Why i Want to be a Healthcare Administrator?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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What is a profession? A profession is a kind of a person’s labor activity, the subject of his constant occupation, which requires some training and is usually a source of livelihood.

People choose their future profession in different ways: someone by demand, someone by their talent, someone by prestige, someone by family values. All people are different and their needs are different. But, in my opinion, you need to love your work, then it will be more interesting and easier to work.

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In the present tense, a lot of different psychological tests are created to choose their life path, to choose a future profession. Everyone can go through them. They are created for those who are still confused and cannot choose their path, as well as for those who have already chosen, but want to confirm the correctness of their skills and abilities in future activities.

“The choice is based on moral values ??that are formed in childhood. It is very important that it be kindness, justice, diligence, and not selfish motives. ”- so in the work of L.N. Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” was said by Pierre Bezukhov. So it was with me, at school, from elementary grades to grade 11, I was always appointed headman, in fact, I occupy a leadership position. And over the years, I got used to taking full responsibility not only for myself, but also for other people. That is why I choose a profession for myself – a healthcare administrator. Since he is the kind of person who is responsible for the management of any government or commercial organization; manages the day-to-day work of staff and is responsible for solving more complex customer problems.

To work as a healthcare administrator, it is not necessary to graduate from a prestigious university, but it is necessary to obtain a specialty. Newbies in this area, as a rule, start with small ones: salespeople, sales consultants, managers. Over time, they may be offered a job as an administrator. But the salary also depends on the prestige of the place where you work. A great responsibility is assigned to the administrator and such a person should know what he is doing, because this profession has its own risks: financial losses, material and criminal liability.

I like my choice. I think that I am ready to try myself in the role of an administrator, because as people say, “an attempt is not torture”, and I will still receive additional knowledge and skills in this area of ??the profession from the institute, both in theory and in practice.

These specialists control the work of the rest of the team, coordinate the actions of visitors to the institution, and keep order. The administrator must be familiar with the specifics of his company in order to be able to answer any questions from customers. In addition, in most cases, administrators work with databases (for example, with a client base).

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