Why does Tom Cheat on Daisy

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why does Tom Cheat on Daisy

This essay will examine the reasons behind Tom Buchanan’s infidelity in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” It will explore Tom’s character, his motivations, and the societal and marital dynamics that might contribute to his extramarital affairs. The piece will discuss how Tom’s actions reflect the themes of decadence, moral decay, and the pursuit of pleasure in the novel. It will also consider how Tom’s behavior impacts his relationship with Daisy and the novel’s narrative. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about American Literature.

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We must pay tribute to the creators of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. The film turned out to be very beautiful. The picture is simply mesmerizing. But in this analysis, I would like to pay attention not to the visual component of the film, but to the relationship between the characters. Not everyone will be able to see the true state of affairs and draw the right conclusions. There are two different points of view regarding these relationships: an adequate point of view and, let’s say, a “narrow-minded”, superficial point of view, the point of view of the majority.

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But first, briefly about the film. In the film, one of the main characters participating in the story tells the story of a young millionaire Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who appeared from nowhere and around whom there are many secrets and mysteries. Perhaps the most important mystery is where all his wealth comes from. 5 years ago, Gatsby was in love with a young girl named Daisy. But the war separated them. They have not seen each other for 5 years. During this time, Daisy married a millionaire named Tom Buchanan. And so Gatsby returns as an accomplished person and tries to regain his love. In this he is helped by Nick Carraway, the one who tells us this story. It is surprising that Nick is a friend of Tom, but at the same time helps the unfamiliar Gatsby. Helps to take his wife away. In the end, the viewer expects the death of Gatsby. His love became a tragedy for him. Dreams were not destined to come true.

Let’s take a look at how the whole situation sees and how the superficial viewer perceives the characters, unable to look deeper. For such a viewer, all the characters in this film, except for Gatsby himself, are pathetic little creatures, unworthy people. Against their background, Gatsby seems to be a contrast. He, like them, is successful, but other than that he is not obsessed with wealth and does not live like an animal. He knows how to love and dream. A real romantic. And I’m ready to do anything for my love. Millionaire Tom is perceived by such a viewer as an ordinary rich man who is not worthy of love and in every possible way supports Jay Gatsby in taking his wife away from him. The wife seems to be a kind of darting bird, which, the poor one, is confused. On the one hand, her husband Tom, who is cheating on her, on the other, her old love, both are rich, loves both and does not know whom to choose. And what kind of bitch she seems to the viewer when she still chooses a husband unworthy of love. But Gatsby loved her. He even died because of her. Here is a bitch! Gatsby threw grand parties at his mansion, gave free drink,s and fed all sorts of aristocrats. And no one came to his funeral. There was only his faithful friend Nick, who was very imbued with the magnificence of Gatsby and the only one who understood his greatness and understood all the petty essence of other people who surrounded Gatsby. The stupid viewer with Nick completely agrees, as well as agrees with the title of the movie “The Great Gatsby”.

Now let’s look at another point of view. The point of view of an adequate viewer who knows how to see things as they really are.

Gatsby is a common thug and con man. We find out about this at the end of the film when Tom Buchanan inquired about him and talked about it in front of everyone. However, Gatsby did not deny this. Further, in the film there are fragments when Gatsby has strange conversations with someone, with some slippery people, and these conversations hint at the secrecy and untidiness of these “deals.” For an intelligent viewer who perceives things as they are, this is a very important detail. Very important! From here it becomes clear where all the wealth of Gatsby came from. He is certainly a smart man. Nobody disputes this. But the fact that he is shit is also a fact. He lives dishonestly in relation to others, but the superficial viewer does not give a damn about it, because, the main thing is that Gatsby is a romantic in love. Such a viewer forgives him everything only on the basis of the fact that he has a dream. By the way, that Gatsby is a dishonest person is also shown some fragments in the film. One of them is when a police officer wanted to stop Gatsby for breaking the rules. But he showed the policeman his business card, and the policeman left him behind. Sitting next to Nick Gatsby told that once he rendered a service to the chief of police. But because of these fagots, most deaths occur. These fagots can reckless on the road, drive drunk, and because of them innocent people can die. Which is exactly what happened at the end of the film. Gatsby, along with Daisy, shot down a girl to death while driving at high speed. And although Daisy was driving, Gatsby was no less an asshole and a bastard, because, firstly, he entrusted a hysterical woman to drive the vehicle. Especially at night. And secondly, he allowed her to drive with great speed. So the blame for the girl’s death lies with both of them. The fact that they did not stop, but drove away from the scene confirms that Gatsby is complete shit. So we see that in fact Gatsby is an unworthy person.

Let’s take a look at Daisy now. Daisy is a common whore. While in the war, Gatsby wrote a letter in which he asked her to wait until he became rich and became a big man. He was poor at that moment and could not give her a luxurious life. Daisy did not wait and married the millionaire Tom. She, of course, at first threw a tantrum, pretending that she was so correct and would not marry Tom, as she supposedly loves Gatsby. But nevertheless, she married Tom. No one pointed a gun at her, no one threatened her. She married of her own free will. While already married, she began secretly dating the newly reappeared Gatsby. Perhaps because Gatsby and Daisy are the same berry. As you know, like tends to like. Shit seeks to communicate with shit. Worthy – with worthy. Gatsby is a dishonest man, and so is Daisy. This can be easily verified. At the end of the film, she was driving the car that hit the girl to death, which belonged to Gatsby. This car was very prominent in the city. She could have guessed that all the blame would be placed on her “lover”. Moreover, it was full of witnesses. In an amicable way, she should have been punished. Not only is it fair to the relatives of the deceased. It’s trite, at least she paid for their funeral … But that would be fair in relation to Gatsby. Then he would not have died because of her from the husband of the deceased girl. Gatsby died because of her. She’s a complete shit. In this regard, the superficial viewer was not mistaken. The only time. Daisy is dummy and shit. By the way, the following moment in the film is very indicative in terms of the characters’ characters. Here Tom talks about how shit Gatsby is, making the appropriate arguments. Gatsby has no arguments against this, and he goes into hysterics. Typical female demeanor. This is done either by women or by mama’s sons. Instead of admitting their flaws and agreeing with the arguments, it is easier for them to go into hysterics in order to confuse their opponent. Hysterics is designed to shake the opponent’s psyche, depriving him of the ability to think logically. But Tom is handsome! I did not succumb to this, but proudly defended my position. Gatsby himself realized that, having fallen into hysterics, he had a terrible puncture, so he began to apologize for his behavior. But it was already too late. Daisy saw that he was not at all as cool as he seemed, that he was an ordinary woman, and not a man. Tom against the background of Gatsby is much cooler, and therefore all Gatsby’s attempts to dissuade her were more and more insignificant. The mass viewer realizes that Daisy is scum. But for the mass audience she is ONLY BECAUSE she did not stay with Gatsby in the end. Those. the mass audience in the form of women and stupid mothers’ sons see her meanness only in the fact that she did not appreciate all of Gatsby’s gestures in her direction. This is the only reason why most people are indignant towards Daisy. The dumb majority don’t understand that Daisy is a whore by nature. And if she went to Gatsby, she wouldn’t stop being a whore. And in fact, love would not have triumphed. In this case, I could only be glad for Tom, as for a man who got rid of the parasite. I don’t understand at all, why fight for women who don’t appreciate everything that is done for them? In this fragment of the film, she complains to Nick about her bitter and difficult fate. She talks about how difficult life is for her. She would have been sent to Africa with nothing. We should have seen how she sang then.

The only one who is a more or less worthy character is Tom. First, he does honest business. At least the film doesn’t say otherwise. But Gatsby’s dishonest deeds are mentioned more than once. I’m sure the creators would make it clear if they wanted to show Tom as a bad person. But we do not see this. Even if it is, then, as they say, not caught – not a thief. Secondly, he is really Honest and noble to Daisy. He gave her everything: a position in society, a comfortable existence, gave her love and care.

Tom is also not white and fluffy, but he reacts very adequately to the situation. They climb into his territory, and he, like any normal man, defends it. I do not see anything immoral in his actions towards Gatsby.

There is one very important point that makes a big plus in the characteristics of Tom. At the beginning of the film, he punches one of his mistresses in the face, who said something impartial about his wife. This is very telling about his attitude towards Daisy. By this, the directors showed that, be that as it may, the family for Tom is more expensive and more important than walks to the left. This detail is VERY essential! But almost no one notices her. Relationships are very complex and we never know all the reasons why some people cheat on their partners.

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