How To Write A Short Essay: Effective Writing Tips

Once students enter middle school, they get acquainted with the short essay writing format. They learn different styles and types and practice creating well-structured consistent papers. Often short essays appear as an introductory assignment or a final exam on several subjects. Doesn't matter whether you're still in school, in college, or university, you need to improve your writing skill to receive decent grades.

Although a short essay requires between 200 and 500 words, it's not as easy as it seems. Sometimes learners need much more than just a couple of hours to come up with quality text that meets all the academic requirements. By sharing this article, we want to give you some tips and get into details on writing a short essay. Just in a few minutes, you can find out what are the components of a good essay, what are the dos and don't of writing, and much more useful knowledge!

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What Is a Short Essay?

Before going deep into the topic, it's reasonable to answer the question, "What is a short essay?". By understanding simple definitions, you'll better deal with the assignment and deliver the academically proper task. Firstly, a short essay is a written assignment that expresses the author's opinion and thoughts toward a specified topic and consists maximum of 500 words. However, sometimes writing a profile essay task might differ and set the cap limit of only 200 words. There are several types of essays that learners can choose from:

  1. Argumentative essays
  2. Descriptive essays
  3. Narrative essay writing
  4. Expository type of an essay

Students can share their points of view in formal and informal styles. For instance, they may talk about daily observations or pick more thoughtful themes and narrate about dignity or higher purposes of life, etc. The main goal of such an assignment is to teach learners to express themselves correctly in short forms. They have to improve their skills to write concisely and avoid repetition. Opinions based on true facts, supporting evidence and materials that strengthen the thought, and strong arguments are essential compounds of quality essays.

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Components of General Short Essay

A basic short essay consists of 5 paragraphs: one for the introduction, three for the arguments and thesis of the text, and one for the conclusion. To create a solid outline, you should divide the structure by scaling the material from the most to least important. It would add a smooth transition, giving the impression of a well-thought-out work. Knowing the structure helps to overcome many fears of "how to start a short essay". Moreover, it helps to organize your thoughts and clarify each argument’s value.

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Anyone who has ever wondered how to write an essay successfully will find the following review of its components useful.


The beginning of the paper is a vital part of your writing. The first impression defines whether the reader or a listener is going to continue paying attention to your paper. So, the purpose of the intro paragraph is to intrigue and create a hook that will persuade your audience to read further. In 5 sentences, you should convince them that your theme is urgent and worth getting acquainted with. Be brief, catchy, and provide enough information to catch the attention. Here is your perfectly done introduction.


The next step is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Take some time and create a debatable thesis. The topic should resonate and make the audience interested in the final answer. Also, it is supposed to give hints about the main idea, so the reader could clearly define and understand it. In case you’re having a hard time with the creative aspect — turn to your reliable writing service and ask for a couple of tips. Last but not least, specify things. A thesis cannot be general, simple, or too broad because the audience will not see the worth of reading something already known.

Main body

Three clauses out of five are intended for the main body of the essays. It should be enough to provide readers with key thoughts and support them with quality research and write important facts, and arguments. To achieve better clarity, divide information into corresponding micro-paragraphs: one argument - one separated block. Make sure to highlight the strongest opinion by putting it first and supporting it with appropriate pieces of evidence.

Descending the order of arguments will make your essay look better. So, if you have less supportive facts to any of your clauses, just put them further in the text. Adding essay quotations and citations will give you extra points as well. Keep in mind that you must cite all the resources accordingly to academic requirements. Otherwise, referred information is reviewed as plagiarism.


Great closing paragraphs consist of a synthesis of what you've narrated before. Do not tell the reader the same information once more. Better try to answer those questions you raised in the beginning, show effective results of your research, and share the new view on the topic with your target audience. Remember, with the introduction, you aim to catch readers' attention, while with the conclusion, you need to make them satisfied that they spent time on your paper and developed a new vision on a specified subject.

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Successful Short Essay Writing Tips

To write a good paper, you have to know certain rules and take several criteria into account. Begin with general aspects that may help you to shape a decent structure and improve the quality of the working process. If you still are not aware of them, we've listed the tips further to support you in writing short essays!

Identify the topic of your interest

Most students don't even realize how important to select a topic that burns the fire in your heart. You'll be amazed at how easy and pleasurable the research process is when you're writing essays about the subject of your interest. The audience is always involved when seeing the author's passion for the topic.

Make a quality research

Kick off the preparation by reading a lot: don't be afraid to investigate the chosen subject in all possible ways. Make sure you have enough knowledge about writing a qualitative comparison essay before writing the first paragraph. Analyze several resources, go to the library, etc. Also, watch the language you use — avoid slang, cliché phrases, and verbiage.

Turn to online services

After your assignment is ready, apply to online services to proofread or edit the spelling mistakes. When you write and turn in the paper, it's highly important to support your arguments with quality narration. Typos may significantly affect your ratings, so make sure to double-check before marking the task completed.

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Short Essay Example

Human life is full of colors. Sometimes it reminds us of dark blue or gray when we're feeling upset, or turns to bright yellow and green when we're at our happiest. There are many challenges that help us to build a unique character. We learn by falling and raising again. Although it gets rough sometimes, life is beautiful in all its colors.

Anyways, everything that kills us makes us feel alive, doesn't it?

Since the beginning of time, humanity experienced changes. Primitive people learned how to make fire, find food, and built shelters. When they got acquainted with the surroundings and possible difficulties, they faced a new issue — floods. They had to start all over again. Yet, the disaster is brilliant if look deep into the roots of the event. It represents how powerful the human mind is and it shows the extensive development of one's mind and skills.

Nowadays we can feel the impetuous flow of life as well. Often we get angry and sad, and we cry. On the contrary, we dance from happiness, feel thankful, and cheer for our luck. Frequently, we desire to get rid of some emotions but have no clue how essential they are. Without positive and negative turns, our life would be worth nothing. There will be no feelings, and feelings fill life with exceptional meaning. A large number of great minds and famous thinkers have written thousands of scientific works, contemplating the meaning of life. For instance, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley or "The Sirens of Titan" by Kurt Vonnegut.

Moreover, the living process is so diversified. Humanity can develop its biological roots or review life from a philosophical or social point. There are plenty of unanswered questions that we, people, want to discover and the secret knowledge we crave to possess.

There is a broad spectrum of topics that can be discussed based on a simple definition of life. Most likely, humanity will never define the beginning and the end of times. Besides, we should always live our life to the fullest and learn important lessons, even in rough cases. One thing to remember is all great change is preceded by chaos.

Dos and Donts in Writing Your Perfect Short Essay

When you think about how to write a proper text according to assignment requirements, you must apply the essential dos and don'ts of writing.


Stick to a chosen question and stay concise. Tell the essentials and avoid irrelevant information;

Make a rough draft of your paper. Build a proper format, and write down several thoughts, facts, and evidence to support the clauses;

Learn the details about how to write a correct intro, describe arguments, and finish the paper.


Don't pick a general question. When it's too broad, you'll have no more than two paragraphs to express your opinion. In case you run out of ideas, buy an essay online — there is nothing wrong with getting a bit of expert support;

Don't use informal language and other words that could ruin the positive and scientific effect of your text;

Don't rephrase the same information and put it further in the paper. Obvious clauses and answers negatively impact the way the audience perceives your topic.


How long is a short essay?

The short essay cap limit is 500 words. Yet, the word count may vary and drop to 200 words max.

How to format a short essay?

The general scheme for writing short papers consists of 5 sections. Usually, it requires 1 passage for the intro, 3 micro-passages for the core, and 1 for the closing part.

How to write a short essay response?

To write a great response, come up with several questions based on what you're answering. Include expressions of personal opinion such as "I want to emphasize", "In my point of view", etc.

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