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How To Format a Book Review

Book reviews at first glance may seem useless, but this assignment has a high academic value and significance. We all know that modern education is less about what you learn and more about how you do it and what skills you obtain along the way. How does this relate to this particular assignment? In terms of obtaining skills, writing a book review is one of the most helpful tools because it teaches you to notice minute details as you read a text. It also helps students learn how to objectively analyze and evaluate a piece of writing, supporting a given assessment with facts and examples.

Everyone should have a clear understanding of how to write one. However, if you are not experienced in this form of assignment, our article is aimed to help you, here you will find everything you should know about the basic principles of the book review format and a sample for better inspiration.

Main Guidelines To Format Your Book Review

Your teacher should provide you with clear guidelines, students are often concerned about what a correct college book report format is. you may need additional information. Follow these basic principles and our tips to cope with your task!

1. Start with the basic characteristics of the book, its name, and author, and often you will be required to mention the name of your teacher.

2. The rest of the bibliographical information along with the definition of the book’s type should be included in the opening clause.

3. The following section should focus on the main theme and include a few sentences summarizing the text.

4. Next, introduce your readers to the main characters of the story, providing an objective description of each.

5. Describe the setting but make it as vivid as possible to convey the mood of the story to your readers and keep them engaged.

6. Clarify the story’s purpose, and summarize the plot by answering certain questions:

  • What goals did characters have, did they meet them, why;
  • What was the main problem or conflict in the plot;
  • Were the main problems or conflicts resolved?

7. Finally, you should clarify the main message and the theme of the plot the author was planning to convey to his readers, and assess whether the author met his or her goals.

8. Give a final assessment of the text but make it objective, support it with specific examples.

With these detailed guidelines, even an inexperienced reviewer will be able to create an excellent book review that would be worth the highest assessment. However, if you still have any concerns about this paper, below we have included a quality book review example to help you find inspiration and generate ideas for your own work!

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A Book Review Formatting Example

Why do you need it? Writing an article review or other similar work, a student needs to have a clear and well-structured example to follow, as it will help format the paper correctly and create high-quality work. Here, we will give you a good example in the form of a template.

  • Book details: author, title, your teacher’s name (Millbrooke, A.M. (1999). Aviation History. Englewood, CO: Jeppesen Sanderson;
  • Reviewer’s name and university: Reviewed by (full name), University of (name);
  • Intro: book’s type (An entertaining source on the history of international aviation), the purpose of review, used methods, other background information;
  • Info about the author: describing the writer’s qualifications (a historian);
  • Assessment of the book’s organization;
  • Main part: characters, story’s settings, mood, purpose, and main ideas (supported with quotes, arguments, and examples);
  • Conclusion: giving an evaluation of the writer’s goals (whether he met them or not) and state your opinion on the book.

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