Incredible World Without Internet

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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The Internet has become a big part of our world, constantly evolving and offering information faster. Some of the population has never lived in a world without internet. They have been immersed in the digital era since the day they were born. The internet makes our everyday lives easier and more convenient. It is often used without even thinking about it. For some time, the internet has been a product of people. People use it for pictures, data, music, etc. They use it to connect to other people and share their content.

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However, the internet is also used to connect things. Vermesan (2014) stated “The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment”. Big companies, such as Amazon and Apple, are taking full advantage of the tremendous strides of the Internet of Things. They are incorporating it into business models. Apple has a long string of products that can all be synced together. It takes the processing from your iPhone and links it to the workings of your Mac computer. As we gain more knowledge on what can be accomplished with the Internet of Things, there needs to be an understanding of any weaknesses. In order to use the Internet of Things for the betterment of businesses, there needs to be discussions on what works best for a certain business and where they need to take extra precautions.

The internet connects humans in various ways, but it also connects things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very complex system used for communication and interaction; systems of systems talking to each other. It is consciously at work. We see it every day in things such as: Amazon’s Alexa, motion sensor streetlights, smartphones, etc. The IoT makes what seems to be a futuristic fantasy, a part of today’s daily routines. According to Friess and Vermesan (2013), “Already over 50% of Internet Connections are between or with things”.

Today’s world is focused on how quickly and efficiently things can be accomplished. This has created a change in technology and how it communicates. It is not only working through computers but a variety of devices, like, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, home appliances, cameras. The list is endless. Take a minute to consider an iPhone. A device this small has the ability to sense where you are, how bright a room is, and process what you are saying with Siri. It can dive even deeper. iPhones have the ability to sync to an Apple Watch, which tracks your exercise and your heart rate. This is a great example of systems communicating and interacting. The Internet of Things is a big part of this changing world. “It connects anything, at any time, and in anyplace” (Friess and Vermesan ,2013, p. 23). It is not just a domestic connection; it is global. Information is traveling worldwide, constantly. It’s a web of communication. As our world changes and technology continues to advance, the Internet of Things will have many opportunities for growth while having to overcome obstacles to seize those opportunities. The IoT creates value. New technology is paving the way for better manufacturing processes, more efficient means of management, and cost-efficient operations and management systems. Companies are offered so many opportunities for easier and faster operations through computer systems. They can track packages, have employees clock in, and keep track of inventory. There is an ability to generate and process large quantities of data quickly. 

One big area of potential growth and endless opportunity is the systems of manufacturing. The world has come a long way in terms of how things are made. Things that used to be done completely by hand can now be manufactured with the help of machines. Imagine what could be accomplished with a smart factory. Smartphones are a good example of this. The smartphone gives us access to things in an instant. We can check our emails, the weather, look up directions, or conduct a Google search, all from our phones. Apple is a huge market for smartphones. Take a moment to consider how advanced the iPhone X is compared to the first iPhone that popped on the market. It simply goes to show the endless possibilities for growth and could come in the future.

Another opportunity for growth is in transportation and mobility. Cities now have the ability to install motion sensor traffic lights. It is an opportunity to prevent traffic jam, but it requires coordination with the cities’ traffic control system. This helps the flow of traffic and decreases unnecessary time spent at a stop light. The world is also slowly being introduced to self-driving cars. This is an intimidating field to enter simply because of the trust and detail it takes. However, they are a great example of systems communicating with systems. GPS plays a big role and so will cameras installed in the vehicle. This creates a greater need for attention to detailed so that there no security compromises. With every opportunity to advance and grow, there will be challenges to overcome. New ideas can often be met with reluctance and an endless stream of questions. It is important for businesses to recognize these challenges so that they can be addressed. A business is only as strong as its weakest point.

One of the biggest challenges of the IoT is security and privacy. It is no secret that many people share endless amounts of personal data on the worldwide web under the false notion that it is private. As technology advances, we are exposed to even more risk. It is important that momentous steps are taken to prevent disaster. Companies with a proven track record of protecting a client’s information instills a sense of trust. Another challenge that the industry will face is technical difficulties. No device is perfect, and problems will arise. If the IoT is introduced into business models, it is vital that companies are confident in its ability to perform that tasks. They need to know that things will run smoothly. A very important aspect to consider is the human reluctance to be totally dependent on the IoT because of the lack of resources. Fatana et. At (2014) notes “The challenges are related to scarce resources, to the complex blend of skills needed by persons on site in a future plant, and by the aspects related to the increasing complexity and knowledge needed for industrial installations”.  The Internet of Things opens so many doors, and maybe a few windows. It creates the opportunity to look at things in a different perspective, and re-evaluate a business model. A new business model to consider is output based.

To remain competitive, it is important for a business to stay up to date with technology and create value. There are endless ways that IoT can contribute to value. One value is the value from visibility identification and location tracking. In 2012, there was a study conducts to reflect the value of tracking and barcodes. Fatana et. At (2014) explains that after asking those who were surveyed which is most important for adding value, the top 4 answers were: barcodes, RT location tracking, Wi-Fi, and GPS tracking. Customers like convenience. Being able to track packages builds trust between customer and businesses. The Internet of Things is growing in today’s day to day operations. In today’s world, we are granted the ability to process large amounts of data quickly. The internet offers the world endless capabilities. The internet has come so far, and there is still so much potential in where it can go from here. Businesses have room to expand; they have the ability to use the internet for better customer interactions. They can use it to harness a better overall customer experience by creating value.

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