Drug Abuse in Sports

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Drug Abuse in Sports

The essay will examine the issue of drug abuse in the sports world, exploring how performance-enhancing and recreational drug use affects athletes, the integrity of sports, and the measures taken to combat this problem. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Drug Abuse.

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Drug abuse occurs in all sports and at most levels of competition. Athletic life may lead to drug abuse for a number of reasons,, to self-treat injuries, and retirement from sport. Most sport organizations ban the use of any drug that can help your ability to excel in any sport. Using enhancing drugs, always have side effects like easy to anger, depression, and even death. Today people may know that athletes use steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, but it is only the people who get caught that they dislike and punish, they don’t drug test them until suspicions arise.

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These athletes are also usually the ones who set the amazing records such as many famous athletes ( like Alex Rodriguez).

Also during seasons the teams usually get drug tested if the players seems juiced. Juiced is a term used for somebody on drug that enhance their abilities to perform in a game. Some of the athletes use marajuana, as a enhancing drug because it makes you feel less when your on it, allowing harder workouts. Also, if some teenagers take performance drugs they are making them better than everyone else giving themselves an advantage over everyone else which is cheating, so why should they get money for using drugs to win, how do we know they aren’t actually good

at the sport. Performance drugs in sport should not be tolerated and should be illegal. Stores shouldn’t give teenagers drugs that way they can do well in a sport. Many store managers however have been called into court to make their statement “why they did give the athletes the enhancing drugs”?

Another claim made here is that penalties for using drugs such as fines, suspensions, and even lifetime bans. The simularities often cited here this is the case of death penalties for using illegal drugs or being a drug supplier can result in penalties not as far as death. If you use or start to use the illegal drugs then you will have to keep taking them. If you stop you start to have erratic behaviour. Many people who use this drugs can’t get off them because they are addictive. Just like many other drugs that make you feel great, such as weed and other psychedelic drugs.

Many think drug enhancers are okay because they allow people to get fit, especially when off season. But many people don’t understand that when your on off season, your still owned by the team and company. The company then can fire them, or release a fine for a good amount of money. Usually the fines are above 2 million dollars.Now according to the FDA anyone with drugs or taking them will be suspended and fined because its a violation the the rules. Now if someone isn’t caught until they are retired or later on after taking it, they still will get fined. And maybe they even go to court for illegal drug use, they can still lose their rings or trophies for illegal enhancement , if they win the World Series.


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