Doping- how is it Affecting Sports

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Steroids do not guarantee you’re going to have success. I think a lot of people think that they will, but they don’t.

– Tony Gwynn

Unfortunately, the world of sports is very often related with the word ‘doping’, since respectful and famous athletes have been tasted positive for banned pills and substances. The use of natural or synthetic sources, which allows you to achieve the better results than the rest. But consuming drugs causes a temporary increase in endocrine and nervous system activity and even lead to the death of a person.

Historically, the term ‘doping’ is etymologically derived from the Dutch word ‘dop’,that describes strong alcoholic drink. Due to advancement of technology, many athletes use forbidden substances, which in turn provide extra energy to the sports anime. Where extra energy is transmitted beyond the normal body strength, which leads to the normal athletes. Doping also can affects the mental sphere, resulting in aggression, thirst for victory and achieve set goals.

Undoubtedly, the competition either in business or war evolves inevitable desire to win. Thus, the competition make an effort in order to achieve benefits over the opponent. The important result for the athlete, which he/she can achieve with the help of rigorous training. Therefore, all possible ways are often used to achieve high results. So, sports doping allows athletes to maintain body performance with huge physical effort.

According to the recent history of sports, this type of drug contains testosterone and it helps the increase physical strength, muscle volume and endurance. It increases strength and burn fat and also help to improve oxygen consumption in the blood. It also has a slightly beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The most common types of stimulants are caffeine, ephedrine etc.

Caffeine can also be the cause of slight nausea, dizziness, increase headache or stomach ache. Ephedrine tablets can damages respiratory tract of human bodies. It also increases breathing problems due to Asthma. Ephedrine also increases body weight that cannot be controlled.

In this century, a new doping method has been introduced whose name is gene doping. Gene doping is an attempt to change the character of the gene is an artificial way. In this case, the ability of athletes to work is enhanced by inserting a particular gene or component of a gene into the body or by stimulating a particular gene in the body through drugs. However, it has no evidence against any of the accused in the case. Because, even if minor doping is detected in blood or urin tests but gene doping is impossible.

The New York Times said that 1 in 5 athletes in India have been dope test positive from 2009. So, India is now number two on the list of athletes taking banned drugs in the world. The world Anti-Dop Organization (WADA) banished the Russian Athletes Federation from a major sporting event of four years. As a result Russia will not be able to participate in any major world sports tournament until 2020. So, this ongoing issue in sports should be solved by applying various methods including effective government cooperation and medical support. Besides, Drug Pricing Regulator NPPA and National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) have launched an app ‘Pharma Jan Samadhan’ to help athletes understand medicines that could contain prohibited substances in sports.

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