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Does Technology Improve or Control our Lives

Words: 795 Pages: 3 4495

In the 1960s, an eccentric professor and philosopher predicted the rise of the Internet. Marshall McLuhan spent most of his life at the University of Toronto, where he focused on understanding culture and technology: what it is, how they interact with each other, and how they shape our past and present. In his book Understanding […]

Topics: Communication, Fiction, Human Nature, Social Institutions

Lord of the Flies Darkness in Man’s Heart Sophomore

Words: 515 Pages: 2 2905

The book”Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding shows and showcases the true nature of all living life. In the beginning of the story, As in a world which is during war, a crash has taken these first innocent children and or pre-teens through the empty depths of a unknown island. In the story, […]

Topics: Evidence, Fiction, Heart of Darkness

Wuthering Heights Reading Journal: Chapter 29

Words: 547 Pages: 2 3715

Chapter 29 Edgar has passed away, leaving the title of Thrushcross Grange master unfilled. Nelly, Edgar’s servant, seeks a new job at Wuthering Heights as a servant for Heathcliff but he denies. Right before the death of Edgar, his daughter Cathy forcedly marries Linton, Heathcliff’s son. The marriage gives Linton and Heathcliff say over the […]

Topics: Fiction, Wuthering Heights

Explaining the Importance of Never Giving up

Words: 797 Pages: 3 3851

  I never lose – either I win, or I learn. Junior year was a year full of learning hard life lessons – the kind that we are never fully prepared for. After losing my classmate Anthony Penna to a car accident on October 3rd 2017, junior year was bound to be a year of […]

Topics: Depression, Fiction, Human Nature, Pain

Examination of 19th Century English Society and Realism in Pride and Prejudice

Words: 1600 Pages: 5 7508

Pride and Prejudice, a novel set in the early 19th century, can be used to study British society in the era when it was written. The aspects of life in the early 19th century that can be examined are historical context, marriage and gender roles, class, income, land ownership, and reputation. Pride and Prejudice, a […]

Topics: Fiction, Novel, Pride And Prejudice
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Heart of Darkness why does Marlow Hate Lying

Words: 1164 Pages: 4 3399

The novel Heart of Darkness is about a man named Marlow’s and he tells his story to his friends. His story was about his experiences from when he was a novice seaman. His journey took place in Africa and his mission was to retrieve a man named Kurtz from Africa and bring him home. During […]

Topics: Africa, Fiction, Heart of Darkness, Reasoning

Sexual being in “Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale

Words: 935 Pages: 3 3878

What did it mean for a black woman character in the 1930’s to be a sexual being? In the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” written by Zora Neale Hurston made Janie a sexual being in the 1930s which meant that she was in touch with nature and had the freedom to express her thoughts. […]

Topics: Fiction, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle”

Words: 641 Pages: 2 4701

Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, was first published in 1819, the last year to be categorised as the predecessors of the American short story before American Romanticism began. The story instantly became famous because its use of literary form that other predecessors often lacked. Many early American stories were undeveloped with flat characters and plot […]

Topics: Fiction, Romanticism, Young Goodman Brown

Mary Oliver Owls

Words: 697 Pages: 2 3819

Period 4B In this exceptionally expressive extract, Mary Oliver has an extraordinary appreciation for nature in view of its perplexing yet adjusting structure. By being both frightening and excellent, nature fills the world with differentiating substances that can be “passing bearers” or bring “immobilizing satisfaction. ” Oliver utilizes symbolism, parallelism, and differentiating to communicate her […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction

Emily Lives in the Cave

Words: 367 Pages: 1 4207

“Remember to listen to the cave and the fire as you exit. You will exit the cave today. Plato: “The Allegory of the Cave” a story that tells us about a group of people who struggled to see a better future due to the fact that they where shackled. The close mindset they held came […]

Topics: A Rose For Emily, Allegory of the Cave, Fiction

Gothic Elements in the Tell Tale Heart and other Novels

Words: 2670 Pages: 9 4673

The gothic period came apparent from a style of writing with elements of death and horror.  Edgar Allan Poe was one of the first writers to foster the genre of detective and horror. Poe’s writing had a crucial impingement on the Gothic Period. This can be perceived through the usage of punctuation, sentence structure, calculated […]

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Fiction, Gothic Fiction, Novel

The Cask of Amontillado Overview

Words: 621 Pages: 2 3882

“Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe is known to make dark and mysterious poems like “The Tale-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” of which received criticism from the public. Poe’s creations became a staple in Southern fictions and gave people an insight into why people are […]

Topics: Fiction, The Cask of Amontillado

Black Panther Film Review Essay

Words: 589 Pages: 2 7509

For my review essay, I chose to critique the movie Black Panther. This film was released on February 16, 2018, in Pinewood Studios, that is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The writer/director of this film goes by the name Ryan Coogler. He has co-written and directed the film Creed (2015) and Fruitvale Station (2013). The co-scriptwriter […]

Topics: african american culture, Comics, Fiction, film review

Beowulf Vs Hercules Comparison

Words: 1437 Pages: 5 4862

The origins of the two heroes, Beowulf and Hercules, are associated with divine heroes. They were honorary and royal servants of their country and communities, they lead their communities to heroic events and battles. In most of their stories, the two warriors usually have a successful ending. These two concerns were of similar European origins. […]

Topics: Beowulf, Fiction, Hero, Mythology

Laertes Vs Hamlet Character Analysis

Words: 611 Pages: 2 4954

Hamlet and Laertes are characters that William Shakespeare utilized in his play entitled Hamlet. The setting of this play is in Denmark. The fundamental characters in the play incorporate Claudius (ruler of Denmark), Hamlet (otherwise called sovereign Hamlet and the child of the expired lord Hamlet and Queen Gertrude), Gertrude (sovereign of Denmark), Polonius (Lord […]

Topics: Fiction, Hamlet, Theatre, William Shakespeare

The Extraordinary Life of Novelist and Poet Emily Brontë

Words: 835 Pages: 3 3222

“Emily Brontë has become mythologized both as an individual and as one of the Brontë sisters” (“Overview of Emily Brontë”). Emily made her way as an individual with the release of her best selling and only novel, Wuthering Heights, in 1847. Life before Emily found her passion in writing was chaotic. Emily’s life was unusual […]

Topics: Fiction, Wuthering Heights

Explication of “Everyday Use”

Words: 1736 Pages: 6 3887

Sabina Rai Professor M. Shepherd English 1302 29 November 2018 Everyday Use; Story Analysis Legacy is a fundamental principle to human life. The spigot enables individuals to interface and relate. For people to proceed to relate and advance legacy needs to develop too. ‘Everyday Use’ by Alice Walker is the tale of two sisters, one […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Human Nature, Reality, Time

Why does Daisy Choose Tom

Words: 3079 Pages: 10 4491

The purpose of this essay is to analyze the literary techniques F. Scott Fitzgerald uses in order to critique the upper society as well as analyze how Fitzgerald wrote ahead of his generation by using the historical events of his time to emphasize situations regarding the upper class. F. Scott Fitzgerald dives into many different […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Novel, The Great Gatsby

The One who Fought against the Jury

Words: 774 Pages: 3 1898

Changing your opinion on an idea is common, “you’re marching ahead, confident in your decision, and then bam, you’re side winded by these questioning and conflicting thoughts.” (Why We Can Change Our Minds at the Last Minute, Psychology Today). This is what happens to Walter Cunningham Sr. in Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird. […]

Topics: Fiction, Jury, To Kill A Mockingbird

The Old Man and the Sea: Reading Assignment

Words: 744 Pages: 2 4036

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a novel about the adventure and battle of an old fisherman named Santiago and his struggle of catching a fish. This novel is very interesting and has an alluring plot which keeps the reader enticed to the book at all times. It can easily be […]

Topics: Fiction, The Old Man and the Sea

Fiesta 1980 Summary

Words: 939 Pages: 3 4002

“Fiesta, 1980” happens three years after Yunior, Rafa, and Mami have joined Papi in New Jersey. There is presently a third kid, child sister Madai. Mami’s most youthful sister, tía Yrma, and her significant other, tío Miguel, have as of late moved to the Bronx from the Dominican Republic and are hosting a get-together at […]

Topics: Fiction, Food

Book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

Words: 450 Pages: 2 4030

This book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ was a very interesting read, to be honest. It narrates from the point of view of a young German World War 1 soldier named Paul Baumer who fights at the front and the hell that he had to endure with his comrades. At the ripe age of […]

Topics: All Quiet on the Western Front, Fiction

Edgar Allan Poe Themes and Styles

Words: 1403 Pages: 5 5376

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts, the child of two actors. He was then adopted by the Allan family after his father abandoned him and his mother passed away. Living in Virginia, he attended the University of Virginia for only one year, due to lack of money, and was […]

Topics: American literature, Edgar Allan Poe, Fiction, Novel

Myrtle Wilson at the Great Gatsby

Words: 790 Pages: 3 2127

The Great Gatsby follows the characters living in the fictional towns of West Egg and East Egg on Long Island in the summer of 1922. Nick Carraway, the narrator of this novel, is a young man from Minnesota who moved to West Egg to work in the bond business. Nick’s neighbor is Jay Gatsby, a […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Novel

Analysis of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Words: 391 Pages: 1 4071

Heart of Darkness is Conrad’s shortest, greatest, and highest achievement. It is considered as one of the best short novels that are written English. It is something between a short story and a novel; therefore it can be called a ‘novella’. It was first published in 1899, in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, a popular journal of […]

Topics: Fiction, Heart of Darkness

Random Act of Kindness

Words: 916 Pages: 3 3450

Every time I see and hear in the news about criminals are committed every day and became the reason for a lot of people to be falling dead or getting seriously injured for the rest of their lives, I think to myself that the world is going crazy. It is changing to be a cruel, […]

Topics: Fiction, God, Kindness, Love

Techniques Used in Romeo and Juliet

Words: 652 Pages: 2 5298

William Shakespeare both includes themes of drama, tragedy, and sacrifice in their love story in English literary tradition. The English poet William seeks tragedy in the end of his stories. The American novelist uses the word “love” as a real-life scenario.  William Shakespeare’s Romero and Juliet’s tragic love story ends horrifically, where two young teenagers […]

Topics: Fiction, Love, Romeo And Juliet, William Shakespeare

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry

Words: 560 Pages: 2 3987

In a literary work, themes are crucial and often the universal ideas explored. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the author uses various themes to bring out his story. The author is inspired by personal experience to bring out some of the themes of in the story. One of the most crucial themes […]

Topics: Fiction, Grief, The Giver

Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

Words: 835 Pages: 3 5216

Have you ever wished that your mother would give you step by step directives? How about instruct you on the way to live? Well, Jamaica Kincaid gives a short depiction of a mothers’ guidance in her short story entitled “Girl”. This story takes place in the 1900s where women are subservient to the male figure. […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Mother, Motherhood
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