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How to Write a Research Paper Fast

Many students on their way up the educational ladder have needed to learn how to write a research paper. As we all face it sooner or later, we are well aware of the complexities of the whole process and possible issues. Firstly, students put it off, and then don't know how to write a research paper fast or even in one day. We offer you to stop asking yourself if you can "write my paper in hours" because it’s absolutely real!

The first thing you need is to begin. In order to start, make sure you know what type of work it is. Typically, this type of paper requires arguments backed up by scientific research. You can either challenge or agree with scientific sources, proving your own point of view.

Once you know what it is, you can get started! We have prepared some information and the steps you need to write a research paper fast.

Characteristics of Good Research Paper

It is one thing to write a research paper, and another is to do it well. And if you are interested in the second option, then you are not in vain reading this material. A research paper can be considered of high quality if it:

  • Has a purpose. Formulating a goal is where the work should begin. The author sets a problem, solves it, and then draws a conclusion about what has been achieved based on the results.
  • Builds on previous research papers on the topic. Although our work is aimed at discovering new knowledge, it must have a basis. The basis is research previously conducted by other scientists. You must take into account the results of previous research and do the literature review to avoid repeating them.
  • Is tied to an important research matter. The entire time you spend studying multiple sources is directed toward answering a particular research question. That issue must be relevant to ongoing demand. It determines the information you use or the line of argument you pursue.
  • Provides accurate and verifiable information. To make a quality research paper, you can't just summarize information. It must be specific. This is why you must include references and accurately record survey results or information. Moreover, you must stay within the topic from the first to the last step of the research. You should also use information or write arguments that can be verified, even if it's your last minute essay. If it is a survey, it should be verified by another researcher.

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Steps on How to Write an Essay Quickly

Step 1: Pick a Topic That Is Researched a Little Bite

Depending on the specifics of your assignment, you’ll either choose your own topic or be given one. If you need to choose one yourself, it can be a really positive thing. In this case, you can pick something interesting for you, even when you want to write essay fast.

Good advice would be to choose a broad topic that you can write lots about. If you choose something narrow, rare, or unusual, it might be difficult to find resources. In order to write papers faster, choose a topic that interests you and that you already know a little about.

Here are some steps that might help you choose a topic to research:

  • Use brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques;
  • Check there is enough content out there by searching a few key points online;
  • Write out ideas for a possible research question;
  • Write a list of keywords that you think might be important.

Step 2: Do In-Depth Research Taking Quick Notes

If you've decided on a broad topic, it's time to start your research paper. Don’t worry about having a research question in mind yet. This will come as you conduct research more broadly into the topic.

For broad ideas, you can start with Wikipedia and continue with government publications, scientific journals, Google Scholar, and encyclopedias. However, it's important to evaluate each source’s validity. Some sources, like Wikipedia, aren't reliable. You should, instead, rely on trustworthy publications like the New York Times and TIME magazine, for example.

It's a good idea to make quick notes of things you want to reference or cite when writing papers. Always remember, though, to keep track of your sources to build accurate references and bibliography pages.

Step 3: Create an Outline of Your Essay in Advance

When you are short of time, you want to start writing right away and skip the outline to finish an essay fast. However, skipping this in your writing process will do exactly the opposite. It's the fastest way to write an essay! With an outline, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to write and what evidence you’ll use to support your argument.

The outline needs to have the main points your research paper is going to argue. In each point of the outline, you can briefly describe the key ideas. Don’t forget you need to try and make your points and paragraphs flow well.

It’s recommended to dedicate 15% of your time to structuring and outlining your research paper. So, if you have fifteen days until your deadline, you should spend an entire day structuring and outlining the paper. It may seem like a lot of time spent just on it when you're interested in how to write an essay fast, but it’ll save time in the long run.

Step 4: Write the Abstract and Introduction First

When you have narrowed down your topic to strong thesis statements, it’s time to start writing. Begin with the abstract and introduction. The abstract should summarize your main ideas as well as the research paper’s purpose.

After writing the abstract, write the introduction for your research project. This should state the context of the topic and should begin with a strong sentence opener to grab attention. Remember, it's just a first draft. So if you can’t think of anything punchy, leave it for the essay writer or for reviewing and editing. Following the hook, you need to provide background information and explain why the topic you’ve chosen is important. The introduction should close with the thesis statements.

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Step 5: Write the Body Next

After writing your detailed research paper outline, you’ll find writing the main body of papers. Not only will thoughts be already down on paper, but you’ll be able to concentrate more on making them flow and keeping them focused.

Begin your main body paragraphs with a sentence on the topic and go on to analyze why it is true and what evidence you have to support it using relevant examples and facts from your research. Remember to cite and reference these appropriately as per the writing conventions. Don’t go overkill with quotes, though. Your reader wants to know what you think and what your key ideas are.

Step 6: Create a Logical Conclusion

When writing your conclusion, you need to make sure it analyzes your research question and is logical. Many people prefer to summarize briefly the points they’ve made in the paper and restate their thesis in other words. It’s best to avoid repeating any ideas and facts that you’ve already included, and you should also avoid including anything new in the conclusion too. That said, you can include suggestions for some further research points and ideas and explain how they could be interesting or important.

Step 7. Do Not Skip Editing and Proofreading

Even those who are best at writing make mistakes and typos, especially when it's fast essay writing. Whenever you feel you’ve finished writing, you haven’t. The first paper you always write is simply a draft. This only becomes your final draft when you’ve fine-tuned it with thorough editing and proofreading.

It’s not uncommon for students to seek proofreading and editing services. It can be a good idea because you’re often unable to see your own mistakes. If you have no one to check over your work, you can use useful tools like Grammarly for Microsoft Word Editor to find mistakes.

Step 8. Focus on Quality over Quantity

If you want to get an essay done fast, it can be tempting to write everything that comes into your head. If you write this on your own and don't want to buy a narrative essay, this can end up being detrimental to your grade. If you’re asked to write a five-page paper, and you write ten pages, you likely won’t be providing your lecturer with the concise level of detail they are looking for.

Quality is much more important than quantity, so make sure you stick close to the word count. Many universities say that you can be 10% under or over the set number of words. So, if you are required to write 1000 words, anything between 900 and 1000 words would be acceptable.

Step 9. Write the Paper as per the Desired Standard

Whenever you’re developing your paragraphs, you should write the opening sentences of each section or the key sentences first. Your key sentences need to be concise, coherent, and strong, so you’ll need some time to compose them right.

You should only include one idea or topic in each paragraph of your research project. This will help you to focus on a single idea and make conclusions from it. It also means transitioning to the next paragraph is easier.

In terms of time, you should allocate around 40% of your deadline to writing and developing your main paragraphs. If we use the example of 15 days, it will take six days of work. It includes writing strong thesis statements, inserting correct and relevant in-text citations, and summing up the paragraphs.

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How to Finish a Research Paper Fast

After your first draft is complete, you should look at the entire paper quickly. Look at its structure and content and double-check you’ve got the order and flow right. Once you’re happy with these things, it’s time to do a final edit and finish your research paper.

The final process involves reading the entire research paper with the thesis constantly in mind. Ask yourself if everything is relevant and ties in with the thesis statements. You should also consider if it's logical.

Other things to look for include filler words or phrases and repetitive words, sentences, or ideas. If you find yourself using the same sentence starters over again, use a thesaurus to look for synonyms. An example would be to use “generally” instead of “in general.” To spot problems with syntax, read the research paper out loud.

What to Avoid in Research Paper Writing

You have already learned what a good research paper should look like and what sequence you need to follow in order to write a good essay fast. Now we would like to focus your attention on what should not be in it. For the entire research paper to be of high quality, in your writing process, you should avoid:

  • Too much "water." Of course, sometimes you would like to write more text to finish it as soon as possible, but this is not the solution. Your academic advisor will clearly not appreciate this piece of literature instead of a research paper.
  • Excessive piling of facts. Research papers should be clearly structured and have a logical chain. If the thread of your thoughts does not help to find the way out but only complicates the path, then some facts should be removed.
  • The omission of important details. It's essential not to go overboard but also not to forget the facts that build the backbone of the whole research paper. That way, you will avoid misunderstandings.
  • Long and convoluted sentences. Certainly, you must have a command of terminology, but the text of your research must be clear. Scientific research does not welcome all sorts of complicated turns, which only increase incomprehension of what is written.
  • Grammatical errors. This is the number one rule, not only during the writing of this type of work but all others. You must be academically literate to present your own work, whatever kind of work it may be: college paper, term paper, or academic research paper.

Final thoughts

In fact, writing a research paper is not easy at all. Many students who do search for how to write a long paper in one night don't want to be where they end up. When deadlines are tight, many people reach the Internet to find write my research paper services. With our help, you know how to write a research paper quickly. Of course, if you always write your research papers this way, you'll be under a lot of stress. It's in your power to seize this stress and no longer google how to write papers faster!

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