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Music History Paper Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: November 30, 2021
Last update date: March 22, 2024
6 min read

Musical history is important not only because it shows the development of this art, but it also deals with the historical and cultural context of an era. Music is one of the most significant cultural phenomena of each generation, and it has imprinting of social values of the society it was created in.

Writing research proves the student’s writing skills and his ability to analyze and perform information, his original perspective with supporting arguments. This is a list of good and relevant 2023 music history paper topics that will inspire you and help to choose the particular vector to deliver your thoughts.

Music Theory Topics

Many of the research paper topics are based on theory and as such, have a huge role in all of this. You may need to worry about classical music, genres and so much more. These research paper topics will help you get the job done in less time and easier than ever before. All of these research paper topics are common and appealing, and they will make your research paper writing better than ever.

  1. All about harmony
  2. Understanding rhymes
  3. Presenting melodies to beginners
  4. What is composition?
  5. Basics and details about music theory
  6. What is a key signature?
  7. Explain the texture of the music
  8. Scale explained to a professional
  9. What is an interval?
  10. Explain counterpoint
  11. What is an extended chord?
  12. What is musical notation?
  13. A proper ear training method
  14. All the chord symbols explained
  15. What is the range?

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Music Education Research Topics

A research paper of this kind is probably going to be very interesting and appealing. It is based on proper and detailed music research and even musicians. Of course, these research paper topics are never easy if you fail to find a lot of sources. But you can try to find an interesting topic and start with your work today. We have covered 15 of the best ones you will want to consider for your next research paper on classical music or any other.

  1. Why is music education so important?
  2. Most successful methodologies when it comes to teaching tunes
  3. Differences in teaching music in 21st and 20th century
  4. Your experience with the lessons
  5. Why students should attend music education classes?
  6. Can you become successful with this form of education?
  7. What are the biggest problems of modern music education?
  8. How you can make music education better?
  9. Which classical music topics you are fascinated with?
  10. Can music help you study harder and better?
  11. Do the perks younger generations get from music?
  12. Benefits older people get from music
  13. How music education will change in the future?
  14. Best places to have music education in the world
  15. How you would teach someone about music?

Great Research Paper Topics on Classical Music

Classical music is the basis of any artistic development; it influences popular art as well and is a crucial element of the history of art. It shows the trends and innovations made previously and their relativity to the modern state of affairs.

  1. The Innovation of J. S. Bach in comparison to other composers of the era;
  2. Early music history and the development of musical instruments;
  3. Baroque music, main techniques, cultural meaning;
  4. Classical composers and film industry;
  5. Medieval Europe’s music and the influence of the Catholic Church;
  6. Strings instruments used in classic Greek songwriting;
  7. Classical German composers of the 18th century and their impact on further musical development;
  8. Mozart vs Beethoven: comparing main techniques, style and influence;
  9. The Deep analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony;
  10. The role of wind instruments in an orchestra;
  11. How technology influenced classical melody;
  12. Discovering the effect classical music has on a person’s perception;
  13. Romantic period of the 18-19th centuries and its influence;
  14. The phenomena of Mozart, his style and innovation.
  15. The origins of classical composing.

Also, there are some more history research topics for college students that you can use for your college assignment.

Interesting Topics about 20th Century Music History

The 20th century brought a great variety of different musical styles, new forms of expression, and phenomena, such as popular artists, etc. There were so many innovations that one might need help with a research paper. Here are 15 music history topics that deal with the main events of the 20th century.

  1. Melody Development Between two World Wars
  2. The origins and main characteristics of country music
  3. How Drugs Contributed to the Development of psychedelic rock?
  4. Nirvana phenomenon and grunge rock
  5. How does radio contribute to pop songs?
  6. Development of the music industry: Pros and Cons of Capitalistic Perception of an Art
  7. Origins, influence and cultural value of Rock’N’Roll
  8. Comparing rational and irrational branches of the 20th century
  9. The connection between pop and folk melodies
  10. How has technology affected the new sounds of the 20th century?
  11. A postmodern approach to traditional songwriting
  12. Digital sound and the use of electronic instruments
  13. Freedom of the performer and the new means of the expression
  14. Rock, its styles and aspect
  15. The key features of popular songs and the message it brings
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Research Paper Topics on History of Jazz and African American Music

Jazz and African American music are one of the most exciting phenomena of the 20th and the 21st century. It has a great influence to this day and has rooted in different genres.

It is crucial not only for the USA culture but for the whole music industry. Jazz is a complex and unique style that has a strong and particular influence, as well as conceptual history. It is only beneficial to write or order a research paper on this matter. Here are 15 paper topics on music history relating to it:

  1. The role of improvisation in Jazz performance
  2. L. Armstrong, his innovation and influence on the development of Jazz
  3. Jazz, its History and Legacy to African American culture
  4. How has Jazz affected American culture?
  5. African American musical techniques, origins, lyrics, and style
  6. The concept of liberation and blues
  7. Jazz, Blues, and the concept of identity
  8. Miles Davis and his influence on Jazz
  9. Jazz techniques in modern popular songwriting
  10. The phenomena of Kansas City Jazz
  11. Slavery, memory, and tribal roots in African American melody
  12. The historical context of Jazz, and its resemblance to society’s problems
  13. Cultural appropriation of African American tradition
  14. Comparative analysis of Jazz and Hip-Hop
  15. Jazz innovative structures and the concept of freedom

Classical Music Topics

A research paper on classical music is something you will have to write at some point. See, classical music is extremely popular and has been with us for a long time. Music research is nice and loaded with details. Hence, it is easy. All of this means that your research papers are mandatory and going to be impressive. You still need to worry about conducting proper custom research for all your research papers and even if you have to invest days into music research and find rare facts.

  1. All about the music of Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Why this music is so important?
  3. Main differences compared to African music?
  4. All variations of the classical music
  5. Music and life of Beethoven
  6. Most impressive artists of the century
  7. How classical music is used in films today?
  8. Effect classical music has on the human brain
  9. Is it true that classical music boosts your IQ?
  10. How and why Niccolo Paganini was a different artist?
  11. Is classical music popular today?
  12. Who are the people who listen to classical music?
  13. Compare two composers
  14. Mozart: The best of the best or not?
  15. Symphonic music: Complete evolution

Are you struggling to find good music history paper topics? It can be difficult to pick a topic that you find interesting and that you can research thoroughly. If you’re looking for more help with your essay, consider using an essay writer service. With their expertise and resources, they will help you craft a well-researched and engaging paper.

If you’re writing a music history paper and need help finding a topic, look no further. Here are some useful topics that you can use for your paper. From the Baroque Period to the Classical period, there are many interesting topics to explore. Alternatively, you can also buy history papers from reliable sources like PapersOwl, that cover interesting topics and are written by experienced writers.

When looking for a good topic, you can always find inspiration in the artist you like to listen to, the origins of one particular style or historical era that fascinates you. If you need help with an assignment for your college, we are providing assistance for any type of task and subject. We guarantee satisfaction with completely unique paper and timely delivery.

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