Biomass Gasification is One of the most Important Technologie

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To convert biomass feedstock into power, heat, liquid fuels and gaseous fuels (Molino et al., 2018). Biomass gasification in co-firing cycle with natural gas reduces the plant emissions of the Natural Gas Combined Cycle (NGCC) and raises the lower heating value.

Besides, biomass gasification based small-scale combined heat and power systems have an efficiency as high as 80%, which have a great market potential. Moreover, the biomass gasification syngas product can be converted into liquid fuels by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methanol synthesis, mixed alcohols synthesis, and syngas fermentation. The current study fucoses on the biomass gasification technology application in the power sector, which can also provide a reference for its further application in other areas.

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The BIGCC power system is an integration of the biomass gasification with the combined cycle of gas and steam turbines, which has a similar system design as the Natural Gas Combined Cycle (NGCC) and the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power systems. The BIGCC power plant can be developed from NGCC or IGCC by co-firing bio-gas and natural gas in the NGCC power system or co-gasifying biomass and coal in the current IGCC project. Besides, some researchers also tried to build a new BIGCC project based on the NGCC or the IGCC concept (Mondal and Ghosh, 2017). Even though a new BIGCC project construction has a higher capital cost than modifying the current NGCC or IGCC systems, its feedstock choice and plant capacity are more flexible. Thus, the techno-economic analysis of BIGCC power systems in this paper focuses on the setup of a new BIGCC project.

The research about BIGCC system design began several decades ago and underwent rapid development in the beginning of the 21st century. However, the first attempts of building demonstration projects of BIGCC systems were not very successful due to the technology challenges and the misunderstanding about its economic benefits. The technology challenges include the supply chain management of feedstock, pretreatment of biomass, gasification technology, and syngas cleaning for downstream application. Currently, more detailed supply chain management models and more comprehensive studies on biomass drying, grinding, gasification , syngas impurity components, and cleaning technologies have been conducted, which enhance the feasibility of BIGCC systems. Moreover, the project cost can be reduced by using low-cost gasification technologies and biomass feedstock. In consideration of the limitation of fossil fuels and the increasing concern over greenhouse gas emissions, BIGCC has received increasing attention as a potential highly efficient and economically feasible power system. 

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