An Analysis of the Baseball Sport as a Hobby

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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A hobby is said to be an activity done regularly for enjoyment purposes during one’s free time. Hobbies include a lot of activities such as playing sports, taking part in artistic and creative pursuits, collecting themed items and objects among many other amusements. List of hobbies that one can participate in are always endless and they change frequently due to changes in one’s fashion and interests. One can acquire substantial skills through by continuously participating in a particular hobby.

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In this particular essay, I will focus more on sporting hobbies and my interest mainly will be the analyses of baseball as a hobby since a lot of people fancy the sport.

Sports are everywhere in our culture and they are beneficial for reflecting certain values in the society; it is also worth to note that the American football is one of the most known sports in the country. But no any other sport that acts as a symbol of the American culture except the baseball sport (Murphy 793). This baseball sport is quite different from other sports in a lot of ways which include the fact that in baseball games, there are no ties or what is known by many as a draw. This baseball game can continue for even several days so as to determine who the winner is. Obviously, no game can take such long time duration, but watching and playing the game does not require time specifications.

The baseball sport is also different due to the fact it is played on each and every single day. In some cases, the games are also played back to back on daily basis. This means that no any other sport is played frequently like the baseball sport. Comparing to other sports, football can’t be played more than once in a week, basketball can’t also be played more than three times in a week but for the baseball sport, it can be played seven days in a week. To final reason why baseball is different from other sports is the fact that the baseball sport has been woven for more than a century in the country’s social fabric. From the “”get me out of the ball game”” to “”Casey at the bat”” and from “”say it is not that way”” to the “”field with dreams,”” baseball sport has really been embraced by the American society.

To succeed in the hobby of playing baseball which is said to be America’s greatest hobby. One has to combine skill, intelligence athleticism and the grace required to be successful in the sport. The beauty of the baseball hobby lies in the ability to simply throw a ball and hitting the ball thrown to you by another person. For one to perfect in the baseball hobby, one has to take a look at the following aspects in order to perfect.

For one to maximize his baseball hobby, pitching practice is a necessity. One needs to understand as far as one needs to maximize his baseball hobby to perfection, pitching practice is fundamental to achieve that. The practice enables one to gain ideas on how to grip the ball before pitching and to understand how to deliver your ball through the pitch. Holding the ball in different manners using your fingertips helps in the enhancing of the speed of delivering the pitch and the movement that one needs to get into his pitch.

From there everything else depends on how you throw the pitch that belongs to you. You can start with simple games of throw and catch by starting lightly while practicing to perfect in your gripping. After that wind up more by simulating your pitch by adding more parts and lifting your leg to enhance momentum that is needed for your pitch. And with time you will start to transfer weight to your front leg from the back leg just like top pitchers who play in major leagues.

Hitting practice is also necessary to maximize your baseball hobby; this may sound counterintuitive since hitting the ball seems easy because it involves the act of just moving your hands to move the baseball bat. To hit the ball perfectly requires moving of the body in asynchronous and a fluid manner.

Your motion starts in the feet and you have to make sure that your feet provide stability during the swing. Therefore practicing to keep your weight squarely is essential to drive you effectively during the swing. The balance of your head is also essential since it makes a huge difference. Due to the fact that you want to keep your on the ball during the swing, you have to ensure that perfect balance of your head on your shoulders so as to ensure that you have a proper rotation during the swing.

Taking a keen consideration on the balance of head and ensuring the stability of your feet, then you can swing as long as you want since this eventually will make you perfect your baseball hobby. Always start your swing with a slow motion and continue building more speed as you increase your comfortability (Nichol 69).

In conclusion, baseball is totally different from other sports. In baseball to succeed you don’t need to be some otherworldly athlete. In sports such as football to succeed you have to be strong and big but for baseball what is needed is the leaping ability combined with some feet speed and requisite height. With recommendations in pitching practice, hitting practice one should maximize his enjoyment in this baseball hobby.

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