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100 Communication Research Topics

Last update date: December 30, 2023
9 min read

All fields of study have fresh and intriguing new research paper topics to explore. Within the subject of communication, there are loads of possibilities for research papers. This is thanks to the development of mass media and the growing popularity of various modern communication methods.

This article covers a broad range of effective research paper topics that are both interesting and relevant for this field. Any of them would make a suitable focal point for any research paper to do with how we interact with one another.

What Is Communication Research?

This is the study of how we interact with one another. It includes how the way we interact is affected by technology, culture, and individual differences. Researchers in this field use a variety of methods to study the way we converse and interact with each other, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and experiments.

Research in this area can be used to improve communication skills in personal relationships, in the workplace, and in other settings.

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Lists of Key Communication Research Topics

The range of research paper topics in this field is extensive, to say the least. Below are 100 relevant topics that are arranged in groups of 10.

They cover a broad selection of modern communication issues and debates, from corporate and computer mediated communication to effective interpersonal communication, communication strategies, and more.

Top Research Topic Ideas

The topics in this first group mostly focus on how different factors impact the way we interact with one another. These are some of the key issues in the communication discipline today.

  1. The role communication plays in organizations.
  2. How technology influences it.
  3. The way globalization affects it.
  4. How it’s influenced by broadcast media.
  5. Ways in which advertising impacts it.
  6. The influence propaganda has on it.
  7. How it’s impacted by public relations.
  8. The effects of international journalism and journalism ethics on it.
  9. How the use of social media influences it.
  10. How it’s affected by language.

Research Topics for College Students

These topics are ideal for college students. They focus on how communication processes can influence someone’s mental health and personality traits. Both of these are important since they can influence a student’s academic progress.

  1. How does communication shape our identities?
  2. How do we use it to build relationships?
  3. What role does it play in influencing our emotions?
  4. How is our thinking influenced by it?
  5. In what ways do we use it to manage conflict?
  6. How is our behavior influenced by it?
  7. What factors influence the effectiveness of communication?
  8. In what way is it impacted by technology?
  9. What influences do cultural differences have on it?
  10. How does it shape our physical and mental health?
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Business-Focused Research Topics

Having effective business communication is necessary for any sort of commercial activity to improve its marketing value. Both business to business communication and interactions with the public have to get the right message across. Below are some potential areas to do with organizational communication and public relations.

  1. The impact of new communication technologies.
  2. The use of social media and external communication.
  3. What effects does globalization have?
  4. How organizational communication is used in virtual teams.
  5. The impact that intercultural communication has.
  6. The way humor is used.
  7. What are the effects of gender?
  8. How we use non-verbal communication.
  9. The effect that technology has on corporate communication etiquette.
  10. The way we use business communication in crisis situations.

Social Media Research Topics

The focus of these topics is on social media, and it affects the way we communicate with one another. Using social media and being exposed to social media marketing can both have significant effects on practical communication skills. These topics focus on the way modern digital platforms influence our interactions.

  1. The effect of social media on communication practices and patterns.
  2. How social media changes relationship development.
  3. What influence does social media have on how people interact with each other?
  4. The effect of social media on the way people share information.
  5. How social media impacts the way people interact with businesses.
  6. The effect of social media on the way people interact with governments through proper communication channels.
  7. What consequences does social media have on online interactions?
  8. The effect that social media has on the way people interact with each other offline.
  9. Social media’s influence on the way people interact with each other in different cultures.
  10. What effects does social media have on the way people interact with each other in different age groups?

Mass Communication Research Topics

Mass communication is when you share information with a large number of people at the same time. Topics to do with mass communication are very relevant, thanks to the internet, social media platforms, and other kinds of mass media. The purpose of mass media is simply to inform loads of people about something as quickly and conveniently as possible.

  1. What effect do social media platforms have on mass communication?
  2. How does new technology affect it?
  3. The impact that advertising has on it.
  4. How news media influences it.
  5. Ways in which propaganda impacts it.
  6. The influence that public relations have on it.
  7. How it’s impacted by digital media and print media.
  8. Globalization’s impact on it.
  9. How new forms of media affect it.
  10. The ways it’s influenced by social networking.

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

This is a broad term that refers to the exchanging of information between people. It’s when you use effective communication skills to share thoughts, ideas, and facts with at least one other person. The topics in this section look at some of the latest interpersonal communication trends.

  1. The effect of technology on interpersonal communication.
  2. The effect of culture on it.
  3. How gender influences it.
  4. The effect of age on it.
  5. How someone’s interaction style may impact it.
  6. The way context may influence it.
  7. How relationships can influence it.
  8. How it can be influenced by social apprehension.
  9. The effect of social competence on it.
  10. How it’s impacted by satisfaction.
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Intercultural Communication Research Topics

This is when people from different cultures exchange information. Things like different languages, traditions, and even artifacts affect intercultural communication. The topics below look at intercultural communication and how culture shapes the many ways we interact with one another.

  1. How culture influences the ways we interact with one another.
  2. The impact of intercultural communication styles on relationships.
  3. How culture impacts our perceptions of interaction.
  4. The effect that interaction has on business relationships.
  5. How culture influences the way we interpret nonverbal communication.
  6. The impact of culture on our way of interpreting speech.
  7. How culture influences our information processing.
  8. The way culture impacts our process of making decision.
  9. The impact of culture on how we solve problems.
  10. How culture influences our interactions with others.

Virtual Communication Research Topics

Are virtual communication skills essential? You have to be just as proficient at virtual dialogue as you are at spoken words. Mastering interactive online communication is key for anyone who wants to succeed, and the topics below delve into this further.

  1. The impact on the development of personal relationships.
  2. The use of virtual dialogue in the business world.
  3. How it influences the way we think and learn.
  4. The benefits of virtual communication for people with social anxiety.
  5. The way it’s used in education.
  6. How it impacts our mental health.
  7. Ways in which it influences family relationships.
  8. How it’s used in the workplace.
  9. The effect it has on relationships.
  10. The advantages and disadvantages of virtual communication.

Health-Related Research Topics

It’s essential to have effective communication strategies in any sort of healthcare setting. Having interpersonal communication competence is vital so that practitioners can speak with patients clearly and effectively. The topics below look at how internal and external communication in the healthcare industry affects and is affected by different factors.

  1. The effectiveness of health communication campaigns in changing health behaviors.
  2. The impact of social media on interactions in the health industry.
  3. How humor is used in it.
  4. How storytelling is used in it.
  5. What effects it has on reducing health disparities.
  6. What effects it has on increasing health literacy.
  7. How new media technologies are used in it.
  8. How it influences public health outcomes.
  9. The role it plays in health education.
  10. The impact it has on patient satisfaction.

Interesting Communication Research Topics

This last batch of topics looks at how both spoken words and non-verbal communication affect different things. Some of the topics are about how we interact with one another in different areas of life.

  1. The impact of new communication technology on social interactions.
  2. The way it is used in the workplace.
  3. How we use it in education.
  4. Ways in which it is used in marketing.
  5. How people use it in healthcare.
  6. The way it affects personal relationships.
  7. The effects it has on organizational cultures.
  8. How it impacts individual productivity.
  9. Its effects on consumer behavior.
  10. The influences it has on the environment.
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Coming up with a Thesis Statement

Once you have come up with a potential research topic, you should start writing. Your first step is to write an effective thesis statement.

Your thesis statement is the argument or main point you want to make about your topic. It’s a summary of what your paper is going to be about. The purpose of it is to show the reader what you will be discussing and invite them to read your work.

Once you have your thesis statement, start writing your paper. Make sure to include evidence from scholarly sources to support your work.

Topic Selection and Writing Tips

How to Create Strong Questions for Your Paper?

This question doesn’t have a single answer, as the best way to create strong questions for your paper will vary depending on the specific research project and its goals.

However, some tips on how to create strong questions include:

  • Start by thinking about the specific goals of your research project. What are you trying to learn or understand?
  • Draft a few potential research questions that can help you answer your goals. Be sure to make them as specific as possible.
  • Test your research questions by asking them to others to see if they are clear and understandable. Are they interesting to people outside of your field of study?
  • Revise and refine your research questions as needed. Be sure to keep them concise and easy to understand.

How to Find the Right Research Topics?

When writing a communication research paper, first, you should decide what topic you want to learn more about.

  • Do the effects of social media and mass media on communication interest you?
  • What about the role of communication in a competitive global business environment?
  • What is the impact of new technology on the ways we exchange information?
  • Whether effective communication is necessary to ensure credible reporting?
  • How do improved relations make broadcasting media laws effective?

Once you have a general topic in mind, you can begin to narrow it down by focusing on a specific aspect of this field that interests you.

For example, if you are interested in the communication importance in a business market, you might want to focus on the impact of effective business interactions on employee productivity or customer satisfaction.

Alternatively, you could look at how private media ownership is affecting mass media, bringing journalism ethics into the discussion, and how journalists are ensuring credible reporting.

What Makes a Research Paper Topic Strong?

There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on the individual and the specific research goals. However, some factors that could make a research topic strong include its relevance to current events or real-world issues, its potential to generate new and innovative ideas, and its ability to generate interesting and valuable research findings.

Additionally, a strong topic should be interesting and engaging to read and write about, and it should be something that the researcher can be passionate about.

Tips for Structuring and Writing Your Paper

When writing communication research papers, it is important to structure your argument in a manner that’s clear and concise. Your paper should have a clear research paper introduction, body, and conclusion. Within the body of your paper, there should be a strong thesis statement, evidence that supports your argument, and a conclusion summarizing your argument.

Additionally, throughout the research paper writing process, it is significant to use clear and concise language. Use communication tips to help you put your own points across more effectively.


Deciding what to focus your research paper doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a huge number of research topics available. Finding the right one is easy.

First, think about the ideas that interest you the most. Which part of communication studies are you most passionate about? Is it media ethics, mass media, or something else?

When you’ve settled on one of the research topic ideas, start the research paper writing process. Find key sources such as books and academic articles. Think about what needs addressing in your research paper.

Now, it’s time for you to produce an excellent communication research paper.


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