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6 Step Guide On How To Write a Movie Review

Cinema represents a different way of facing reality for a whole society. Through the seventh art, it is possible to address issues and write important discussions to the world. In this way, we see the importance of movie review essays to foster these discussions and generate different interpretations of the works.

What is a Movie Review Essay?

A review is a text that conveys a person's thoughts about specific content. It can be a book (literature review), film (movie critique), or text if the writer takes an analytical approach to this format. In the reviews, points of view are presented on the content of a given work, its aesthetics, its intention, and the context of its production, among other aspects.

A movie review assignment is one of the most common activities found within universities. However, many people need to learn how to start the writing process and develop a good review based on their opinion of a particular film. That's why many people are looking for how to buy college essays. Today you can learn how to write a film review.

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Main Features of Movie Review Essay

As we have seen, criticism is an opinionated text whose main resource is the construction of arguments in defense of its thesis about some movies. Be it positive or negative concerning a certain movie. The main components present and how to write a critical review are:

  • Conciseness: in predominantly argumentative texts such as the movie reviews, it is important to say only the essentials, avoid repetitions and excess information, and always be a critic of the subject.
  • Denotative language: in a critical movie review, the denotative language prevails; that is, it avoids leaving doubts to the reader about the arguments and the thesis defended, always using literal language to explain your vision.
  • Use of the language's standard norm: the critical review of movies is usually published in large circulation vehicles, printed or digital, and, therefore, must follow the formal grammar rules.

Components of Movie Review

How to review a movie? The text's structure generally includes a title, introduction, development, and conclusion. All these parts are significant while writing critical analysis essay. In the title, it is crucial always to quote the film's name and anticipate the analysis to generate curiosity in whoever reads your essay. In the first paragraph, it is important to make a plot summary while writing film reviews. Already in development, the author should expose his arguments to defend his vision of that film. And finally, it is essential to leave a statement of impact and the recommendation (or not) of that work.


The content of writing movie reviews should contain the main subject of the film, the characters, and the place where the story takes place. In addition, it is crucial to list the analyzed film's plots and the story's dynamics.

The author of the essay should always remember to contextualize the analyzed film. Mention the main characters and their relationships with the plot and other characters, parts of the script that don't make much sense or shouldn't be there, and generate a discussion about the film's central message.


Now talking about the form of writing a film review, the review must seek to address all the factors that make that story becomes a movie. That is, to bring all formal or aesthetic components into your essay. Expressing your thoughts on sound mixing, cinematography, script, lighting, costume and make-up, editing, etc., is important.

6 Steps to Write a Movie Review Essay

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Watch a film and make notes

Before writing a movie review, the first step is to watch the analyzed movie. It is also important to note the main topics that should be addressed in the future when writing your essay. This is the main phase in the process of creating a review. Be quick to rewatch the film as many times as necessary to form more consistent and accurate thoughts about the project.

Gather the main facts about the film

The next step in an essay movie review is to find technical characteristics and curiosities about the film. There are several things you can look for and should know about the movie in question, for example:

  • Gender;
  • Title and year;
  • Names of the main actors;
  • Director's name;
  • Title of book (if based on a book).

It's important always to put this information in your essay movie review to inform your readers consistently and helpfully.

Make a review outline

You should start writing all the ideas for your essay on paper, making an outline with opinions and important parts of the film that should be included in your review. Or you also can use or write a movie review template. You can refer to this draft to remember all critical topics in your movie review outline when writing the text.

Structure your text properly

That is the movie review structure:

  • Introduction –  For movie reviews, start your text with some hook or curious fact to bring the reader's attention to the movie. You can describe an impactful scene or some quote that marked you during the experience. Also, don't forget to contextualize and bring a brief summary of the film.
  • Body - This is the most important part of an essay about a movie. You must bring all the notes and impressions you recorded while watching that film. However, it is important to bring a concise, informative, and meaningful approach to a review of a film. Tell the facts you liked the most, the reasons, and those parts you didn't like, and exemplify them.
  • Conclusion - Finalize your work so that it seems to make sense, and has logic and purpose. In conclusion, in your essay on a movie, you will be able to make an overview, issue your final thoughts and consequently recommend (or not) that film. You can also indicate which target audience the movie will work best for.

Write your text

Start writing your review based on the draft you've already made. However, this time, we used the correct script and movie review format we mentioned earlier. Another significant thing is not to talk only about the plot, as it can often be subjective. You should address other film features to make your review more complete and attractive. That's how to write!

Here are some tips for things to cover in your film analysis:

  • You will be able to discuss how the actors act and match the proposed role.
  • Talk about the soundtrack and how it relates to the main plot in your essay writing.
  • Camera movements and directing characteristics specific to that director in question.
  • Image, light, and cinematography.
  • You can still address other things that caught your attention while watching that movie.

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Proofread what you have

If you want quality text and are wondering how to do essay for me or review, it is important to pay attention to the review writing, proofreading, and editing part of the text. Better than that is to find someone with good grammar skills to help you at this time and check if your text fits in the movie review format. This is because when two people read the same text, it is easier to find errors that have yet to be noticed.

During the final editing of the text, it is also imperative to pay attention to the following:

  • In not giving spoilers about the outcome of the film;
  • Analyze whether the appropriate review format was used;
  • Check how original is your essay writing;

At this stage, it is very important to seek help from other people and thus have a more prudent and higher-quality review. The final process will be to identify the errors, fix them and make the text more correct and polished. It's always good to read many good movie review examples for college students so that you can get used to this type of text.

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Tips On How To Write a Movie Review Essay

How to start an introduction for a movie review? Well, when writing a cinematic review, it is important to pay attention to several factors in how to write it. It is also a very time-consuming process that demands calm and attention from the person writing it. If necessary, the author must rewatch the film as often as required to weave a valid opinion with sound arguments and movie analysis. However, even if it seems to be a challenging job, it is important not to give up during the process, as it will impact your learning and academic performance.

We know it is challenging to keep up with all the academic duties. However, it is important to always set aside time, especially for these techniques tasks. Organization and commitment are qualities often lacking in contemporary students, leading them to frustration for not being able to develop this critique work.

If you have problems doing a review, know there is a solution by using the PapersOwl article writing service, with a team of trained writers with extensive experience in developing academic texts. Many times even the most innovative writers need to buy research paper. Therefore, everyone who needs help with analysis tasks like this will always have support.


How to format a film review?

A review is formed by the introduction, where you will summarize the film and talk briefly about the author and general curiosities. The first paragraph is to expose your arguments and thoughts about the work. And the conclusion shows your final opinion and if you recommend that movie.

How to organize a movie review essay?

To organize your film review assignment, it is important, before starting to write, to make a draft with the main points to be addressed. After that, you should follow the order: first, present the movie, director, characters, and main plot. Then say the positives and negatives. Finally, state your general thoughts about the work and final recommendations.

How long should a movie review be?

A review does not necessarily have a standard length. The ideas and arguments must be written concisely, giving the reader a general overview of that movie and not necessarily knowing all the plot details.

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