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How To Start An Admission Essay For College

If you have spent hours sitting in front of the computer or a blank paper, thinking how to start your admission essay for college, we are here to dispel some myths and walk you through the process of completing your paper in the best possible way! Here you will see some useful information about what an admission essay is and how to write it successfully, which, hopefully, will help every student create a top-notch text quickly and easily.

You will have just one attempt to succeed. You will have to daze and marvel college admission officers with your work, make it notable and memorable, so it is very important to do it in a proper way.

What Is An Admission Essay And What Is It For?

An essay is the main and most important part of your application when you are applying to a college or a university. This is your chance to show the admission officers who you are, why they need to accept you, why you chose a certain area of study in your application, and other significant facts. What else is it for? It also shows the committee that you are ready (or not ready) to study in a particular educational institution, it tells them about your academic performance at school, and about your previous successes or achievements. Thus, it is a very important task that must not fail! You will have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for writing your admission paper – sleep well to be refreshed and ready to cope with the task, eat well to stimulate your brain to work harder, etc.

The main tip on writing an admission essay is to always be yourself! This essay is not about impressing everyone with your unbelievable achievements but about being yourself and showing your best qualities to the committee in order to be accepted. The second advice – start early! It always seems that you have much more time than you really do and that is why it is vital to start crafting your paper in advance in order to finish and submit it within the given deadline. These are the two most important things and further, we will walk you through the whole process of writing a well drafted essay step by step to give you an idea of what should be included and avoided while writing your admission essay.

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How To Start Writing an Admission Essay For College?

  • Be yourself – don’t try to pretend to be anyone else! It is you who applies to college, it is you who will be studying there, and it is you who are sitting in front of admissions officers so you have to be yourself! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, because your self-confidence will be one of the keys to success.
  • Be honest! It is important to keep in mind that honesty is one of most appreciated things on Earth so don’t try to exaggerate your achievements, titles, and abilities. It is good to say that you are good at something certain, but it is not worth lying or exaggerating – officers will appreciate your honesty more than untrue facts in your biography.
  • Be concise – don’t exceed the required number of pages. As a rule, universities have a specific limit of pages or words for this type of paper, but even if the chosen institution doesn’t – do not make an overly long essay! It doesn’t mean that you have to fit all that you want to express in 250 words but try to find a good alternative,  for example, about  450-550 words should be enough.
  • Show your individuality! Ask yourself how you can dazzle the officers and how you can distinguish yourself from hundreds of other applicants and try to work it out, ask your closest friend/family what you are unique for. Use your originality to prove your uniqueness.
  • Be smart – that’s why you deserve to be there. Show the officers that you are intelligent and smart; however, it doesn’t mean that you need to operate some terminology or use difficult language.
  • Be vivid and accurate enough – don’t forget to use spell check, be careful writing names or definitions, and do check your punctuation. Also, follow the right structure. And do not forget to write an outline first as this will help you mention all the important things and see how everything should look.
  • Watch your humor – make sure that everything you write is appropriate! If some of your friends, family or you personally like your jokes and sarcasm it doesn’t mean that the commission will, so be careful with humor you use in your essay. Be funny only if you are confident that you can benefit from it!
  • Focus on the main topic – many applicants try to cover many different topics in their essays so they often lose the main idea of text and, as a result, it is difficult to read and understand. So try to focus on yourself in your story. Most of all, the committee will want to understand who you are!
  • Don’t just tell but show the details and examples that support your expressions. For example, if you say that you like to surround yourself with interesting and talented people – it’s better to describe a situation or a moment when you met or were surrounded by those people.

We went through some advice and useful tips for a proper admission essay writing. However, these are just a few of many! In conclusion, we want to state that the most important thing from the whole list is to be yourself and do your best to make your text memorable!


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