Is Technology Bringing Us Closer to the World of Big Brother

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Is Technology Bringing Us Closer to the World of Big Brother

This essay will debate whether modern technology is leading us towards an Orwellian world akin to “Big Brother” from “1984.” It will discuss the concerns about surveillance, privacy erosion, and data control. The piece will examine the role of technology in society and its potential implications for personal freedom and societal control. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Disease.

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Technology is evolving on a day-to-day basis, potentially leading us to an immediate world of “Big Brother.” We may currently be living in such a constrained and limited macrocosm. Today’s society is shaped by social media, personal beliefs, and other amenities, which consign us to absurd expectations by dictating what we’re supposed to think and do. Technology may ultimately foster and propel us toward a “Big Brother” society that pushes us into a state of “No Freedom,” inhibiting us from doing what we want.

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Our lack of privacy, owing to constant surveillance, obliges us to submit to the government.

In today’s world, despite societal and governmental declarations of equality and freedom, we only experience restricted liberty. We are burdened with expectations regarding how we’re supposed to think, how we’re supposed to dress, and what we’re recognized for believing. The year 1984 introduced an intellectual world in which you were supposed to believe that Big Brother was omnipotent; they were always correct, and you were expected to believe that your love belonged solely to Big Brother. One significant facet of the humanity during that era was the power of choice—citizens were not allowed to question the government, rendering them “ineligible” to make informed choices about their beliefs. On many occasions, the inner party gained complete control over the citizens of Oceania by manipulating their thoughts and emotions, directly linked to the restriction of words and expressions to prevent thoughtcrime. Ultimately, the party sought to limit words to eliminate feelings and thoughts, thereby controlling their actions and the future of their society.

Are you aware that you’re currently being monitored through that little camera on your computer? It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. With the rapid advancement of technology, millions of people are now living in fear of their privacy being invaded without their knowledge. For instance, if you were having a conversation with a friend about an upcoming event you want to attend or something you want to buy, you might not consider that somebody else is listening besides your friend. However, every word you utter is recorded by the government, so now you’ll see ads related to the topic of your conversation. These may appear to be coincidences, but they reveal the extent to which the government will go to spy on you. Our privacy is continuously infringed, and we can’t do anything without being watched. It’s a widespread fear we all have to endure. In the novel 1984, Winston and Julia were tracked at every move they made, whether together or apart. Through telescreens and the inner party, their every step was monitored as if a shadow were persistently trailing them. In today’s world, we are steadily being tracked through advancements in technology, such as Snapchat and Instagram. Every phone call is listened to, and every message is viewed by our government. The era of Big Brother may already be upon us, and we may not even notice it.

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