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Effective Activities To Improve Students Communication Skills

Written by Kristian Eide
Posted: September 11, 2021
Last update date: March 22, 2024
3 min read

We are not able to live without exchanging information. We wake up and text or call our friends, asking them to meet before classes, we babble with family while getting ready, and so forth. Classmates help us prepare for tests and exams; moreover, a lot of students have internet friends.

It’s not the end – even simple gossip with a cashier at a local store is also an interaction. What if we were unable to convey information properly? It’d be hard to exist like a normal human being. It could become even harder to attend college or university and make friends. Yet, students don’t have to worry about that because there are a lot of games to improve comprehension and listening efficiency, which can be played with your friends in the neighborhood, at school, or even in a group of strangers. We’ve found several activities to improve communication skills you can implement in your daily life.

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5 Funny Activities For High-School and College Students To Improve Communication Skills 

  1. Tell Me About The Time. This activity aims at helping students perform in front of an audience without fear or anxiety. A group chooses the leader who thinks of a random and bizarre sentence and tells it to a chosen person. For example: “Tell me about the time you wore a slice of cheese on your head and lived near our city's theater.” The second person needs to start telling this story in 5 seconds and stop only when the leader decides.
  2. Silent Take. A nonverbal activity performed in class, where people usually already know each other. Put the group in pairs and give half the people a scene to reenact. The pairs don’t use the words while the other half of students need to guess what they were doing, describing it in words.
  3. Just Listen. A listening game to train comprehension. One person only listens to the other without talking and interrupting, letting them talk about anything they want. In the end, the listener should retell the whole story shortly and answer/give advice on the topic.
  4. Who Am I? A question game for speaking with the whole class. A teacher needs to prepare sticky notes with any noun on it, preferably the name of a famous person or food and stick them on students’ foreheads without them seeing the writing. One of them comes out to the front and starts asking yes or no questions until they guess who/what they are.
  5. Debates. A simple form of debate is one of the best team building activities for students and an amazing way to create an interesting lesson for youth. Learn our list of best debate topics for inspiration. Split the class in half and present them a point to discuss. One group should agree with the idea, and another disagrees. Give them some time to prepare in groups and have a debate on the issue. This one is a great example of communication skills group activities.

Easy Ways to Improve Communication Skills In College

Communication has a very wide meaning, and to have talent with it can be a challenge. Being a great friend means having a welcoming posture and gestures, cheerful/appropriate/clear tone, loud enough voice, eye contact, confidence in your thoughts and ideas, empathy, and care.

Every ability needs to be developed and you can’t just be born as a perfect orator. To get better at interacting with people, you can make use of various communication skills activities for adults including:

  1. Record yourself speaking and point out any issues or mistakes you want to change.
  2. Write your thoughts down, take part in creative writing, work for custom essay writing. Understanding yourself may become a revolutionary talent for you, and it can increase your confidence.
  3. Watch films and read literature to broaden your mind and understand different concepts. It will help you become more empathetic and understand your peers better.
  4. Listen more than you talk and try to understand everything your partner tries to convey, don’t break eye contact and get rid of all your distractions.
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It may seem like the end of the world if you try and remember all the awkward stories you’ve been telling your friends about your daily life, don’t worry about it too much. Social skills is something you can find more about and train by engaging in various activities. In the end, we’re all awkward and seem weird until we try to understand each other and learn from mistakes.

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