“Speaking while Female” by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“Speaking while Female” by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

This essay will review and analyze “Speaking While Female,” an essay by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. It will discuss the challenges women face in being heard in professional and public settings. The piece will explore the social dynamics and biases that contribute to this issue and suggest potential solutions. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Bias.

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In the reading “Speaking while female”, authors Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant discuss how women are perceived in the work place and overlooked when it comes down to any decision making, pitching ideas or just speaking in a men “dominant” professional setting. As a result, women often decide that saying less is more.

In the reading, the authors cite multiple studies and proposals, supporting their observation of women not being able to get or achieve the recognition they deserve, male executives who spoke more often than their peers were rewarded with 10 percent higher ratings of competence ,when female executives spoke more than their peers both men and women punished them with 14 percent lower ratings.

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Sandberg and Grant feel that as more women enter the upper echelons of organizations, people will become more accustomed to women’s contributing and leading. (366-367)   Overall, the authors provided solid, trustworthy sources to better show gender bias within society and the work environment. Authors Sandberg and Grant succeeded by moving forward with their observations and furthering more with updated studies. This resulted in proving the different point of views viewed in females and males.

Author Adam Grant had his own study, “A study by a Yale psychologist, Victoria L. Brescoll, found that male senators with more power spoke more on the Senate floor than their junior colleagues…For female senators, power was not linked to significantly more speaking time” (367). 

The Authors elaborate on the idea that powerful women decide to stay quiet to avoid the fear of backlash “The more the men spoke up, the more helpful their managers believed them to be…when women spoke up more, there was no increase in their perceived helpfulness” (367). At the point when male workers contributed thoughts that acquired new income, they got altogether higher execution assessments. The more the men talked up, the all the more obliging their bosses confided in them to be.

Exactly when women talked up extra, there was no development in their evident help. The authors solution to this common corrupt problem found in a work environment, is finding ways to interrupt the corrupt gender bias. They suggest innovation tournaments, where employees are able to submit suggestions and solutions in A anonymous way giving a fair chance of feedback. 

Their long-term solution is for businesses to increase the number of women in leadership roles. As more females enter the more elite classes of associations, individuals become increasingly acclimated with females contributing and driving. Through the research and studies conducted it is brought to the attention of many how greatly this inequality can affect women greatly and a wake-up call that this harm should be taken more seriously by society. 

 In addition, authors Sandberg and Grant redefine the idea of having same influential views in the workplace from women and men, creating the path for equality; focusing less on the speaker and more on the idea being contributed. Through the effective studies and supporting observations the authors were able to create a greater, more positive view towards all female leaders in a common men dominant work force.

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