My Goals that i am Forming for my Career

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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I am seeking happiness and fulfillment in my career. I believe that the better you feel about your job, the better you perform. My most important work values, such as integrity, diligence, positivity, and delivering quality, greatly contribute to my mindset in a job.

The career I am researching for this project is that of a veterinarian, which requires caring for sick or injured animals through practices such as surgery, medicine, or other treatments. This career aligns with my principles and values because being a vet necessitates quality work, diligence, and integrity.

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Moreover, maintaining a positive mindset in a veterinary work environment is crucial.

On a scale from one to ten, the difficulty I foresee in entering my desired career is an eight. Being a veterinarian demands a lot of hard work and rigorous education, and the field can be highly competitive. However, I am determined to excel acadically, perform well on major tests like the SAT, and strive to attend a reputable college, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Success in this career, to me, would be performing a successful surgery independently, without the assistance of a mentor or guide. I believe being a veterinarian will demand a great deal of growth and maturity. Resilience is key in a vet’s office as unexpected situations often occur that require problem-solving skills beyond what is taught in a textbook. Strong intuition is also critical in determining if this is truly the right path for me. This career path demands tenacity and robustness due to its demanding nature, yet I am confident in facing the bumps that may come along the way. I anticipate a rewarding aspect of eight on a scale from one to ten, owing to the lives of animals I will save. Plus, a veterinarian position is known to offer a decent salary. This career is deserving of my utmost perseverance and dedication, as I am passionately drawn towards this path.

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