Literary Devices in Fish Cheeks

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will provide an analysis of the literary devices used in Amy Tan’s essay “Fish Cheeks.” It will explore how Tan uses narrative techniques, imagery, and tone to convey themes of cultural identity, adolescence, and acceptance. The piece will discuss how these literary elements contribute to the essay’s overall message and emotional resonance. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with American Literature.

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Everybody ought to have pride in their beginnings and ought not be humiliated of their identity. Numerous individuals today don’t accept their experience since they accept they don’t fit in. These individuals should understand that fearlessness is just present after you comprehend your own personality. Amy Tan’s paper ‘Fish Cheeks’ clarifies the trouble of translating where the determinant lies between fitting in and failing to remember who we are by utilizing abstract components like phrasing, symbolism, and likeness. Amy Tan’s statement decision, or phrasing uncovered the uneasiness she has during the evening of the supper.

Tan expresses, “A foul stone cod with protruding fish eyes that argued not to be tossed into a skillet of hot oil” (Tan P3). Her utilization of the word ‘protruding’ gives us a visual of the eyes of the fish. Rather than giving a point by point depiction of the eyes, she utilizes a solitary word that permits us to envision that the fish’s eyes were jabbing out. Tan additionally states, “What might he think about our loud Chinese family members who needed appropriate American habits” (Tan P2). Tan names American habits as “legitimate” however portrays her family members and their Chinese traditions as “uproarious”. Her utilization of expression permits the perusers to comprehend what she was feeling during this supper. Sachwani 2 Tan likewise utilizes the guide of symbolism to furnish the peruser with a more exact portrayal of the view of that evening. Yet, Tan was not depicting how she saw the food, yet how she dreaded Robert would. “A plate of squid, their backs befuddled with blade markings so they took after bike tires” (Tan P3). The utilization of symbolism that depicts ‘bike tires’ set apart into the squids back permits the peruser to envision what the squid resembled on the supper table. Tan’s utilization of symbolism epitomizes her transmission of uneasiness, at that point help and acknowledgment to her crowd all through the content. In conclusion, Tan uses comparison to think about two not at all like things utilizing the words “like”, or “as”. At the point when she was first portraying the priest’s child, she tells us that they are not of a similar foundation. Tan states, “He was not Chinese, but rather as white as Mary in the trough” (Tan P1). Tan’s depiction of Robert analyzes him to Virgin Mary.

She likewise makes the association between to how unadulterated Mary is to the kid. Tan uses this way of talking methodology to convince her crowd by attracting them and having them create associations they can undoubtedly identify with. Amy attracts her perusers by helping them to remember their pounds and how they would see them at that point. A great many people will in general view their smashes to be wonderful without any imperfections, which for this situation, to be unadulterated. Amy Tan’s utilization of comparison permits her to think about two totally various things intently. In spite of the entirety of the difficulties individuals go through, we should all comprehend that you can’t fail to remember your starting point and where you come from. From the start, Amy feels disgrace over the contrasts between her family and Robert’s family. Nonetheless, after her mom’s exercise, she found that instead of permitting others’ reactions to lead her to disgrace, she ought to be pleased with her diverse legacy and culture.

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