My Dream Career is Reality

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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My Dream Career is Reality

This essay will discuss the journey of turning a dream career into a reality. It will cover the steps taken to achieve this goal, the challenges faced, the skills and education required, and the personal satisfaction of realizing a long-held professional dream. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Career.

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Planning my life

When thinking of an ideal career I think a manager of something whether it be with someone, alone, or in a part of a business. Through the Jobzology assessments I was informed of my main interests and possible job opportunities with matches found by the website. While searching through the career matches the main ones shown are jobs that deal with hands on careers. I want to become a manager because I feel I am good at helping people know what they need to do and good at diffusing or getting to an agreement with others.

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My ideal career is a stretch of reality. Like most, I want to work but have plenty of time and money to spend it with my family. Whilst seeing others with a manger job I have come to notice that they don’t have that much time to spend with their family. I am determined though, to find a position with the qualities that I want or find a way to make a position with these qualities that fulfills my expectations. One thing, as I go through my job experiences, I have found that friends in jobs are good. In opposition, when having the same dreams as a friend it is not good. In my current position a friend and I are gunning for the same position. We have made the deal that if one gets it the other will try their best to make it a co-position where two people share the responsibilities. So, you could say that my ideal career is to have an office across the hall from my friend and run a company together.

After taking the Interests quiz on Jobzology, it shared with me that my two primary interests are Realistic and Enterprising. These aren’t really new news to me considering I work with my hands everyday and quite enjoy what I do and want to be a manager of a business once I finish with my degree or before. A supporting interest that I found surprising was conventional interests. It says that I am a detail-oriented person and appreciate precise standards to guide me through my work. With both statements being truthful to me I could see this interest being put in the same category as the two main interests. I think that these interests are almost spot on with the career path I am trying to and currently taking on. After reading the results on Jobzology, I can see that the interests given to me correlate with the career path that I am trying to achieve.

The career matches given on Jobzology for me are surprising for me since most of them are service jobs like being a firefighter or being a police officer. One thing in common with almost all the choices is that they are all a job that works with their hands every day and must make decisions throughout the day. In the searching I did find manger and supervisor positions connected to my interest and career matches. I find myself looking for time to spend with my soon to be family in most of these jobs as I stated earlier. On the other hand, “For time later, you must sacrifice time now”. This advice given to me by Joseph Ruffin, a friend and co-worker of mine. My sense of purpose and my sense of calling I feel are aligned when saying that I want the career path of a manager. More specifically a manager of an Event Rental company like the one I work in now. I believe that I will know I have the right job for me when I can give the job my all and it gives me back what I deserve.

At the end of the day I can see myself being a manger of a company that needs a manger to help with things on the job but also be able to step back, make the decisions, and let others do the work. Jobzology really confirmed with me that I am working towards what I am interested in and good at.

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