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Bias Essays

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Stereotypical Gender Roles and Domestic Behaviors

Words: 1884 Pages: 6 5240

Introduction Stereotypical Gender roles have been deeply rooted within the cultures of different societies around the world causing a breakdown in community between men and women and unfair biases at home, work and places of worship. Because religion is impactful in the way that it helps shape the character of people through its teachings, religion […]

Topics: Bias, Employment, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Leadership, Sexism

Gender Discrepancies Within Leadership

Words: 3308 Pages: 11 4906

Introduction Leadership is intertwined throughout the world and people’s everyday lives whether they realize or not. It is in their offices at work, on their favorite sports teams, and even at home. And while there are many aspects of leadership that can be delved into, the main idea of this paper is women and leadership. […]

Topics: Bias, Gender, Gender Inequality, Happiness, Leadership, Research

Role of the Default Bias in Organ Donation Rates

Words: 2886 Pages: 10 3847

The first law of motion, also known as the law of inertia by Newton goes like this: A body in motion remains in motion or, if at rest, remains at rest at a constant velocity unless acted on by an external force. If one thought inertia was only confined to the walls of physics, behavioral […]

Topics: Bias, Organ Donation

Racial, Gender and Sexual Identity

Words: 2423 Pages: 8 3817

In the article ” Fluid and Shifting: Racialized, Gendered, and sexual identify in Africa American Children” Which by Denise Isom. In this Article Isom talks about how researchers did a study on African American Children, and racialized gender identity. In this study the researchers used different was to do their research which are: 1) questionnaires, […]

Topics: Bias, Ethnography, Gay, Gender, Homosexuality, Masculinity, Prejudice

Effectiveness of Sexist Advertisement Towards Attitude and Purchase Intent of Malaysian Consumers / Customers.

Words: 2542 Pages: 8 4178

Introduction (Done) The use of sex appeals in advertising appears to have increased nowadays (Dianoux & Linhart, 2010) and recognized as important yet extendable area of research (De Barnier & Valette-Florence, 2006). Furthermore, such importance has become evident in almost every company around the world where highly competitive environment has made companies heavily investing in […]

Topics: Advertising, Behavior, Bias, Body Image, Communication, Customer, Feminism
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Paul Haggis’s 2004 Film “Crash”

Words: 1021 Pages: 3 4210

Paul Haggis’s 2004 film “Crash” is a depiction of the racial and societal tensions that arise in the diverse suburbia of American society. This film gives us an intriguing look at the preconceptions that are ingrained into our society. And portrays the racial stereotypes that are found in all people, regardless of race or ethnic […]

Topics: Bias, Critical Theory, Discrimination, Identity Politics, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Inequality, Social Issues, Stereotypes

Racial Disparity Amongst Caucasian Americans, African Americans and other Minority Group

Words: 1749 Pages: 6 4133

Federal government officials in the United States have noted there is a great racial disparity amongst Caucasian Americans, African Americans and other minority group entering or already in the juvenile justice system (karger stoesz 2018, p.365). Recovery from slavery is a massive task for most African Americans in America because they were considered non-citizens which […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bias, Justice, Police Brutality, Policy, Prison, Racism, Social Issues, United States, Virtue

Questions the Effectiveness of School Dress Codes

Words: 1416 Pages: 5 4571

Introduction In recent years, students and parents alike have questioned the effectiveness of school dress codes and noticed the negative ramifications these codes have on women and people of color. Traditional dress codes usually prohibit certain categories of clothes, such as gang attire, but some schools may enforce uniform codes ranging from “jeans and a […]

Topics: Bias, Clothing, Critical Theory, Dress code, Gender, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination

Gender Discrimination in Modern Society

Words: 1350 Pages: 5 6874

The world is full of many different forms of discrimination. You see people judged based on their religion, race, gender, physical appearance, and so much more. Women are more often than not treated differently than men. This shows significant disadvantages for women in the workplace. Women get treated as less than men in most job […]

Topics: Anxiety, Bias, Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Gender, Risk, Sexism, Social Issues

An Analysis of Ageism

Words: 1339 Pages: 4 3726

Ageism can be characterized as a kind of separation which is related with bias against certain individuals based on their age. Like sexism and prejudice, ageism additionally is associated with holding generalizations on individuals who are in various age gatherings. The word ageism was first utilized by Robert N. Head servant who is a gerontologist […]

Topics: Ageism, Bias, Social Inequality, Social Issues

Heart of Darkness Title Meaning to the Work

Words: 2010 Pages: 7 3333

Achebe throughout the past has expressed his beliefs on what works of art should do if they should be considered great works, and heart of darkness fails his test by “dehumanized” and “depersonalized” Africa and its people, how Things fall apart properly describes and depicts Africans and how damaging heart of darkness truly was. Achebe […]

Topics: Bias, Dehumanization, Heart of Darkness

Prejudices and Forms of Racism

Words: 562 Pages: 2 4199

Ideas about the typical features of other nations depend on the forms and variety of contacts with them. In this case, the results of those interactions may be not only biases but also prejudices. The latter are formed based on inflexible stereotypes, which are unfounded negative attitudes towards people (Lustig and Koester 152). Prejudices interfere […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Critical Theory, Discrimination, Ignorance, Prejudice, Racism

“Speaking while Female” by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

Words: 513 Pages: 2 5671

In the reading “Speaking while female”, authors Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant discuss how women are perceived in the work place and overlooked when it comes down to any decision making, pitching ideas or just speaking in a men “dominant” professional setting. As a result, women often decide that saying less is more. In the […]

Topics: Bias, Leadership, Research, Sexism, Social Inequality, Social Issues, Social Psychology, Social Status

How the Criminal Justice System Discriminates

Words: 1183 Pages: 4 4825

In today’s society, the issue of discrimination in the criminal justice system is a controversial issue. It is believed that there are discriminatory elements at different steps of the justice system. A person’s race may influence a police officer’s decision when making an arrest. A prosecutor may be influenced to give a harsher sentence based […]

Topics: Bias, Crime, Criminal Justice, Discrimination, Justice, Morality, Prejudice, Social Issues

LGBTQ Parents: the Stereotypes and Heteronormativity Essay

Words: 314 Pages: 1 4066

“In this journal entry, three experiments involving 603 people were used to help understand what drives the suitability for adoption. The variables tested were “sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status (SES), and age.” The data found that SES had similar to or more impact than sexual orientation, and the gender of the applicant held more importance […]

Topics: Adoption, Bias, Discrimination, Gender, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Social Issues

Different Dimensions of Diversity

Words: 596 Pages: 2 4377

The issue of diversity has always raised debates. Diversity means different things to different people. In a study of 180 Spanish corporate managers, explored perceptions of diversity and found that depending on who is answering, diversity usually means one of three things: demographic diversity (our gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on), experiential diversity (our […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Critical Theory, Identity Politics, Language, Multiculturalism, Social Issues

Is Violence Media Good for Kids?

Words: 798 Pages: 3 5546

Children usually learn better from what they see than what parents or teachers teach them. Even though, parents usually tell your children that violent media is not good for them, they should not try to play it, and it has to be forgotten completely, but some of them still try to play it, and many […]

Topics: Argument, Bias, Evidence, Media Violence, Research, Violence

The Damage of Divorce on Children

Words: 1735 Pages: 6 4977

Divorce has been an very prevalent and staggering topic in our current era of being doubly so as a citizen of the United States of America. Before even conducting this study, I was always curious and confused as to the outcome of divorce more specifically the effects on the child. I was always asking family […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bias, Child, Divorce, Emotion, Juvenile Delinquency, Reality, Truth

Bias of Gender Differences in Negotiation

Words: 3156 Pages: 11 4001

Introduction Now that society is fast-paced, people tend to choose to do their jobs as a priority and ignore the importance of communication. Sometimes a very small thing can become a big contradiction, if there’s a lack of communication. One of the important methods about communication is negotiation. Negotiation is a method by which people […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Employment, Gender, Human resources, Negotiation, Sexism

Essay about Gender Bias

Words: 441 Pages: 1 8934

“Did you know that the average american female only makes ? of what the average male does. Whether it is in Education or the workplace, gender bias still exists and is a major problem. There is still a huge difference in the way women get treated compared to how men get treated. Gender bias refers […]

Topics: Bias, Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination

Labeling Can Affect Everyone

Words: 992 Pages: 3 4016

Our nation is so fast and so divided that cannot be asked to personally be liable for the modern aspect of our nation at any given time because that’s only going to be any given time and the point usually renders half of our nation. I have always believed that we are pretty equally divided […]

Topics: Bias, Critical Theory, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, Stereotypes

Social Media and Politics. Democracy

Words: 1040 Pages: 3 8456

The social media age has completely dominated current day society. This time twenty years ago, information simply could not be accessed and spread in the instantaneous manner it is now. Social media has done great things for democracy: access to social media aids in obtaining educational information, increases voter activity, and it also promotes collectivity. […]

Topics: Bias, Democracy, Facebook, News, Social Media

My Essay on “Creative Thinkers”

Words: 1368 Pages: 5 4485

My article is on how men are more likely to be seen as “creative thinkers”. Findings suggest that the work and achievements of men tend to be evaluated as more creative than similar work and achievements produced by women. (“Men More Likely to Be Seen as ‘Creative Thinkers,” 2015)I chose this article because as I […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Creativity, Epistemology, Gender Roles, Masculinity, News, Research, Sexism, Social Psychology

What does it Mean to be a Subtle Racist?

Words: 549 Pages: 2 6264

Subtle racism, or casual racism, refers to when an individual acts in a racist way that is indirect, or a ‘harmless joke’ of some sort. Say you start a sentence with “I’m not racist but…*, or you cross the road to avoid people of a certain race, even getting nervous around different races on airplanes. […]

Topics: Barriers to critical thinking, Bias, Discrimination, Identity Politics, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism, Social Issues

The Impact of Luck and Superstition in Decision Making

Words: 911 Pages: 3 3953

Implications of the “Positive Effect” Getting lucky is always a sure shot way of momentary happiness. When something lucky happens, there is almost certainly a positive surge of emotion felt. However, the answer this paper is seeking is whether any studies have considered the implications of this positive feeling? And how big marketing strategies and […]

Topics: Bias, Risk, Superstition

What does it Mean to be Racist

Words: 1024 Pages: 3 3074

In society today, there are many issues that have been associated with racism. Racism can be defined as a negative predetermination of thought or action based on a specific race. The term racist is then used to describe someone or something directly that falls under the definition of racism. Racism is not something that is […]

Topics: Bias, Donald Trump, Race

Should the Government be more Open and Unbiased to Avoid Discrimination and Unjust Laws?

Words: 2150 Pages: 7 4004

Introduction Since the 1870s when Jim Crow laws were introduced, discrimination and unjust laws have been around, causing people to be separated from others because of the color of their skin and being forced to use separate facilities in 1896 to avoid coming in contact with those who were “different”. An unjust law can make […]

Topics: Bias, Brown V. Board Of Education, Cancer, Citizenship, Civil Rights Movement, Discrimination, Employment, Gender

Annotated Bibliography: the me too Movement and the Ballet Industry

Words: 3697 Pages: 12 4282

Sharon Basco’s article “Where Are The Women In Ballet” explores why so many American ballet companies that were founded by women are now all led by male artistic directors. The position of artistic director is one of the most prestigious roles in dance leadership, which makes it so significant that most of these positions are filled by […]

Topics: Bias, Gender, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Leadership, Research, Sexism

Transparency Paper

Words: 902 Pages: 3 3440

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill SB1421 that allows the public to view investigations of officer shootings, serious use of force, sexual misconducts, and lying. Police officer privacy had been protected by California confidentiality laws that prohibit the public to know what typically occurs during the investigations of these misconducts and their outcomes. This bill […]

Topics: Bias, Common Law, Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Justice, Law Enforcement, National Security

Child Welfare in African Americans

Words: 2935 Pages: 10 4727

Child welfare is defined as a variety of services that are put in place to protect children and families by providing the necessary support for childcare (Lewandowski, 2018). In the United States, child welfare agencies are responsible for coordinating key services aimed at preventing cases of child abuse and neglect, providing essential services to families […]

Topics: Adoption, Bias, Child, Child Abuse, Childhood, Discrimination, Human Development
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