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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Going into high school, I never really knew what I wanted my career to be. In class we would always do career test and go to job fairs, but no particular job caught my eye. It wasn’t until I was with my dad that I was introduced to being a Marketing Manager. My father had a friend who worked in that field, and he explained to me what they did, why they did it, and how that job fit them.

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When I heard all the information he told me I realized that I actually might have an interest in this job and making it into my career. So, in this essay I am writing, I will explain what a Marketing Manager is and why I think this job can help me pursue my creativity and passion in my future field.

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering offers of different values to all customers. On the job, Marketing Managers are in charge of assigning duties and making sure employees are hitting targets that will better the company. They are known to work with anyone, but since they usually work in an office building, most of the time they work with team members that help them create simple and complex advertisement campaigns. Team members determine the best creative way to produce the advertisements, while Marketing Managers ensure that everything is being handled properly and that the advertisement has approval for implementation. After all has been approved, what really matters is what the public wants. In a video called “Marketing Manager: Career Info and Requirements” it shows the responsibilities of a Marketing Manager and how consumers play a huge role in helping the companies make money. Marketing Managers have to find ways to make products seem very affordable, and a “must have “, so that people will want to buy and keep buying from that company’s product.

“Marketing is essential for industries that depend on customers and sales for business.” According to many colleges, the best classes to take when majoring in Marketing would be “management, finance, market research, accounting, sales, English, writing and statistics.” Also, “a strong knowledge of computer and software technologies is necessary for generating reports and other documents.” In addition to being noticed in the marketing field, Marketing Managers are also known for being professionals in “public relations societies and organizations” including “the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)”, which are big organizations in the Marketing Field. This organization opens doors for many people and give employees more experience in Marketing.

In a typical day for a Marketing Manager, they start the office day looking at emails and getting ready for conference room meetings. At the meetings they get updates from team members about deliveries, project statuses, deadlines, and other meetings that need to be scheduled in the future. Once everything has been informed Marketing Managers then meet up with representatives, the company hire, to talk about the “visions, missions, and objectives” of the company and the benefits of consumers. Throughout the rest of the day more meetings take place, with “graphic designers, event coordinators and news articles writers”, so they know what’s new in the marketing and sales world. The normal day isn’t said to be easy, but Marketing Managers have to be determined to get everything done and more to succeed in their career. 

As for having millions of meetings in a day there are also more challenges that they are faced with in the office. “As the marketing field grows and becomes more complex, there is more to know, more to do, and more to track“. Many holes can form in a marketing team where there is a “lack of knowledge” and “capability” in completing work and relaying information to one another. There could also be challenges in following new marketing trends due to changes in “social media, web design, user interface, and much more”. Since everything is the world changes every day, staying on top is crucial in this field of work. But through all of these challenges, Marketing Managers still figure out “how to modify their marketing strategies to get the best result they possibly can”. In the article “Marketing Executive: Job Description”, it is stated that with being a Marketing Manager, there are “teamwork, leadership, communication, and numerical skills” that need to be met to get the job done, and I believe I fit these skills, and will solve many problems, and work my way through the challenges. 

A famous quote said by Warren Bennis it says, “The Manager Accepts the Status Quo; the Leader Challenges it”, which reveals how you always have to keep working to get better, because there will always be some working as hard or harder than you. This quote helped me think about what I really liked to do outside of school, and I realized that I spent a lot of time online and on social medias on challenges of businesses. I followed a lot of brands that focussed on clothing, makeup, hair, other popular trending products, and their daily lives. I saw how they branded their things and how they faced the ups and downs of their brands and popularity. When I saw their challenges, I saw it as my new determination and a new knowing that I can never get better unless I try. I believe that the challenges in this field would help me get better and push myself to think outside of the box and about my creative mind.

Even though I only recently heard about this amazing job, and also know that the qualifications standards are set high; I believe that I would be the best person fit for this job. Most people know me as a go getter. A person who will always try to reach high and live up to their dreams. So with that being said, I know that I would push hard and never give up in things that I want to accomplish. I want new experiences, I want to meet new people, and I mostly want to live a long life knowing that I succeeded my past family members and lived up to their expectations. In become Marketing Manager I also want to be able to use my creativity for everyday work, which extremely important to me and with these opportunities in this job I believe I can get there.

In conclusion, with knowing what a Marketing Manager is and the true dedication of the job, I know that it fits my personality and future field of work. Throughout this essay, I revealed what it will take to get in this field. It won’t be easy getting to the top, but with dedication and a uplifting spirit, anything is possible. Just knowing how to never give up and to keep trying are the main factors to succeeding, and with knowing that, I believe that I could have this job and also use it to do my absolute best.

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