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Technology Research Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: December 20, 2021
Last update date: March 22, 2024
12 min read

Have you ever wondered what interesting technology topics for research papers mean? Then this article will provide you with the answer and topic examples that you can research and write on.

Have you ever wondered what interesting technology topics for research paper mean? Then this article will provide you with the answer and topic examples that you can research and write on.

Tech-related topics are among the vastest categories for college students, experts, and researchers. The field covers everything development majorly. The good thing about technology is that it cuts across every business sector and education field. It is important in Sciences, Socials and Fine Arts.

There have been many technology research topics about technology and development of sciences in the 21st century. This is due to the massive scope of this field. Researchers and thesis students have continued to research the foundation of every development. Triggering new findings that contribute to the overall improvement of the field. There have been many thesis papers on technologies, and there will still be more over the years. This is because the field has witnessed the highest and fastest growth among other disciplines and sciences.

This article seeks to take the research of technology and its concepts to a higher level. By considering very recent topics in line with the evolution and revolution of the field. The topics suggested in this article are divided into various categories to give readers a very good understanding of the latest technological concepts.

What are Technology Research Topics?

A technology research topic is a research or thesis title that gives a researcher or expert an idea of what to work on. While in certain instances, people who make technology research will have their topic scribbled out for them, most of the time, they will need to get a topic themselves. These topics make it easy for them to work on.

Generally, a topic based on the technological field will be very formal. It must contain researched data and facts. The topic must have a final aim of projecting a solution, answer, or knowledge to the targeted audience. With this being the case, getting a technology research title requires more than just picking any topic. What will pass on as the best topic for research title will be one that can be researched and provides a solution to a problem that the target audience needs. In certain instances, both the problem and the solution may be completely new to the target audience.

However, the ability of the writer to make their target audience know that there is a problem and a corresponding solution could do the thesis and project a pathway to ground-breaking research. Hence, a research title must open the researcher, thesis student, and expert to opportunities that could trigger landmark solutions.

Based on the importance of a research title to an entire technology thesis or research, a potential writer must ensure that they know what it takes to draft an excellent technology and scientific research paper title. The good thing is that tips are available to draft an excellent thesis topic.

Tips for Writing Technology Research Papers

There are very important steps that must be followed for a writer to make an excellent thesis topic. One major tip is that any topic selected must include at least one recent technology. A thesis topic that needs today’s basic technology as a roadmap has a higher probability of coming out much more successfully than one that does not include any current or new technology. It is also possible to buy a research paper based on technology to avoid all the processes of learning new technology concepts. Below are the top tips for writing excellent technology Research projects.

  • Understand The Research Assignment
    This step is very important and will determine whether you need to purchase a research paper or not. You have to understand the assignment to be asked to research if you seek to give out great quality work. You need to ensure that you know the problem being projected to you and what is needed as a solution. The best research paper topics technology are those the writers fully understood and created.
  • Get the Topic Idea
    You can only carve out a topic for an assignment that you understand. This is why the first step is imperative and why this one must follow. Understanding the topic that currently and comprehensively covers the assignment and its solution will help you develop a catching title. Even if you seek to purchase research papers for sale, you will need to fully understand the assignment and the relevant fitting topic before purchasing. You will get value for your money and wow your target audience.
  • Choose a Scope to Research
    If you are writing your research yourself, you should know that getting a topic is not just enough. A topic may cut into very vast areas, and it would be impossible for you to research all of these areas before your submission deadline. So the best way to ensure that you give quality research assignments is by specifying the scope of your topic. Identify which questions you want to provide answers for and focus on them. That way, your effort will be concentrated with a better output.
  • Get Good Links
    Knowing how to get great links for your work is very important as that will help you give out excellent work. Relying on established sources for important theories will help you establish a more convincing solution to the problem your research is about.

This article will consider major research topics on different technology research topics so that researchers and students planning to write a thesis or research paper can select from them and start their project immediately.

Computer Science and Engineering Technology Research Topics

Computer Science is one of the widest fields of Technology projects. As such, there are multiple writing topics to explore following the consistent and continuous development of the sector. As for Computer Science, there are many research works on computer engineering and more to explore. Thanks to the growth in better computer hardware and the more seamless management systems developed over time.

This section consists of 15 different research topics that thesis and college students can work on and get approval from their supervisors.

All the topics are recent and in line with global needs in 2023 and the next couple of years. They include:

  1. Blockchain technology and the banking industry
  2. The connection between human perception and virtual reality
  3. Computer-assisted education and the future
  4. High-dimensional data modeling and computer science
  5. Parallel computing Languages
  6. Imperative and declarative language in computer science
  7. The machine architecture and the efficiency of code
  8. The use of mesh generation for computational domains
  9. Persistent data structure optimization
  10. System programming language development
  11. Cyber-physical system vs sensor network
  12. Network economics and game theory
  13. Computational thinking and science
  14. Types of software security
  15. Programming language and floating-point
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Energy and Power Technology Research Topics

Unlike many technology-related topics, Energy and Power is one that cuts into the spheres of politics, economics, and pure science. In the areas of Economics, Energy and Power are the second most arbitrated cases. It’s only behind Construction disputes.

However, energy and Power in Science and Practicality are not for the sake of disputes. In recent years, there has been more harmony between energy and other tech-related disciplines. This has triggered many research projects, and writing research assignments is not out of the equation.

So do you have an energy/Power research assignment to handle, then this section provides you with amazing topic ideas and scopes that you can choose and pick from? All the topics are very recent and in line with the needs of today’s assignments.

Get topics that focus on Cars, power industries, chemicals, and more.

  1. The use of fuel cells for stationary power generation
  2. Energy density
  3. Lithium-air and lithium-ion battery
  4. The better between gasoline and lithium-air batteries
  5. Renewable energy technologies
  6. The pros and cons of renewable energy usage
  7. Algae and biofuels
  8. Solar installations of India
  9. The use of robots in adjusting solar panels to weather
  10. Create energy and inertial confinement fusion
  11. Hydrogen energy and the future
  12. Alternative energy sources amidst gas price increase
  13. The application of energy transformation methods in respect to hydrogen energy
  14. AC systems and thermal storage
  15. Loading balance using smart grid

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Medical devices and diagnostics are fast-growing fields with many opportunities for researchers to explore. There are thousands of devices that aid doctors in treating and managing patients. However, it cannot be emphatically stated that all of these devices offer the best results, where research assignments come into play.

As medical devices, medical diagnoses are also A very concentrated research area. Diagnostic research is highly related to medical devices because diagnoses are carried out with modern gadgets being produced by experts.

This section will consider top medical devices and diagnoses research titles in line with recent needs.

  1. Difference between Medical Devices and Drugs
  2. How Diagnostics helps treatment in 2023
  3. The Era of genetics Diagnostics and Discovery of Hidden Vulnerabilities
  4. How are Medical Smart Carts changing the game of Medicine?
  5. The Eventuality of AI in Smart Medical Devices
  6. The Regulation of Medical Devices
  7. Should Private Diagnoses Be Used for Making Critical Medical Decisions?
  8. Diagnostic Devices, Genetic Tests, and In Vitro Devices
  9. 3D & 4D Printing in Biomedicine
  10. Innovation in Minimally Invasive Therapies, Screening and Biosensing: Complex Networks, Data-driven Models
  11. Are medical Devices turning the Health Sector into a small interconnected powerhouse?
  12. Advances in Methods of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Devices
  13. What are Intra-Body Communication & Sensing?
  14. Smart Gadgets Data Collection in terms of Neuroscience
  15. The Contribution of Smartphone-Enabled Point-of-Care Diagnostic & Communication Systems
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Pharmaceutical Technology Research Topics

Medicine has continued to improve, with technology in this area spiking in the last 20 years than it did centuries before. Pharmaceutical technology is one of the major flag bearers of this growth. As the COVID-19 pandemic revealed, the potential of pharmaceutical technology knows no bounds as long as there is continuous research in the field.

With that being the case, there are multiple research titles and projects available to take on in this field, with the opportunity almost endless. This section lists some of these topics to help research students get great topics that they can work on for the best effect. While they are only 15, they all cover a large scope of inexhaustible topics, leaving the researcher to make their choice.

  1. The technologies of pharmaceuticals and their specialty medications
  2. The technology and trend of prior electronic authorization in pharmacy
  3. Medication therapy management and its effectiveness
  4. Electronic prescription of a controlled substance as regards the issues of drug abuse
  5. Health information exchange and medication therapy management
  6. How efficient and effective is a drug prescription monitoring program?
  7. The script standard of NCPDP for specialty pharmacies
  8. The patient’s interest in real-time pharmacy
  9. AIDS: development of drugs and vaccines
  10. Pharmaceutical technologies and data security
  11. The DNA library technology: an overview
  12. The impact of cloud ERP in the pharmaceutical industry
  13. Cannabidiol medication in pain management and the future
  14. Pharmaceutical research with phenotypic screening
  15. The benefits of cloud technology for small pharmaceutical companies

Food Technology Research Topic

Food research assignments and thesis have been going on for decades and even centuries due to their importance to living organisms. In 2023, this trend is expected to continue with more research topics to explore. Here are some amazing topic ideas that you can choose from and offer a mind-blowing research assignment.

  1. The types of machines used in the food industry
  2. 3D printing and the food industry
  3. Micro packaging and the future
  4. The impacts of robots as regards safety in butchery
  5. Swallowing disorder: 3D printed food as a solution
  6. Food technology and food waste: what are the solutions
  7. Biofilms and cold plasma
  8. Drones and precision agriculture
  9. Food industry and the time-temperature indicators
  10. Preservatives, additives, and the human gut microbiome
  11. Hydroponic and conventional farming
  12. The elimination of byproducts in edible oil production
  13. The baking industry and the newest technology
  14. Electronic nose in agriculture and food industry
  15. Food safety

Educational Technology Research Topic

As far as college students are concerned, technology in education and its subsequent research is the biggest assignment and thesis they have to consider. Education technology has continued to grow, with many gadgets and smart equipment introduced to facilitate better learning.

This section will consider some of the major education research titles that technology students can pick and provide excellent research.

  1. How is computational thinking improving critical thinking among students
  2. The effect of professional learning for college student
  3. The impact of technology in educational research
  4. The relevance of technology in advancing scientific research
  5. Virtual reality and its role in helping student understand complex concepts
  6. Global learning through technology and how it affects education standards
  7. Data centers and their role in education
  8. Cultural competence and socio-emotional learning
  9. Artificial intelligence and educational system
  10. Is the development of sufficient national capacities related to science, technology, and innovation possible?
  11. How inclusive is the architecture of learning systems?
  12. Student-centered learning
  13. The impact of connectivity for schools and learning, especially in rural environments
  14. Energy sources: their technological relativity and use in education
  15. Community college: advantages and disadvantages
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Controversial Technology Research Topics

As the name suggests, Controversial technology topics are among the most researched in science. How good is technology considering its effects on the global world and nature? This argument is the foundation of Controversial technology topics. See 15 different technology topics to choose from as you start your research assignment.

  1. Can Human Trials Improve Drugs and Medicines Faster?
  2. The Legality of Euthanasia and Assisted Killings in Medicine
  3. Why Kids should not be exposed to the Internet and Social Media Gadgets in Their Earlier Years
  4. How Is Technology Destroying the World’s Ecology?
  5. Is Technology Leading the Destruction of the World’s Climate?
  6. How Has Technology Increased Radiation and the Depletion of the World?
  7. Does Technology Increase Gang Initiation due to Internet Access?
  8. How Social Media Increases the Rate of Children and Young Adults Death?
  9. The Relationship Between Technology and Depression
  10. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR): Editing the Human Genome
  11. The Possible Devastation of World from High-Tech Military Weapons
  12. Space Colonization: How it is Good and Bad for Mother Earth
  13. Are Law Enforcement use of Hidden Cameras an Encroachment of Privacy?
  14. How Virtual Reality Can Become the New Reality If Developed?
  15. The Wins of Cochlear Implant Research

Transportation Technology Research Topics

Transportation technology research titles are among the hottest categories for students currently. See 15 best research topics for tech and science-related research to pick from.

  1. Are Computerized self-driving Cars Safe?
  2. The development and Advantages of hybrid cars and Electric cars
  3. How to Protect your smart car from hijackers and Car Thieves?
  4. Will the next-generation Cars Have Reliable GPS devices and Replace Drivers?
  5. The Evolution of High-speed rail networks and How They Change Rail Transport
  6. Driving and Using Cell phones: The Global Stats of Cell Phone Related Auto Accidents
  7. Is Teleportation an Impossible Physics?
  8. Will Gyroscopes be the new convenient solutions for public transportation?
  9. Will Logistics Companies be More Efficient With Electric Trucks?
  10. How Carbon fiber Serves as an optional material for unit load devices
  11. The Benefits of Advanced Transport Management Systems (TMS)?
  12. Can Solar Roadways Become More Cost-Effective?
  13. Does Technology Provide the Possibility of Water Powered Cars?
  14. How AI has Penetrated the Transport System and Make It More Effective
  15. Speed and Safety: How Technology Has Revolutionized Transport Systems

Information Communication Technologies (ITC) Research Topics

ICT is arguably the biggest field of technology, thanks to the amazing developments that have been achieved over the years in the field. ICT plays a major role in different areas of human life. This includes the area of TELECOMs, Education, Family, and Industries.

This section will consider 15 major technology titles on ICT to help students get topics to work on.

  1. How is technology improving Humans reading ability?
  2. Do online formats of readable information encourage readers to skim through instead of Understanding the Topics?
  3. How has technology made it extremely easy to get information in Seconds: a good or bad development?
  4. The Misconception of Gauging Intelligence?
  5. How are Internet Search Engines changing us?
  6. The introduction of ICT and new technologies in Education and How they improve Students’ learning
  7. Is it worrisome that schools and Colleges now educate students via iPads, social media, Smart Boards, and other new Applications?
  8. Did the Digital Age trigger any loss of information and Unique Intelligence that conventional and Traditional Learning and research methods provided in the Old era?
  9. Do Search Engines and Web2 Platforms censor information, leave users blindsided, and Keep them in the Dark?
  10. Should Encyclopedia sites such as Wikipedia be Regulated because of the High Risk of it Providing Wrong Information to the Public?
  11. Are Blogs and Online Websites Better than Books?
  12. The Importance of Traditional Researching and learning in a Highly Digital World
  13. Do PDFs and Other Electronic Books Promote Short Attention Span?
  14. Are Tech-Savvy generations dumber or Smarter?
  15. Should Schools Become Fully Digitalized?


This article shows that technology research papers require a good understanding of technological and scientific concepts. That way, people can easily understand the basis of an assignment. They know how to draft the topic and scope. They also get excellent resources for completing the projects.

This article explained what technological research papers are. It explained how to write them and listed many topic examples people can use for their projects. Therefore, if you follow all the information discussed in this article, you will get top technology ideas for research.

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