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How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay: Examples and Tips

How to write a literary analysis essay introduction, body, and conclusion? This is a complicated question, and the actual process is longer and has more details than you may believe. Today, we are going to teach you everything about literary analysis essays there is, and we will reveal all the things you need to include in your next writing. When it comes to writing, literary analysis details and understatement have a huge role, but these are not the only things you need to know about. Good literary analysis has tons of background information and follows the specific structure of the text. In addition, a writer needs to read and understand the content before he starts writing the essay.

What is Literary Analysis Essay?

What is a literary analysis? For the lack of a better word, this is a variation of a paper where you must analyze and write about a novel, a book, or even a play. In general, you will have to write about the literature. To do that, you obviously need to read that piece of literature. Keep in mind that this essay is not about describing what you have read. It is about answering important questions such as who the characters were, why the book was written, and why it is so important for you. Also, you may want to explain why the book was written in the first place. Students who have a hard time with this task can always use "write my essay" and skip the whole process. One of the biggest issues here is having to read and analyze the novel or a piece of writing. This does take a look of the time, and some books are too long.

What Is the Purpose of a Literary Analysis Essay?

Why the writing a literary analysis so important? Well, the purpose of these papers is massive, and we can see countless examples. The main thing here is that the paper will show the teacher that you have read and understood that content. As a result, you were able to analyze it and provide a detailed literary analysis thesis statement alongside proper detail and specifics. The book analysis essay is also about learning how to express what you have learned from reading and do it in a proper way.  Writing a literary analysis is one of the most important tasks you will have to complete, so always keep your eye on the details and use all the tips and tricks you can to produce the best parts of the text and start writing soon. We must add that another purpose of these papers is to reveal what the author wanted to say and what the main purpose of his content was. This can be difficult when it comes to book's specifics. We all know that some literature can be extremely difficult.

How to Complete a Literary Analysis Step by Step

You probably have heard about the literary analysis essay outline and the steps you need to take. Well, here we are going to explain those steps so you can learn all the details and all the main facts. Here we must add one important thing. All of you need to know that quick essay writing is possible, but only if you are a professional. Students typically need days or even weeks to complete this type of writing. Hence they need a lot of time. You will know why once you are done reading about the steps you need to take. Critical analysis has huge importance in any analytical essay, and it refers to all novels and all the examples you can imagine. It is easy to see why some students prefer essay writing services these days.

Construct a Thesis for a Literary Analysis Essay

A good topic sentence is something you need to understand as soon as possible. But, you also need to know that a thesis statement has the power to affect your paper more than you can imagine. It is one sentence that will define your work. Keep in mind that it should be the answer to the question you will have to ask. It must not be yes or no, as some of you may believe. In the paper, you will have to support your thesis, and you will need to do it using actual facts and details. Also, you need to do a thesis that is arguable. It must be a simple fact that has just one outcome.


Before the Law by Franz Kafka is a plot about alienation (bureaucratic) and not as some may believe a religious parable.

Writing an Introduction for a Literary Analysis Essay

Here we can actually explain two things. The first one is that you need a strong title. It must contain the name of the author and details about your analysis. This is something you will have to start within your literary analysis outline and something that can help you later on. All of you may want to learn how to title an essay, something that will help them with future projects. Then we have the introduction itself. It must include the name of the author again and the common idea you are trying to discuss. In the last sentence, you need to reveal what you are going to explain in the main body of the paper. Below you can see the first sentence of the introduction example.


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley has always been about the downsides of technical advancement talked about in a grotesque way.

Writing a Body Paragraph for a Literary Analysis Essay

In the main body of the essay, you need to do the obvious. You need to prove what you want to say and defend your opinion. Here you will have 3 paragraphs. This is similar or the same as the main body of most other papers. A writer will have to state the main point in each paragraph and provide actual facts and claims that will be the most important element of writing. The body of your essay has a huge role in all of this, and it is basically the piece where you will discuss and convince the readers of what you want to say. All the main points go here, and the main ideas are explained in great detail.

Writing a Conclusion for a Literary Analysis Essay

In this section, you will not use new ideas or quotes from the text. Here you will wrap your paper, and you will present the main summary in plain words. This is not one of the body paragraphs, and it should be treated as a different piece of writing. What we are trying to say is that you need to provide a clear purpose for your writing, period.

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How To Cite Textual Evidence In Your Literary Analysis Essay?

Use logical and clear evidence that supports the points you bring to the readers. Textual evidence plays a vital role in these assignments. You can write a 1000 word essay that would have a deep meaning but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have strong evidence to prove your arguments.

Provide evidence in your text. Present examples, evidence or facts with proper citations unless you came up with them on your own without any external sources. Let’s see how you have to cite evidence when writing a literary analysis essay:

  1. Summary – giving a concise description of a longer original text written in your own words
  2. Paraphrase – making a logical restatement of someone else’s idea (usually of the same size as the original piece)
  3. Direct Quotation – an idea provided in the same wording as in the original piece surrounded by quotation marks
  4. Specific Detail – drawing a single point (detail) from the larger piece (usually restated).

Tips for Literary Analysis Essay Writing

Before you start any literary work, you will need to use these tips. These are essential, and they have a huge impact on what you will write and how you will do it. These have been obtained by some of the best writers in the world, so you can imagine how these are effective. A literary essay is complicated to write. Every single literary essay will take a lot of time and effort, so all the tips that can make a process easier are appealing.

  1. Read the text
    The first tip here is the most obvious and the most important. You will have to read the text and determine all the devices. This means that you will need to understand characters, imagery, theme, words, purpose, recurring symbols, and all the rest that will be needed when it comes to actual writing. This is also mandatory for every literary essay you will ever write. Now is the right moment to start learning how to write a college-level essay and finally get the grade you are looking for. Better writing is something that can even have a huge impact on your career.
  2. Always start with the outline
    Another essential thing when it comes to a literary essay is to have an outline. This is a simple plan for your writing, and it will create a path that you will take. As such, you can avoid any mistakes or errors and optimize your writing precisely as you like. All essays need this, and you will need to write it before you start with the actual writing. Just write down all the main points you will use in your essay. A better outline can affect your paper and can make it better. It is a simple thing that has a hugely positive effect, so now you can see why all professional writers have been using this tip for ages.
  3. Cite your sources
    Even if you use your narrative voice for most of the text, you will still need to cite the sources. This is mandatory, and it should be present in all types of academic writing tasks. If you don't, you can end up with a paper that has a lot of issues, and that may even be considered a plagiarized piece of content. This is a huge problem, and some students may have to write a completely new paper while others will get the lowest grade! In other words, this problem is considered cheating.
  4. Write body first
    In each aspect of the text, you need to stay original and focused on the main thing you need to say. But there is one other thing you need to know about. This is the order in which you need to start writing. Many of you will start with the introduction. But some experts prefer starting with the body sections. This is effective when you are new and when you don't have a lot of experience. If you have, then you can use the step-by-step order we have given you above. It is more a trick than a tip but can be effective for some students.
  5. Write intro last
    Here we can see that the introduction can be written last. This is optional and not something that most students will want to use. But when you do this, you can make the section much stronger and more detailed. In plain words, you know all about the paper below, so you can write an intro that matches this perfectly and has all the right ingredients, and offers all the elements you will want to share with your readers. 

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