LGBTQ Parents: the Stereotypes and Heteronormativity Essay

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In this journal entry, three experiments involving 603 people were used to help understand what drives the suitability for adoption. The variables tested were “sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status (SES), and age.” The data found that SES had similar to or more impact than sexual orientation, and the gender of the applicant held more importance than sexual orientation as well. The results of the study “suggest that reservations against adoption by same-gender couples may be overestimated if one focuses exclusively on sexual orientation.

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” The conclusion was that the parental suitability was directly affected by the social status and contexts of those involved with the experiment. In the paper, the authors talk about stereotypes amongst genders when it comes to adoption, men were looked upon as less favorable to be selected as parents as opposed to women. The heteronormative stereotype that women are always nurturing and emotionally connected holds an upper hand to the stereotype that men are cold and unloving. While discrimination is prominent in same-sex couple families, the relationship quality and overall positivity stands out. Data shows that same-sex couples have higher quality relationships involving commitment, especially if they have children. Despite the evidence shown, heteronormativity still proves to be that “gay and lesbian couples should “lose” relative to heterosexual couples in adoption decisions.”

I found the information about biases dependent on their community to be helpful in determining whether same-sex couples were discriminated against in the adoption process, and was surprised to see the results of these experiments. The authors discuss stereotypes amongst same-sex couples and how it affects their approval rate, which stems from heteronormative behaviors and ideals. The argument presented is strong and well researched, and the narrative is unbiased in its stance. It challenged my ideas in that sexual orientation was one of the sole factors in adoption discrimination, and the article as a whole is a very useful source.”

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