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Safety and Security are paramount in any learning institution, the University of Miami is a large institution which accommodates a large number of students and staff in its premises. With large numbers come challenges in providing essential services like security and ensuring the safety of all individuals. Most of the students have been victims of bike riders who are not sensitive to the environment around them or just for lack of facilities to use their bikes safely on campus. The best solution for this kind of problem is isolation. The provision of a dedicated bicycle lane for the cyclists is the most viable kind of solution for such a problem.

The fact that bikes are cheaper and more cost efficient than vehicles, more and more students are embracing the beauty of bicycles. This has led to an influx in the number of bicycles around campus. The campus has a large number of students coming in and going out of the campus at any given time. With the number of cyclists growing by the day, there have been more frequent bicycle accidents within the campus confinements. Since there are no designated areas where bicycles can be ridden, any place goes. Cyclists ride their bikes in between large numbers of students each going about their business, sooner or later a disaster is bound to happen when people lie directly on the path of the cyclist. Injuries that have been sustained have been treated by the school since accidents occurred within school premises.

A problem remains a problem if action is not taken to solve it. a problem can be solved in various ways, however, there is one most viable solution, the solution that provides the most benefits in the long run. The suggestion is to have dedicated lanes for cyclists to use within the campus area. The setting aside of such areas will notify the students not to access the areas blocking cyclists paths to avoid accidents. With a reduced number of bicycle accidents comes a reduced amount of money spent on medical bills. In the long run, the institution will save money that would have been used in treating bicycle accident victims and divert the same to more pressing issues in the campus. Though the initial cost of implementation might be high, the benefits that it will bring will be worth all the investment.

As stated above, there are various kinds of solutions, however, not all solutions are real solutions to the problem at hand. In this kind of scenario, I would also acknowledge that the university in taking steps to curb bicycle accident can ban the use of bicycles within the campus area altogether. This seems to be the best solution since it does not involve any costs, however, it can turn out to be the worst. Banning the use of bicycles within the campus area will make the students feel like the university is infringing on their rights on using any means to school. This can make the students riot and in the process cause damage to university property. The education of the students who come to school on bikes might be hindered since they would have to incur more costs in taking bus rides to school and also will also encourage lateness to class.

The initial cost of installation will be high, according to calculation, the project will cost at least $7,000. However, the benefits that it will bring outweigh the cost. Treatment of a student who has had a bicycle accident is about $250, on average in a month, bicycle accidents are responsible for 20 treatment cases. In total, the amount spent by the university in providing medical services to the victims is about $5,000 in a month. When the lane is in place, the cases of bicycle accidents will be reduced to about 5 cases in a month. This will go a long way in enabling the institution to save monies it would have otherwise used on injured students. A saving of $3,750 each month can pay up the cost of the project in two months and afterwards the benefits can be enjoyed to the maximum.

The cost of providing the lane initially is given by, the suggestion is digging and providing an area where concrete slabs can be laid. This concrete slabs on average cost $2 per square foot. There will be needed around two thousand slabs to cover the whole area needed for the lane. In total the slabs will cost $4,000, the labour needed for the laying of the slab will be around $1,000. Other uses will use an additional $2000. In total the whole project will cost around $7,000. This is no cheap project, however, it stands to be seen that it is the best there can be in terms of solving the current problem. The amount of money being used will be a one-time kind of fee which will enable the solving of the problem without incurring additional costs. The maintenance of the lane will be done after every six months to ensure that the lane is in good condition always.

In conclusion, the safety of the students in the institution should be of priority to the administration. They should be able to put in place mechanisms needed to ensure that students are safe when within school premises. The proposed project will go a long way in ensuring that the students in the University have a safe environment and a conducive environment to conduct their own studies. The institution in creating a safe environment for its students will also be able to save money it would have used on the treatment of students who got injured in school premises. The proposed project is a win-win situation both for the students and the administration.

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