I Enjoy doing Sport in my Leisure Time

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Updated: Jul 07, 2021
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I Enjoy doing Sport in my Leisure Time essay

Each person spends his free time in a different way. Some go in for sports. Others spend their free time smoking, drinking. People do not think that life is in their hands. The constant use of alcohol by a person, albeit beer, can lead to alcoholism. And as we already know, they have neither present nor future. For them, there is only one problem in life: where to find a drink. They do not need a family, especially children. Smoking also has a detrimental effect on the human body. Cigarette use can lead to severe lung disease, including cancer. I believe that the best thing for the younger generation is playing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. Health is an invaluable asset not only of every person, but of the whole society. Some people, succumbing to the addiction of smoking and alcoholism, actively shorten their lives. And therefore, there is hardly a need to convince someone of the benefits of playing sports and physical education.

At first glance, everyone loves sports. But you can also love sports in different ways. If you sit for hours in front of the TV screen, watching with interest the exciting fights of hockey players or the competition of figure skaters, the benefit to you from such a love of sports will be zero. Regular access to the stadiums and gyms where you work out will do you no more benefit. Better to play sports than to have addictions!

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Not everyone loves to play sports, although they know that it gives physical strength and health. I go in for sports quite often. I go to the gym a couple of times a week. There I work out on simulators. Also, sometimes I go out with my comrades for an evening run.

Playing sports is tiring at first. However, over time, a person begins to feel that his body has become stronger and more enduring. It is very important not to forget that physical health becomes better with sports. I always remember this, so I can say with confidence that sport plays an important role in my life.

I love to be constantly on the move. In winter I go ice skating, I like to participate in skiing competitions. In the summer I ride a bicycle, we can ride a bicycle with friends on it into the forest, in which a horizontal bar is made, on it we tumble and do push-ups. There are both boys and girls in our company. The general passion for sports brings us together.
I like to play sports. He teaches me to be resilient, to bring any business to the end. I am learning how to react correctly to victory and defeat.

Sport is life, the ability to achieve your goal by any means, to follow the rules. It brings people closer, makes them better and has a beneficial effect on my health.

I know that movement boosts my immunity, hardens and trains my muscles. Playing sports hardens, because you need to train at any time of the year and weather. After training, I feel a sense of joy, inspiration. When performing the exercises, emotions are released, the transition from a sedentary lifestyle at school to a motor regime. Everyone should have a hobby, a desire to strive for victory. So in sports it is! Moving, we learn to overcome laziness, depression, strive to go towards the intended goal, despite the difficulties experienced: muscle pain, fatigue, desire to sleep. And the main thing is emotional relaxation, a keen sense of a winner!

As for me, I always choose sports and even in my free time! I just want to live a healthy life, go towards my goal. I want everyone to go in for sports, communicate, make new, good friends and be healthy !!!

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