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ChatGPT by OpenAI as an AI Essay Writer, Is It Helpful?

Written by Kristian Eide
Posted: May 5, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
7 min read

ChatGPT is a language model that can be used to generate essay ideas and content for writing. This article will explore how to use ChatGPT to write an essay, including tips on generating relevant and useful content. Here we answer the question, can ChatGPT write essays as a real writer?

What Is ChatGPT?

With the huge popularity of ChatGPT, almost everyone knows what it is. However, if not, you are at the right place to find out what it is.

OpenAI developed ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to produce text that resembles human writing. The acronym stands for Conversational Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and it has been trained to generate responses on vast amounts of data.

Its abilities are intended to assist users in obtaining helpful information and generating new ideas on a wide range of topics. ChatGPT’s sophisticated features are based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, which allows it to understand natural language and generate human-like responses. This means that users can interact with ChatGPT more intuitively and conversationally. With many possibilities to use ChatGPT, we will look deeper into its usage for essay and assignment writing.

Pros of Utilizing ChatGPT

By using this AI chatbot appropriately, students can benefit from a powerful tool to enhance the quality of their projects. Let’s explore how you can use ChatGPT in studying and writing.

Helps When You Stuck with Ideas

It is common for even the most talented creatives to struggle with producing novel and captivating subjects for their essays. AI chatbot can be beneficial for overcoming writer’s obstacles and helping to create innovative ideas.

With ChatGPT, you can input your query and receive instant suggestions for possible angles to explore. Its vast knowledge base and understanding of context allow it to create relevant and unique ideas that inspire you to take your essay in a new and exciting direction.

Can Write Catchy Headings

Every who wrote an essay once knows the significance of headings. They concisely summarize the material and captivate the reader’s interest. With the help of AI machine, you can get numerous innovative and captivating hints on how to title an essay. It helps to save time and energy, especially in composing attractive headings.

Look down at an example of how you can use Chat GPT to write an essay title:


Helps With an Outline

Another point for using Chat GPT to write an essay is that it can create a thorough outline for your topic. Upon break-in into the article topic, it can produce a range of related subtopics and key moments which you could develop in your writing.

Using ChatGPT, you can make an essay outline for your paper with a clear and logical structure. You know how it is important for your readers to follow and easily understand your arguments.

Here you can see an example of using chatGPT to write an essay outline:


Helps to Find Relevant Sources and Citing

ChatGPT can offer a synopsis of the source’s main ideas, enabling you to quickly assess its utility to your essay. Moreover, it can partly be a citation generator of scholarly articles, books, and other materials for your article’s subject matter. Furthermore, students can input a question or topic into ChatGPT, and AI can provide relevant information or suggest sources that they can explore further.

An example of how to use ChatGPT to find relevant sources:


Providing Explanations And Examples of Various Writing Techniques

ChatGPT has been extensively trained on a vast dataset and can utilize a diverse array of essay styles and techniques. It can provide coherent explanations of these techniques and practical examples to demonstrate their usage when prompted.

For instance, if a user struggles to understand the concept of foreshadowing, they can ask the ChatGPT to explain it. It can define foreshadowing and give examples from literature or film to help the user understand how it works.

Also, it can suggest techniques that may be appropriate for a specific topic. For example, if the user is writing a persuasive essay, ChatGPT can suggest techniques such as emotional appeals or logical arguments to help the user effectively persuade their audience.

Everything Depends on Your Prompt

ChatGPT aims to produce replies derived from the information it is provided, implying that the initial input’s quality primarily determines its output’s effectiveness.

This feature can be beneficial since it compels users to carefully consider their essay’s subject. By knowing how to write a well-crafted prompt, individuals can assist ChatGPT in generating more precise and suitable responses that cater to their particular requirements.

As we can see, AI is not detailed enough, and even the chatbot can’t contextualize the query. B, on the other hand, is particular and focused. This makes it easy for the machine to provide a relevant response.

Cons of Utilizing ChatGPT

Although the AI machine can be a salvation tool for certain students, it’s crucial to recognize its potential limitations. This section will explore the shortcomings of employing ChatGPT to write an essay.

Based on Existing Data Language Model

Even though it is a valuable AI chatbot, it is not genuine artificial intelligence and solely relies on its pre-existing training data till 2021. Consequently, it may be impossible to incorporate new information or context outside the date it has yet to be exposed.

As a result, ChatGPT essays can be inaccurate or irrelevant to the research’s subject matter, which can put students in an unfavorable position, especially those who seek to create up-to-date content.

There Are Plenty of AI Detectors

One of the potential drawbacks of using ChatGPT for writing is that plenty of AI detectors can catch whether or not a chatbot has developed the paper.

If an academic paper is developed entirely by Chat GPT, it may contain content with punctuation, coherence and synthesizing mistakes. This is where Papersowl comes in. It provides editing, proofreading, easy writing from scratch, and comprehensive research papers for students. It also contains a lot of articles on how to handle common student issues in writing assignments.

Your Essay Could Be Not Plagiarism-Free

While Chat GPT is designed to produce unique and original responses based on the input it receives, there is still the possibility that some of the content it produces may bear similarities to existing references.

This is especially true if the user inputs specific phrases or sentences already present in published works. Therefore, users need to learn how to write without plagiarism and edit the content created by the bot. This ensures that it is entirely original and cited adequately if necessary. However, if this is a problem, Papersowl can provide plagiarism-free assignments.

Chat GPT Uses Generic Phrases and Truisms

The chatbot has been trained on extensive data, encompassing a considerable quantity of text featuring customary phrases and expressions. Although these phrases can prove advantageous in informal discussions or marketing situations, they might need to be more suitable or productive for scholarly essays.

Also, relying too heavily on these phrases can lead to a lack of originality and creativity in the essay. Therefore, it’s important to use Chat GPT’s suggestions only as a starting point. You must review and edit your essay carefully, this ensures it is appropriate and effective for the intended audience and purpose.

Here is an example of such:


Has Repetitive Elements and Noticeably Generated Sentence Structure

Because Chat GPT is a machine learning algorithm, it creates responses based on patterns in the input data it has been trained on. This can often result in repetitive phrasing or sentence structures that may be noticeable to a human reader.

For example, if a user requests it to create multiple paragraphs regarding a specific subject, the machine can develop comparable phrases or sentence patterns throughout each paragraph. This could result in essays will seem systematic or deficient in ingenuity, potentially causing a detrimental effect on the paper’s overall quality and of course your grade.

Can’t Synthesize Properly

One other potential drawback of employing ChatGPT to write your paper is that it may only sometimes be able to perform the essential step of synthesizing sources. While it only tries to understand natural communication and context, it can often produce awkward or confusing sentences that require editing or revision. Not to mention its inability to synthesize sources for your literature review, because surely it can’t highlight the importance specifically of your paper. It can just summarize the findings and is prone to errors.


Note: Although ChatGPT generates this statement as a result of the prompt, there are instances whereby this is an unintended response by the AI model.

The Information Given by ChatGPT Is Not Always Credible

The bot employs patterns from past examples to create responses rather than relying on comprehensive topic comprehension. As a result, the information it supplies may be partial, prejudiced, or untrue. Thus, users must exercise critical thinking and fact-checking using ChatGPT for research objectives.

Can’t Show Your Reflections and Insights

While GPT 3 essay writers can provide helpful information and develop content, they may need more ability to offer unique perspectives and original thoughts essential to writing an engaging essay.

As an AI bot, it is limited to the data it has been trained on and cannot draw from personal experiences or emotions that can add depth and richness to an academic report. Therefore, if it requires a more personal touch or a unique perspective, it may require additional input from the writer.

Evaluate the Content to Ensure It Meets Assignment Requirements

Lastly, ChatGPT essay writing may not consistently fulfill the project’s specific criteria. There is a possibility that the created content could be inadequate, either by deviating from the assigned topic, being too general, or lacking sufficient detail, which could impact the final grade or result in a fallen exam.

Thus, it is essential to evaluate the Chat GPT-produced content meticulously to guarantee its precision, appropriateness, and depth in compliance with the assignment’s requirements.

Bottom line

Besides being a good tool for coping with topics and essay structure, we cannot suggest using ChatGPT as a panacea for your writing assignment. It’s still a machine, not a human and even not AI. It is still essential to provide clear and specific questions, review and edit the rendered text, avoid copy-and-paste habits, and evaluate the relevance and accuracy of the information provided. As a result, getting an A without proper editing and proofreading is almost impossible, but PapersOwl is always here to help you with any task.

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