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Which Citation Style Can Be Used In A Paper

So you have already chosen and developed the topic implemented it and it would seem that it's about ready to issue and publish. But if your work does not meet the generally accepted requirements, even a correct citation style, your paper will not be published. To prevent this, you must be familiar with the main formats of publications and draw up an article following the basic criteria. So what are the citation styles? Let's see!

A number of formats have been developed for you and for your colleagues around the world for convenience, accuracy, and to standardize the publication process by reputable European and American institutions. Here we will talk about what citation style to use when writing papers.

Tips On Choosing A Citation Style For Science

Here we’ll walk through the main types of citations to let you know more about them.

  1. The ACS or American Chemical Society. The style developed by this community is used for research in chemistry. ACS has issued a special “ACS Style Guide” which sets out the rules for writing scientific articles, effective handling of scientific information, making a link in the text and creating a list of references. Access to the" Manual” is completely free.
  2. The Institute of electrical and electronics created the style IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) engineers. It is used in the field of electronics and computer science to write scientific work. In this style, citations, references are numbered and the number of citations is included in the text in square brackets. The references are placed at the end of the document, the list of references includes all bibliographic information next to the corresponding number. The rules of the IEEE style are described in the IEEE Editorial Style Manual, which is free for everyone. Also, the IEEE Citation Generator will be a useful tool for students.
  3. The next is the APA format, developed by the American Psychological Association and focuses on Social Sciences. There is also a publication guide: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, which contains recommendations on the organization and structure of the article, the design of quotations, footnotes, tables, figures, notes, and applications. There is also a free APA Citation Generator for those, who are in need.
  4. AMS was developed by the American mathematical society and refers to the citation format for science, as well as AIP. In the AMS, the # sign in parentheses represents the number of citations mentioned in the text of the article. This community has created its own directory in four versions depending on the type of material you are going to publish such as journal articles, memoirs, monographs, tutorials, or articles about research.
  5. MLA was developed by the Association of Modern Languages. It is usually used in Humanities. A set of instructions that authors can apply to any type of source is in the MLA Handbook. Here’s a link for you in case, if you were looking for a free MLA Citation Generator.
  6. Chicago – This style is considered the most universal and is used in humanities, natural sciences, social and academic spheres, and historical journals. The Chicago format defines the features of preparation and publication of the works formatting. Check out our special Chicago Citation Generator.
  7. Turabian style is mainly used for the registration of student scientific work. There is a set of instructions for the preparation and registration of student and dissertation work: A Guide for the Authors of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations”. You can use a special Turabian Citation Generator from our website.
  8. The Harvard style defines the principles of design of the used sources. So the cited literature is numbered as it appears in the text, it is also permitted to use links at the bottom of the page, the literature sources are not numbered and placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order. Most important, the sources are quoted inside the text in parentheses, where the author, year and page are mentioned.
  9. Many scientific journals and especially biomedical ones use Vancouver style, this system is more convenient because, in the text of the article in the places to be cited, the Arabic figure is inserted, placed in square brackets and the corresponding numbering of the source in the list of references in the order of its mention in the article.

When thinking about which citation style to use, you should be guided by the requirements of the teacher and science.

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