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Types of Article Reviews: Formats and Tips for Writing

An article review is one of the main ways to analyze and estimate the written works of specialists from various spheres. Its main task is to evaluate how the work is written on the topic, whether it is original and whether the author has contributed innovative ideas to his field of occupation. In addition, this type of paper can be used in the educational process and to assess certain materials in work or everyday life.

When writing any task, you should know how to proceed and structure your document appropriately. That is why, if you need to write an article review, read our analysis of the main postulates of this type of work to complete this task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is an Article Review?

An article review is an evaluation of the literature. It includes a summary, analysis, and comparison. Such academic tasks teach students to work in different fields, analyze essays written by experts, and improve writing skills. This type of academic assignment does not present new information. A student has to respond to already existing knowledge.

Different types of review articles require in-depth research and time to find decent arguments. A student must clearly understand the topic by discussing theories, ideas, and research. An essay has a particular structure and must be formatted according to the requirements.

There are several types of assignments: narrative, evidence, and systematic. Follow the guide to create these three types of academic studies. Learn how to structure and format an essay with the help of a professional article writing service or get an essay written by an experienced tutor.

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What Types of Article Reviews Exist?

There are three main types of review articles that you can be asked to write during a college course:

  • Narrative. This type requires studying the author's experience. The expert's theories and methods have to be analyzed and compared. The key to writing a successful narrative review is to provide qualitative and logical arguments.
  • Evidence. To compose a professional evidence paper, students have to study the subject. To evaluate such an essay, a student has to access information. Discuss the author's idea, detect its impact, and the exploration results.
  • Systematic. This type of assignment requires studying and analyzing several study papers to summarize existing data about a specific topic. A systematic essay type uses a structured methodology and expects a writer to answer the questions related to the studies.

Different types of articles are united by providing your understanding of the topic. Create an informative title to grab the readers' attention. The title has to be short but concise. Include information about the methods and ideas. Follow the structure of an essay and format it.

Article Review Outline

All types of article review require to be written following a particular plan. It makes the process of analysis and evaluation of a specific paper a lot easier for writers. To compose your article professionally, stick to the outline of seven steps.

  1. Indicate the Title
  2. Give citations of the article
  3. Identify the paper
  4. Write an introduction
  5. Write a summary
  6. Critique the article
  7. Make a conclusion

Following this scheme, you will get an excellent review writing without wasting dozens of hours understanding how to do it properly. And your readers will appreciate the clarity and informativeness of your paper!

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Formatting Papers for a University

Most academic papers have to be formatted in APA or MLA style. These are the two required formats at universities for all types of review article. Articles are published in journals, newspapers, or on websites. We will show you two essential types of reviews. Check the example of an APA type of review and MLA article review format below:

Journal article

  • APA — Author's last name, first and middle initial. Publication year. Article title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.

Look at this example:

Taormina Robert J. and Gao Jennifer H. 2013. Maslow and the Motivation Hierarchy: Measuring Satisfaction of the Needs. The American Journal of Psychology. Vol.126, No. 2, pp.155-177pp.

  • MLA  Author's last name, first name, and middle initial. “Article Title.” Journal Title, Volume (Issue), Publication year,  pp.-pp.

For instance,

Burgess Robert L. “A Differencial Association-Reinforcement Theory of Criminal Behavior”. Oxford University Press, Vol.14, 1966, pp.128-147pp.

Newspaper article review format

  • APA — Author's last name, first and middle initial. Year, Month, Date of Publication. Article title. Magazine Title, pp.-pp.

Here is the example:

LaFraniere Sharon. 2022, November, 14. Moderna Says New Covid Booster Strenthens Immune Response Against Subvariants. The New Yourk Times. pp.1-4pp.

  • MLA — Author's last name, first name, and middle initial. “Article Title.” Newspaper Title. Date, Month, Year of Publication, pp.-pp. Print.

As an instance:

Longman Jeré D. “In Their First Loss, the Eagles Score Early and Then Slumber.” The New York TImes. 15 November 2022. pp.6-7pp. Print.

Website article

  • APA — Author's last name, first and middle initials. Year, month, and date of publication. Article title. Retrieved from (link)

For instance:

McKenzie P. J. 2022, November, 16. Scientists say harassment in the Antarctic must stop - but US plan falls short. Retrieved from

  • MLA — Author's last name, first name, and middle initial. “Article Title.” Website Title. Website publisher, date, month, and year of publication. Web entries. Date, month, and the year when you accessed.

Here is the example:

Rejcek Peter. “Italian researches discover new recipe for exctenting shelf life of fresh pasta by 30 days.” Frontiers Science News. Frontiers Science Communications, 2, November, 16 November 2022.

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Tips for Writing an Article Review

A review of paper articles is a complicated task given to higher degree-level students. If you have to write this academic assignment, the most valuable advice is to leave as much time as possible. You will have to learn and write it from scratch.

  • Choose one topic and concentrate on it. Sometimes, a review requires studying several methods and ideas. If you can choose the topic yourself, pick the one that interests you

  • Create a thesis for your assignment

  • Summarize all the key points retrieved from the author's paper and write them down

  • Evaluate your own opinion of the author's methods and ideas. All arguments have to be decent and supported by references

  • Annotate the chosen sources in your essay. Choose five or more sources that helped you evaluate your own opinion about the author's idea

  • Follow the basic structure of an academic assignment: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Some review article types may include more paragraphs

  • Discuss whether the author is right or wrong. Admit and disagree with the author's thoughts by providing evidence from your research

  • Critique the author's paper by detecting unanswered questions, contradictions, or disparities

  • Check, edit, and improve the review. Make sure there are no grammar errors. Make your homework informative, clear, and engaging. Conduct research in advance to provide an exciting essay. Cite your article and add references found by you

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