LGBTQ Parents: their Hardships and Heteronormativity Essay

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In this paper, Fairtlough analyzes the perspective of children with same-sex parents in order to dispel certain biases or assumptions. Fairtlough used 67 different cases throughout the USA, New Zealand, and the UK. The majority of the cases were categorized as “predominantly positive (31 accounts),” and “ambivalent (27).” The leftover eight cases were “somewhat negative (3),” and “neutral (6).” Hearing their stories, she writes that “many of these young people expressed respect for their lesbian or gay parent.” Many of the ambivalent cases had many positive situations, but at times were overwhelming in negativity due to homophobia and discrimination, creating traumatic experiences for them.

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In fact, 59 of the overall subjects have had negative experiences of varying degrees due to negative stigma involving same-sex parents. Despite the negative situations that arise with having same-sex parents, the general consensus was that “children themselves do not feel they are damaged by having by having a lesbian or gay parent.” The sexuality of their parents did not determine how effective their parenting skills were. The paper addresses the issue of a homophobic environment, and that the study conducted has emphasis on comparison between heterosexual families and homosexual families.

Throughout this paper, rather than fully understanding the perspectives of those children with same-sex parents, I felt that the children live in a homophobic community. Many of their cases stated that it was overall a positive experience with hardships throughout, as many heterosexual households feel as well. The narrative in the paper was quite indecisive, harming the integrity of its purpose. Rather than a study, this research paper felt like an exploratory essay, although it is a peer-reviewed academic journal. However, the idea to use stories of children of same-sex couples in a nonpartisan way is a refreshing take on the subject that offers a different viewpoint.”

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