My Career Goals of Becoming a Physician

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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always believed in the power of people. This conviction defines me in a world of doubt and hypocrisy. I have witnessed the power of mankind and their capacity to join forces in times of need and dejection. At heart, humans aspire for welfare and community; while hatred may always exist, so will joy and unity among diversity. My faith in humanity arises from my spectating of the best attributions in people even since I was born when a physician saved my life after being delivered three months before my due date. Moreover, such acts of benevolence have pushed me to pursue a career in helping others and overcome difficulties that may appear in instances to be exhausting, but I am convinced that because of those I became the perseverant, committed and ready-to-conquer-the-world person I am today. My childhood in Cuba was not the easiest task, but it shaped me into the individual that I am in the present. My parents encouraged me to have ambition and strive for excellence. My mother was a Biologist who taught me the beauty and dynamics of science, while my dad was a musician who taught me to beat the drums before I could even walk.

Once I started school, education opened the doors to a world where I could visualize myself reaching my highest potential. I felt strong holding a pencil and a piece of paper in my hands: I realized the power of knowledge is infinite, and that has been my best kept secret for succeeding ever since. In school I also started a trial-and-error process to search for who I am. In the meantime, I noticed, for example, that my love for music, or theater, was not enough reason for devoting my life to any of those fields. It was not until I joined a nurse club at the age of eleven that I discovered what I wanted to be. I was fascinated by the anatomy and physiology of the human body and fell in love with that discipline. Yet, I saw myself limited by the circumstances of the country I lived in and its ideology, and at some point, my parents and I knew that we needed a better future, one that assured the greatness that a communist country could never guarantee. Thus, when the opportunity to move to the United States stemmed, my family and I dared to dream again. After years and constant challenges in this country, I am convinced that the sacrifice was not in vain. After completing the Associate in Arts degree at Miami Dade College, I feel prepared to venture to the next stage of my academic path. I want to challenge myself by attending a university that offers an exhaustive academic curriculum, where I could constantly satisfy my hunger for intellectual achievement.

I expect to transfer to an upper level institution that would provide me with a strong preparation in Biological Sciences. Through research opportunities, rigorous classes, and extracurricular activities, I would continue strengthening a solid preparation in Biology, which would be an essential key in my career goals of becoming a physician. Additionally, I am interested in joining organizations that would support my career ambitions while becoming involved in campus and my community. I seek for an institution that would value my distinctiveness and, furthermore, because of my Cuban heritage, I could enhance the campus diversity by bringing in my culture, values and engaging spirit. I know by experience that the path to success won’t be easy, but I know that I am strong enough to achieve anything. Every part of my me is eager to make a change in my community and conquer the world, and I will someday.

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