August Heat Literary Analysis

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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August Heat Literary Analysis

This essay will offer an in-depth literary analysis of W.F. Harvey’s short story, “August Heat.” It will explore the themes of fate, foreboding, and suspense in the narrative. The piece will examine Harvey’s storytelling techniques and the story’s enduring appeal as a classic of suspense literature. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to American Literature.

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A man is painting and strays to somebody’s home and the individual is a headstone creator. He had made a tombstone with the storyteller’s name on it with the passing date being that day. The story closes. The reason for repulsiveness and tension is to bothered the peruser and to alarm them. Harvey makes anticipation by retaining data to help set the baffling setting of a hot day in August, utilizing the uncanny to keep an inquiry during the story, and foretells that make us need to continue to peruse.

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Harvey retains data from the peruser in “August Heat” to make more tension. Toward the finish of the story, Withencroft reveals to Atkinson his location, which is a serious mix-up. In lines 153-154, it says: “I disclosed to him my location. It would go for an hour’s fast stroll to get back home.” Giving another person you don’t have the foggiest idea about your location is exceptionally bizarre. It might make the peruser wonder “For what reason is he giving him the location?” This is an illustration of Harvey retaining data and keeping data from the peruser. In lines 171-173, it says “It is after eleven now, I will be gone in under 60 minutes. However, the warmth is smothering. It is sufficient to send a man frantic.” This assertion makes more tension in the story and it makes it difficult for the peruser to comprehend what may occur straightaway. Harvey intentionally retains data from the peruser to create more anticipation in his story, “August Heat”.

The storyteller paints a picture in his mind, and it’s a man that is going to be condemned to jail. He goes to amazing bricklayers shop and feel odd. In line 63 He sees a man and notification “it was the man he had been drawing”. What’s more, after he sees that was the man that he had been painting, it states in lines 67-68 he was “grinning, as though they were old companions”. This is exceptionally strange on the grounds that he has quite recently seen the man that he had been attracting his artistic creations. This bothers the peruser and makes the perusers question, “How can he know this man”, “Wasn’t he just made up?” and “For what reason is he grinning at him like they are old companions?” These are a couple of extraordinary instances of the uncanny way that this was composed to make anticipation. Harvey deliberately utilizes uncanny to create more anticipation in his story, “August Heat”. In “August Heat”, W.F. Harvey utilizes anticipating to make more tension.

The storyteller makes reference to the warmth in this story a ton. In lines 17-18, The story says “The room, however the entryways and windows were open, was severely hot.” He keeps on referencing the warmth in the story, and it makes the peruser question, “Why would that be serious?” It makes the peruser need to peruse on and see what occurs straightaway. Harvey likewise makes tension with the graveston that the storyteller takes a gander at whiles he is at Masons house. In lines 101-110, Harvey states “Sacrosanct TO THE MEMORY OF JAMES CLARENCE WITHENCROFT BORN JAN. 18, 1860 HE PASSED AWAY VERY SUDDENLY ON AUGUST twentieth, 190 “amidst life we are in death.” The individual perusing doesn’t have a clue why there is a headstone for Harvey, and why the demise date is that identical date. This makes the peruser need to keep perusing to discover. Harvey utilizes foretelling in the story “August Heat” to make more tension.

Harvey makes tension by retaining data to help set the strange setting of a hot day in August, utilizing the uncanny to keep an inquiry during the story, and foretells that make the peruser need to keep perusing and see what occurs. These three components are utilized to make anticipation, since it causes the peruser to pose inquiries, and it makes them need to complete the book right at that point in the event that they could. Perusers like to do this so they can address the unanswered inquiries that they have. Individuals appreciate harrowing tales since they can be exciting and they can be extremely intriguing. Harrowing tales flourish since individuals love the sensation of tension, adrenaline, and they can likewise associate with the perusers most profound apprehensions.

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