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Literature Research Paper Topics in 2023

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: December 21, 2022
Last update date: March 22, 2024
8 min read

What is Literature Research?

Before choosing topics in literature, clarify the concept of literature research to understand the main purpose, structure, and features of writing this type of task.

Firstly, the student must consider the vision of the author of the work, the interpretation of his images, and their personification as the protagonists of the issues on the agenda of that time.

Next, the stylistic and semantic features of the work should be analyzed. Rhythm, speech style, and symbolic and compositional features are often difficult for inexperienced students. We recommend to buy literature review online to be sure of its quality, to get a high score, and have a sample for the future.

After that, the student must give his assessment of the text. Express your opinion about the main events in the book, their significance, and their impact on the further development of the plot.

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Tips on How to Select the Best Literature Research Paper Topic?

After reading a text, you often get overwhelmed with impressions and thoughts and need help choosing literature topics for research papers. That is why we offer the following plan for students to select the best literature research topics for their paper:

  • Abstract from the main idea of the work and try to find topics that are not obvious at first glance. This advice will be especially useful for older students who, in addition to technically correct paper writing, want to stand out from their peers. This question often arises when writing dissertations or theses. If you thought: “How to write a good literature review for a dissertation with an engaging topic?” keep reading.

  • Select 3-4 topics that seem most interesting literature topics to you. Writing top research papers often takes several weeks. So make sure that during the whole time, you will desire to return to this task.

  • Choose a topic in which you will feel confident. Each of us has stronger and weaker areas of knowledge. Use your advantage and choose a topic you will understand better than others.

Literary Research Topics for High School

If you are a high school or university student and need to complete an assignment but still don’t know how to do it or lack time, we recommend you to buy college research paper from professionals to stay on the safe side. And for those, who want to see literature topics for research paper examples, we’ve listed 10 of them below:

  1. Self-Sacrifice as a Manifestation of Cowardice or Courage: Examples in Medieval Ballads
  2. Social Identity in Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes: the Madness of the Main Character as a Prototype of Humanistic Views
  3. The Plot of “Painful Love” in William Shakespeare Plays as an Example of an Ideal Experience of Feelings
  4. Lady Macbeth and Its Historical Prototype: Similarities and Differences
  5. The Image of the Catholic Church in Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”
  6. Why are Hemingway’s Works Still Important for the Development of Modern Society?
  7. How Aztec Mythology Influenced the Literary Customs of American Prose
  8. Contribution of African Americans to the Image of the “White Invader” in Books of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  9. Viking Beliefs and their Echoes in European Literature: Examples from Renaissance Literature
  10. Is it Possible to Create a Universal Artificial Language? How will it Affect Literature?

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

Students need to stand out from their groups when studying in college with unique and engaging papers. If you want to impress your classmates and teacher with an outstanding paper, check the list of these exciting literature topics.

  1. How do Authors Describe Madness in Literature?
  2. Victorian Literature and Its Peculiarities: Structural, Compositional and Stylistic Features
  3. The Contribution of the Arabic Verse System to World Poetics: Beyts, Rudakis, Rubai Poems
  4. Protagonists Character Analysis of Moliere’s Play “The Nobleman”: the Main Features Inherent in the Heroes of Classical Works
  5. The History of the Development of Speech and its Influence on the Works of Renaissance Authors
  6. The Influence of the Catholic Church on Literature and Writing in the Middle Ages
  7. Indian Literature Discuss – Structural and Compositional Design of Works, Stylistic Features and Metaphorical Images
  8. West VS East: Comparative Description of the Main Characters’ System of Images & Behavior Patterns Using Examples of Modern Works (Optional)
  9. The Policy of Imperialism and its Influence on Literary Variability in the Countries of North America
  10. The Main Challenges in Studying Literary Discourse for Students. How to Deal with Them? Personal View

If you are struggling to come up with good literature research paper topics, PapersOwl can do a literature review for you and help you come up with ideas and new information. Our team of expert writers will research and find the most relevant topics and provide you with research material to get you going.

Literacy Research Topics for Debate

It is hard to find essay topics when everything is analyzed and researched many times. Moreover, students must remember that they should develop their literature to discuss subjects from the beginning of the introduction till the very last word of conclusion of research paper. We’ve prepared a list of engaging for the audience and interesting to explore for you literary topics for research papers.

  1. Religion and Literature – Exploring the Similarity and Differences
  2. Psychology and Literature. Do Authors of Psychology Books Aim to Help Society? Is it a Financial Plan?
  3. War and Peace – Ideas of Hedonism even During Dark Times or Idealization of Violence by Giving Humanity to the Main Characters?
  4. Screen Adaptations VS Printed Books: Eternal Confrontation of Preferences or Rejection of Modern Reality?
  5. The Role of the Theory of Literary Studies in Applied Approaches to the Study and Processing of Medieval Novels
  6. Can Ancient Writings on Tablets, Cave Walls or Papyrus be Considered Ancestors of Modern Literature? For and Against
  7. The Culture of Mass Consumption and its Influence on Reducing the Circulation Interval of Books: is there a Direct Connection?
  8. Postmodern Poetics: Main Rules and Canons. Do they Exist?
  9. Can Prose Compete with Poetics in Lyricism: Examples of Francesco Petrarca Works
  10. Do Mythological Knowledge and Ancient Legends Influence Modern Literature? Proving by Examples.

British Literary Research Topics

English literature has a great variety of themes to explore. That is why it is confusing for many students to come up with interesting British literary research topics. Thus, our team offers you unique and engaging English literature research paper ideas which you can use directly for writing or inspiration:

  1. Ancient Literature in Britain: Connection and Influence of the Roman Literary Canon
  2. Literature of the Knights Templar: Myth or Truth?
  3. British Literature During the Reign of King Henry VIII: How was the Change of Religion Reflected in Literature?
  4. Dirk Bogard – Biography and Contribution to the Literary Heritage of the United Kingdom
  5. William Shakespeare’s Tragedies as a Consequence of the Era or the Playwright’s Misogynistic Views?
  6. British Nobel Laureate in Literature: Rudyard Kipling. Author’s Creative Path and Outstanding Works
  7. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde as the Legalization of the “Low” Desires of Mankind
  8. Byronism and its Influence on George Byron’s European Contemporaries-Colleagues
  9. Why were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Plays and Poems Overshadowed by his Detective Novels?
  10. European Realistic Novel. The role of Daniel Dafoe in the Creation of this Genre.
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American Literature Research Topics

Often, teachers ask students to research a particular piece of American literature. This is a tricky task because a huge number of different directions, currents, and authors might seem confusing. Our team has prepared the top 10 American literature research paper topics that you can use to write an essay that will impress your teacher.

  1. The Role of African American Literature Pieces in Modern Written Heritage
  2. Early American Literature. Was there a Literature Culture among the Native Peoples of America?
  3. The Uniqueness of the American Literary Style in the World Picture of Literary Heritage
  4. Regional Features of the Use of Stylistic Means in the USA
  5. Benjamin Franklin and his Address to the European Theme: Analysis of a Selected Piece
  6. Rhetorical Heritage of the Puritans and its use in Works Based on the “Founding Myths of the United States”
  7. The American Renaissance: What New Appeared in the Literature of American Authors in this Period?
  8. Feminist Influence on the Number of Women Writers in Contemporary American Literature
  9. Top 10 Masterpieces of American Literature that Never Became World Famous
  10. The Influence of Printed Media on American Literature in the 80s of the Last Century.

World Literature Research Paper Topics

Choosing one subject of interest from world literature is the same as finding a perfectly-shaped grain of sand on the beach. We’ve selected the best ideas for your literary research paper to simplify your life.

  1. The Spirit of Duende in Spanish-Language Literature
  2. Postindependence Indian Literature – Comparative Characteristics with the Past
  3. Influence of Japanese Literature on Modern Asian and European Literature
  4. Western Literature in Comparison to Eastern Literature: Analysis of the Main Ideological Values and their Implementation in Plots
  5. Social Stratification and Self-Identification of Indian people on the Example of the Novel “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts
  6. Contemporary Literature of Mexico: Main Features Borrowed from American Literature
  7. Highlighting the Problem of Violence in the Works of Modern Authors in American Literature
  8. Why Mass Literature Displaces “Underground” Authors: Can We Stop this Process?
  9. Literary Discourse of the Arab World: the Influence of Poetics on Prose
  10. Agatha Christie and the Murder on the Orient Express: Was Hercule Poirot Contused rather than Genious?

Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

The era of modernism affected every sphere of human life: the political organization of countries, changes in labor law, music, visual arts, and literature. This period is one of the most confusing and, at the same time, the most intriguing in the field of literature. That is why our team has prepared for students the 10 best research topics of the modernist era.

  1. Tiffany Style: Detailed Overview of Features and Specific Details
  2. Liberty Style in Italy: Theoretical Aspect of Emergence
  3. P. Ranson and the Art Nouveau Style: Compositional Characteristics of Novels
  4. “Stream of Consciousness” and the Depiction of New Forms of the Human Psyche by Modernists
  5. Universalization of Artistic Techniques in the P.Bonner Works
  6. “Jugend-Shtil”: Special Details of Trivial Everyday Life
  7. “Philosophy of Order” in the Utopian Idea of the Way of Life in American Literature
  8. Research the Subject’s Internal Individual Freedom at a Deeper Level of his Internal Isolation
  9. Advantage of Creative Intuition over Classical Canons: Contemporary American Literature
  10. Metalanguage and Myth-Making: Creation of a New Genre in Literature

Looking for interesting literature research paper topics? Look no further! If you’re having trouble finding inspiring ideas for your paper, PapersOwl writing service can provide you with the help you need. With its vast database of resources and experienced writers, PapersOwl can offer fresh and innovative topics to make your paper stand out.

All in all, literature discussion papers are challenging for many students. You need to dive into a text, analyze all its peculiarities, and give your own opinion. We hope our study research topics will simplify your task and will come in handy. Just remember to select the topic you are interested in and, of course, use our tips to write an outstanding paper. Good luck!

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