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Political Science Research Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: May 5, 2022
Last update date: June 20, 2024
9 min read

Today we are going to present to you the best interesting political science research topics, the ones that will help you get the best grade and impress your teacher. Here you have a complete guide with all the elements and the details you need to know about. We will also answer interesting political science research questions and present you with good ideas, facts about the thesis, and a lot more. Keep in mind that writing on these topics can be difficult, and this is not something all students like and want to do. Even the most interesting political science research topics will require tons of research, details, accurate facts, and so much more. We can say that you need to understand the topic 100% in order to write a paper that will do well!

Then we can see that most students have to complete a paper of this kind at some point. It is not strange that many of them are looking for research paper writing service to get help as soon as possible. After all, you will get a paper that is written by a professional, has no errors, and offers all the answers your professor will need. Yes, all political science philosophy research topics are possible and available. Anyway, let’s move to the political science research topic ideas you would like to know more about.

What Is a Political Science Research Paper?

A paper of this kind is an essay focused on government, politics, institutions, and the state in general. It can be focused on local, state, national, or international levels. Many political science topics are actually focused on the national or international level. This makes them more interesting to a reader but at the same time more complicated for a writer. Let’s see the Chinese communist party hierarchy in Vietnam as an example. The paper will be focused on the communist party of China and its links and effects on Vietnam. As you can see, this is a complicated matter, and you will have to perform a lot of research.

There are three main variations here. The first one is comparative politics, where you will compare two or more elements of politics. You can pick one you are for. The second is international relationships which are focused on cooperation between countries, institutions from different countries, and more. The last is a political theory that explains the theory of politics in simple terms. Now you know why many students will prefer to buy custom research paper and get the job done within minutes rather than days. Yes, you are going to need days to write a paper of this kind! American federal crimes are a common option here that is very complex.

Political Science Research Paper Writing Tips

Once you know all about the best political science research topics, the time will come to start writing. Here we have all the essential tips and effects that you must use. These are obtained from professional writers who have been in the business for decades. Hence, you may want to use these. If possible, always consider research topics for political science that you like or at least have an interest in. This will help you consider the paper more appealing and desirable.

If that is not possible, you will probably want to use all of these tips in the paper and get the best outcome. Below you can see research topics in political science for every major variation, and most of these are ideal for all kinds of students. Don’t forget that you can get research paper outline college easily and learn about a few basics before you start. Anyway, here are a few tips that are mandatory these days.

  • Your paper must include the opposite opinion. This is essential and must be present when writing about western constitutional law or anything else.
  • The facts you use in the paper must be 100% accurate and meet the current situation. You need to back up these using academic sources only. No blogs or anything similar!
  • Use statistics that are reliable, accurate, and available to us all in the United States.
  • Always research other topics and ideas that are similar. Take a look at similar papers as well.
  • One idea must come in one paragraph. There is no exception. This rule applies to all papers.
  • Never use a harsh tone or focus too much on sensitive subjects.
  • Don’t focus on one side only. You must cover both sides and their elements.
  • If you are writing about political parties, stay neutral. This is always a good idea.
  • Use quotes only when you have to. Never use too much of them unless you must or specify.
  • Never use slang or similar words. They don’t look professional, and they are bad for these papers.

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics

There are a lot of political topics to write about in this category. Basically, you will compare national or international issues. The best example is comparing laws between two countries. You need to keep your focus on the methods that are used and how they are implemented. These are considered the simplest papers of all. Here are a few great comparative politics research topics.

  1. Government soviet union ideology of apartheid
  2. Foreign policies of the US versus the UK
  3. FDI policies in the United States versus those in India
  4. Comparing two political parties in the country
  5. Recruitment details and specifics in developing countries
  6. Modernization theory: Complete explanation
  7. Revolution and conflicts in the United States
  8. Cultural pressure between Japan and the United States
  9. Parliamentary versus presidential democracy
  10. Apartheid Phenomenon explanations and details
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International Relations Political Science Research Topics

These topics will be focused on the global perspective. We can see environmental factors, global hunger, similar issues, and global ethics in general. The topics are broad, the lack of a better word and these can either be about something in a specific country or something that affects multiple countries or the entire world. Some students like these good political topics, and we have excellent examples below.

  1. What causes global poverty?
  2. Battles about the arctic circle
  3. Global security networks: Ultimate analysis
  4. Relations between China and US
  5. What kind of effect does nationalism in Germany has
  6. Geopolitics: Theories explained
  7. Why did the Afghanistan war happen?
  8. World terrorism increase
  9. What kind of power United Nations does have?
  10. Human rights act in Somalia

Public Administration Political Science Research Topics

Here we have a few topics that are very special. What this means is that you will have to write a paper about how government institutions work, administrators work and all are related. You can see elements of civil law court versus mediation, for instance. Anyway, below are 10 topics that will help you with your writing and also explain this type more.

  1. Transportation Security: careers
  2. Ethics of non-profit organizations
  3. John Rohr’s constitutional vision
  4. Methods for community development
  5. The prewar vision of the constitution by Abraham Lincoln
  6. Crisis management in your city or country
  7. Public organizational behavior in your country
  8. Fiscal management: Strategic planning
  9. Coordination of governmental efforts
  10. Federal Emergency Management Agency analysis

Public Law Political Science Research Topics

In general, these topics are all about public law and how it deals with public members. Keep in mind that private law is not the same. It deals with families and small groups, among others. Public law is more about taxes, the constitution and similar elements. Here are 10 topics regarding this type of paper you are going to like and probably write on.

  1. Human Rights Act of 1998
  2. Common morality and the criminal law
  3. Well-known Legislators from Europe
  4. Constitutional law in your country: Complete analysis
  5. Public law: Mandatory rules
  6. Judicial Review Argumentation Analysis
  7. Commercial Exploitation or private law
  8. Public bodies act lawfully in discussion
  9. Inequality in post-conflict situations
  10. Private law and procedural law in the United Kingdom

Philosophy Political Science Research Topics

Here you will usually have to tell others how society should look and be set up. You will cover specifics about society, laws, justice, liberty, and similar elements. You can even touch on details like the republic by Plato, for instance. There are a lot of examples, and in general, you will be focused on the theoretical, and philosophical parts of this science. As you can assume, here we have 10 stunning ideas.

  1. Traditions by republicans in education
  2. What caused American Revolution
  3. Ethics of elections
  4. Post-socialist era: Transition methods
  5. Neopatrimonialism Society Risks
  6. Mutual tolerance: can it be political virtue?
  7. Civil Republicanism compared with Liberalism
  8. Western Constitutional Law existentialism
  9. German Philosophy & Karl Schmidt’s Theses
  10. Liberal democracy: Why is it perfect?

Political Conflicts Research Topics

Yes, these topics here will be about conflicts in the country during elections, political parties, or economic battles. There are countless examples. One interesting is to look at a specific country that is in conflict at the moment. Focus on the causes, effects, and all the rest. This can be an interesting topic for some of you or can be the first one you will try to avoid.

  1. Resolution methods for the Yemen conflict
  2. Conflict in Afghanistan
  3. Religion and politics conflict
  4. Immigrant crisis in Mexico
  5. Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s conflict
  6. Political conflicts: hate speech and free speech
  7. Syrian Government Repression
  8. Central African Republic: What caused rebellion?
  9. What caused the civil war?
  10. How can you settle a political dispute?
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Theorists Political Science Research Topics

These topics are all about taking a deep look into the theory of something. You can even review a piece of literature which can make things easier. In general, the topics are easier because they are focused on theory rather than on practical application. But, they may need to activate your abstract mind in order to work well. The 10 you can see below are very common and very appealing.

  1. Theory of Governance by Aristotle
  2. Іs Karl max a father of communism?
  3. Zionism explained and researched
  4. Communism approach and Vladimir Lenin
  5. Justice and liberty challenges
  6. Phoenicianism Political theory
  7. Sovereignty by Jean Bodin
  8. Frederic Bastiat Theses
  9. John Austin Theory
  10. Communism and socialism in eastern Europe

Conflict Resolution Political Science Research Topics

For most of you, these ideas will be the simplest and most straightforward. You will discuss only peaceful methods and options that can be used to solve any political issues such as gender equality or similar. Your goal will be to find a problem and present a solution for that problem. It should be researched, and you should believe in it and that it will work.

  1. African American prisoner conflict
  2. The power distribution of Arctica
  3. Oil conflict in Iran
  4. Security leadership conflict after 9/11
  5. Collaboration methods in Afghanistan
  6. The bias of news coverage media
  7. The foreign policy of the US
  8. Right and left-wing parties: Concession
  9. Personal ambitions of political leaders
  10. Art legacy in post-war countries

Mediation & Negotiation Political Science Research Topics

Negotiation is finding a peaceful solution to a problem. Mediation is an intervention that should resolve a problem in order to prevent escalation. Here we have amazing ideas and examples of many papers that are very effective, detailed, and common. Take a deep look into these 10 and try to pick the ones you really like and want to write on.

  1. Social movements and volunteering
  2. Hostage care for prisoners in foreign countries
  3. Agricultural land disputes: Negotiation methods
  4. Mediation policies versus civil law
  5. Dispute resolution methods: Alternatives you can use
  6. Mediation agreement: a case study
  7. Modern whistleblowers in America
  8. Negotiation methods in wartime
  9. Analysis of election agenda
  10. International Arbitration Tribunal Mediation Process

Empirical Political Science Research Topics

Here you will write about the basics and main details of politics. You can see some of the examples, and you need to know one thing. You must include a lot of evidence here. But, this type of evidence is hard to find; hence you may need current help. As always, use only current data and facts when writing. These topics are the latest and must be valid right now.

  1. Experimental research importance for political science
  2. The foreign policy of Russia: Simple approach
  3. Geneva convection and refugee rights
  4. Educational inequalities in China: How it affects children
  5. Civil society basics
  6. How do civil wars start?
  7. Constitution of the United States if founding fathers had access to modern technologies
  8. Modern politics and civil society
  9. Is social media a new public administration tool?
  10. The rise of China and the transformation in the international system

If you are having trouble deciding on a political science research topic, consider looking into a custom essay writing service to help you out. They can provide you with a unique and interesting topic that you can use for your writing a research paper. Custom essay writing services are used by many students to get the best results and make sure their essays are interesting and well-thought out.


As you were able to see here, you will [have to write about anything that touches politics, state or government, or anything in between. You may have to write on war interests aggregation recruitment, liberal democracy justification, and so much more. Always remember to use the topics we have provided at the top and make sure to get as much help as needed. These are not simple essays that you can complete within hours. You will need days only to conduct the research.

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