the sports haters “fans.” The super fans are the enthusiastic and loyal sport watchers. The super violent fans are the. fans that throw things, beat people up, and get mean spirited. They are liable to do anything if their team starts to lose. The bandwagon fans are the ones that will follow any and every team if they catch wind that they are doing well in their season. The last “fan” we talked about was the most interesting. The haters of the sport and game and everything that comes along with it. This is just some of the many types of crazy, enthusiastic, mean spirited, and hater “fans” we have.

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