Literary Devices in the Cask of Amontillado

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Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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The Cask of Amontillado is about a man who at one time was offended by his companion Fortunato. Subsequent to running into a tipsy Fortunato and remarking that he had an uncommon and flavorful wine, Amontillado, the storyteller tricked the intoxicated man into his family vaults. When the liquor incited companion had been attracted to the most remote end of the mausoleums, he was shackled in and the divider to the family tomb was masoned in by the storyteller. Obviously there is something else entirely to the story in such a case that Poe had decided to not intricate, it would cause for a dull story. The stating and decision of word’s by Poe helped caulk together the parts into a strong story.

Poe utilizes catchphrases in his accounts to set the tone and setting of his works. To start, he sets the landscape as a nightfall setting with a festival. Dusk incites a dull inclination as it is near night. Most frightfulness stories happen around evening time as it is more earnestly to see and makes the state of mind that something could be prowling in the shadows Verbal incongruity, or the contrast between what a character says and what their words really mean, shows up all through the story. At a certain point when Fortunato starts hacking, Montresor propose that they return. Fortunato answers “I will not pass on of a hack. Despite the fact that the peruser may not understand the hugeness of the remark on first perusing the story, he later understands the incredible incongruity of the announcement, for Fortunato does not pass on of a hack but rather of something much more awful. In transit Montresor says, “I drink to your wellbeing” Fortunato Bunch realizing he would have been killed shortly drinks with him. Poe’s utilization verbal incongruity adds to the ghastliness of the circumstance.

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Having arranged every one of the subtleties of his vengeance, Montressor had offered directions to his workers not to go out. The workers normally went out, figuring the ace would be out for the remainder of the night. Montressor had let them know not to leave realizing that they most disobediently would. The house was presently unfilled and ideal for his plot.

Montressor drove Fortunato into the bleak profundities of the vaults. The mugginess caused Fortunato to hack so Montressor gave him more to drink. He influenced it to appear as though he thought about Fortunato’s hack when he was really attempting to get him more alcoholic than he previously was. Montressor’s malicious is indicated when he reacts to another of Fortunato’s affront by saying “Nemo me impune lacessit”, which signifies, “Nobody assaults me without risk of punishment”. When he says this, it seems as though he was undermining Fortunato. When they were getting close to the finish of the vaults, Montressor welcomes the put Fortunato into the specialty where the barrel was. Fortunato tails him in and in light of the fact that it is so dark.

Poe additionally utilizes situational incongruity or the switching of desires to build the awfulness in the story. Montresor gives hack drug to Fortunato it is truly wine. Montresor realized he would take it and get alcoholic. This kind of incongruity is utilized to give the peruse a bend or turn and keep his or her consideration.

The third sort of incongruity Poe grows so well is sensational incongruity in which the peruse knows something the character doesn’t. At the point when Montresor attempts to get Fortunato alcoholic. We realize that something is up yet Fortunato has no clue. This kind of incongruity sets the story up so we sense that we are within it makes us a piece of the story.

In one of Edgar Allen Poe’s best-known stories of ghastliness, “The Cask of Amontillado,” he proposes that pride can be an unsafe thing. Using hinting, incongruity, and imagery, Poe exhibits the convincing show of two men. One who will persevere relentlessly to get the vengeance that he considers himself and his family deserving of, and another who’s pride will eventually be the impetus for his passing. Fortunato falls prey to Montresor’s arrangements since he is so glad for his connoisseurship of wine, and it is for his very own pride that Montresor delivers retribution on Fortunato. In this exposition, I will inspect how Poe uses the subject of pride and numerous other artistic procedures, for example, foretelling and incongruity, so as to make such a terrible and thrilling artful culmination.

Poe utilizes an evil part of anticipating. To start with, when Fortunato says, “I shall not die of a cough”, Montressor answers, “True-True”. Rather, Montressor realizes that Fortunato will die from his vindictive plan that comprises of drying out and starvation. Fortunato is a pleased man and he doesn’t believe that his passing with be because of something as unimportant as a virus. Or maybe, he trusts that his life will finish because of some bold demonstration and he will kick the bucket an honorable passing. Be that as it may, Montressor can just laugh at this idea since he realizes Fortunato’s passing will be a long way from honorable and his pride will be before long is broken in obscurity profundities of the tomb.

This story advises one that when we stop to consider our activities, as Montressor did not, we would understand that brutality is never a decent method to tackle our issues. In spite of the fact that we regularly let our indignation show signs of improvement of us, we should discover that when we feel just as everything we can do is to continue in savagery, we should delay and consider the terribleness of viciousness before and in the present, and we ought to dependably advise ourselves that there are better approaches to understand our contentions.

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