Thesis: Racial and Implicit Bias Plays

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Thesis: Racial and Implicit Bias Plays

This thesis will argue the significant role racial and implicit biases play in shaping individual behavior and societal norms. It will examine the underlying causes and effects of these biases in various contexts. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Bias.

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Thesis: Racial and Implicit Bias plays a significant part in how individuals are sentenced in our Justice system. Introduction Argument: Racial bias has been an ongoing issue for years, occurring in many different parts of the world. Racial bias not only occurs with people of color, but people of religion or even people of different economic backgrounds. Despite the modern transition that society has taken, society has still struggles with overcoming or creating a solution to resolve this crisis of racial bias.

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Humanity has lost hope in seeking justice for the hateful crimes that have shaken our communities from people that were supposed to protect society. Unfortunately, as hard as society tries to end these hate crimes or prejudicial thought, racial bias is not always demonstrated through actions but it is also an unconscious feeling that many people have.

First Topic: Discuss police officers and the bias against them, I will discuss about the bias in there methods and who they stop and give information with statistics. According to the first article by (Price, J., & Payton, E. 2017) goes on to talk about how Police officers have been seen to have near universal implicit bias against racial and ethnic minorities. There have been reports that African Americans have been found to be shot and killed far more likely than any number in the population.

Article by (Blanks, J. 2016) talks about and elaborates the fact how police officials use minor traffic violation stops as a reasons to stop someone in order to investigate; what they believe to be suspicious activity. Even though a tactic which has been supported as a legal action does not make that inherently ethical, just or even effective.

Evidence suggesting that with the appropriate training of police can help reduce any tendency of police officers exhibiting discriminatory lethal violence against minorities and individuals I will go on to further talk about statistics and research evidence along the bias of officers pulling over certain minorities of color and research on how even conversation when an officer is called on the scene changes while dealing with other races, also talk about stop and frisk.

Second topic: Talk about how the courts and the rates of arrest and disparities. I will include the sentencing errors in the court and the implicit and racial bias. The articles by (Hughes, B. 2001, and pg3) and (Tonry, 2010, pg2) both correlate the rates of African Americans being imprisoned on a higher rate than others. Hughes (2001) talks about the racial statistics in today’s society and in the criminal justice system.

As Hughes (2001) has stated making more arrests and sending offenders to prison is not going to help. The costs of constructing and operating prisons will cause a financial disaster in our society. These prisons, his beings to say, are not doing one single thing in helping reduce the number of law breaking offenses “participants were asked to recall facts of stories they had read only minutes earlier. Results of the study confirmed the hypothesis that participants remembered and misremembered legally relevant facts in racially biased ways” (Levinson, 2010, pg. 2).

I will be talking about the court system and show the different rates on how individuals with the same crime but different races get charged differently. Also I will discuss the research testing showing how individuals in courts remember certain information subconscious towards there racial bias. I will also give statistics on the rates of arrest for individual in each race. Third Topic: The Third topic I will be talking about the cases of Stephen Clark and Trayvon martin, basically talking about the dipartites in the cases, the unfairness, and the uproars that it started.

Conclusion Paragraph: As we let society unravel we can tell that how significant a role Racial and Implicit Bias play in the criminal justice system. Bias will always be in the mind of individuals, l like I said before you cannot force someone to change, and it is not the safest way. I believe that we as a society have to educate people in the harm that it causes our society and the innocent individuals we lose every year to this issue. Before you can make a serious change, you have to educate others into why they have to make a change. Take things one step at a time, rushing things will not change things for the better.”

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