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How to Start An Argumentative Essay

Today you are going to learn how to write an argumentative essay easily and always impress your professor with your writing skills. We will also present the topics that are popular and can help you in this process. Keep in mind that writing this type of essay is not easy. You need to invest a lot of time into research and understanding the topic. Here, you will need to defend what you think so you can deduce how complicated this can be. Always try to choose the title and the topic if possible.

This will have a huge effect and can make a clear difference in your grade. As always, you need to write as well as you can in order to end up with a stunning grade. Argumentative essays are extremely common, and you will have to write countless of these in your school and when at college. There is no way around it. Try to make this interesting, and we will try to do the same thing with the content below. Always make sure that your paper is 100% original and offers accurate and detailed facts.

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What Is an Argumentative Essay?

Some of you know that argumentative essay writing is detailed and complicated. In a nutshell, this is a type of essay where you need to take a stand and present your point of view. You need to use arguments to persuade the readers that your opinion is right and that they should accept it. Due to the use of arguments, you have an argumentative essay. As always, you need to complete a strong introduction, body, and argumentative essay conclusion that will use all the accurate, detailed, and important facts. Don't forget that you need to use strong data and accurate facts in order to prove your arguments and make sure the reader will accept and believe in them. These papers are extremely common.

You will have to complete some based on literature, technology, healthcare, and many other topics. A good argumentative essay will have each argument checked for accuracy, so you avoid any issues or complications. We must add that your professor will likely check the arguments you have used, so you need to use the best ones and always stay unique.

As you can see, your opinion has a huge role in all of this. It is the foundation of your paper, and you should start with the obvious in the introductory paragraph. If you are successful, you will produce a paper that is well-written, comes with all the details your professor will need, and help you get a stunning grade. All of this means that you not only have to understand the essence, but you need to have your opinion and your stand on it. To have these two, you need to be proficient with the content and the main idea.

What Makes a Good Argumentative Essay?

You can see that there are countless argumentative essay topics, and you will have to write on some. But the goal is to have a professionally looking paper at the end. For that, you need to use a few elements that we will discuss below. Once you know all of these, you can implement them into the essay. This will help you have a strong paper and, as such, get the outcome you are looking for. We will talk about all the things that can make your paper much better and be strong when compared to others.

  • Start with a strong argument
    The main thing here is to have an argument that is strong. It will be easier to prove to readers your stand, and it will be easier to defend. If you have a weak argument, you won't be able to defend it properly. What this means is that the readers will not believe you. There is no such thing as an easy argumentative essay. You need to understand all the things you are writing about 100%, and only then can you defend your stand. If this is too hard for you, you can get write my argumentative essay and complete this task within minutes. Even then, you will need to read the paper a couple of times and prepare yourself for defending the arguments.
  • Do a lot of research
    Yes, you will have to write a great thesis statement. Don't forget that a thesis statement has a huge role in all types of writing. However, you will still have to conduct a lot of research. This is mandatory. Basically, you need to understand all the variations, consider all the ideas, and find a lot of data to justify your claim. Some students even use social media alongside other sources. The more you know, the easier the process will be, and you can expect a better result.
  • Make your arguments stronger
    Now you will have to conduct additional research and check all the arguments you are using. Use facts, statistical data, other people's literature, and so much more. In general, you have to make sure all the arguments are accurate and valid. For that, you need to use special sources and all the traces where your arguments are tested and approved.
  • Proofread and proofread again
    This applies to every essay you will have to write. Once you are done, proofread it and then correct any mistakes or issues that are there. You can even ask your friend to read it or find another person. He will be able to spot any mistakes easier than you have. See, even the strongest arguments can't help you if you have an essay with countless mistakes and errors. Some say that this is as important as actual writing and research!
  • Has citations
    Some of you believe that using citations is not needed and that you can skip these. Not in this case. The main problem here is that citations make your paper look more professional, more detailed and prove that you did research. This is one of many reasons why professors like citations and then require them so much. We must add that you need to use citations properly according to your school requirements. If you fail to use them properly, you can end up with plagiarism which is a big problem today, and you can get a low grade or even worse just because of your one mistake!
  • Has a proper language
    Yes, we all know that writing without any mistakes does have huge importance, and we all aim for that. But, in these papers, we can see one thing more. The language you use must be professional. You may believe that being aggressive with your words will be better and more important. It won't. It can make your paper look pale and not very appealing. Some readers will even avoid reading a paper like this, so always be careful. What we are trying to say is that you have your opinion, and you need to defend it, but you also have to respect what other people believe.
  • Use multiple sources
    In order to support your argument, you need to use as many sources as possible. This has two main roles. The first one is obvious. You will have more facts and arguments to use. The second is that you can make sure that you know all the arguments your readers may use to try and prove the opposite. Try to use as much as you can. Even social media can help sometimes. The goal is to be well-prepared for defending your essay.
  • Write an outline first
    The thesis statement is written when you start the outline. It is a plan you are going to use and follow. This has huge importance, and it is something you need to consider. Below you can see how to start with the whole process so stay tuned.
  • Choose the topic if possible
    Here we have the simplest point here that is the most important. If you can choose the topic to write on, go for it. Always choose the one that you like or at least you have some level of interest in. If this is not possible, try to find one that is amusing. All people can write better when they are interested in what they need to complete.

25 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Here we will present to you the best ideas you can use to get inspiration, write on, and so much more. As stated countless times, try to choose what you will write on. This is a much better option and the one that all professional essay writers will recommend. If you end up with something you don't like, you can easily buy argumentative essay and get over this assignment as soon as possible. It is a smart decision to make. If you don't get interested, how will you write about that idea? Anyway, here are 25 ideas that we liked and you will like as well.

  1. Do you think we must ban animal testing?
  2. Would you make abortion illegal?
  3. Do you think that immigrants should get citizenship?
  4. Is the death penalty the right penalty?
  5. Fake news: Do you believe in them, and are they a problem?
  6. Which political party is the best?
  7. Is healthcare a human right we all must have?
  8. Is capitalism the ultimate system for the economy?
  9. Is socialism better than capitalism?
  10. Do you think we all need a right to have a gun?
  11. Is social media important these days?
  12. Should we make smoking illegal?
  13. Would you approve of assisted suicide?
  14. Should commercials become part of kid's programs?
  15. Are hot dogs bad or good for people?
  16. Do boys and girls have the same treatment at school?
  17. What is better to read: Nonfiction or fiction?
  18. Is it fine to consume dessert before you eat dinner?
  19. Is homework beneficial for children?
  20. Should some video games become a sport?
  21. Are schools trying to do everything they can to stop bullying?
  22. Should all cars be electric?
  23. Do you think that AI will help us?
  24. Do you think that climate change is a serious thing?
  25. Are women and men equal when it comes to emotions?

Argumentative Essay Outline

Some of this is controversial. You can hear that some experts will recommend you a simpler outcome and a simpler specific. But we know better. In order to have arguable essays that are stunning, you need to start with a plan. Don't make this controversial or complicated. It is a mandatory step, and it has a huge effect on your essay. After all, you need to present your point of view, and you can and should use all the facts you can. In these essays, this has a huge role. Below you can see 4 steps that will help you more than you can imagine, and you can convince the reader easily.

  1. Introduction
    Here you need to provide a brief summary of your claim and explain it. Just try to make an argumentative essay introduction appealing to the readers. This is the first paragraph of your paper.
  2. Thesis statement
    This should have one sentence only. A thesis statement is a brief summary of your main idea and claim. Don't try to make it too complicated or confusing.
  3. Body
    After the introductory paragraph and the thesis statement, here you will have multiple sections. So, make plans and point out all of them. Use facts, claims, ideas, statistical data, and all the rest to prove your claim and your stance. You can even use an argumentative essay outline template to make this easier. Always try to check out samples, as many as you can in order to make this step easier.
  4. Conclusion
    Here you will have to summarize all the arguments you have used. Stay short and try to make it strong, so readers will clearly know what you want to say. Don't confuse them. A poor conclusion can have a huge, negative effect on the whole essay. Don't mention the thesis statement here. Don't add a new argument or anything else. The essay must be strong and simple so is the conclusion.

How to Write Argumentative Essay?

You may believe that there are countless steps when it comes to writing this essay. In reality, there are 5 steps. How to write an argumentative essay step-by-step guide is here. It comes from professional writers, and it is something you can use for each essay of this type. You will deduce that the argumentative essay format is simple, actually, and there are just a few basic guidelines. Anyway, here are 5 steps you need to implement into your essay, and it all starts with the simplest one.

  1. Brainstorming
    If you got a thesis statement, you would make this step easier. If not, you will need to think of all the ideas, facts, and each arguments you can use. Be free and use examples if you need any help. Use our tips and guidelines from above to get more details and specifics. Collect as many ideas as you can. Don't worry about anything, and don't even start to work on your paper. Just collect the ideas in your brain. It is a good practice to write all of these down. It will make the whole process easier and simpler in the end.
  2. Prepare
    Now you will need to prepare and find all the sources and all the data you will use. This takes a lot of time, so you need to have a few days' deadlines. Keep in mind that here you also need to create a plan for your essay. It should be simple but contain all the main elements and facts you will use. Each argument must be included. Each argument must be accurate! The research will usually take days. Now you see why choosing the topic is so important. You need to invest days into this, and you can make sure that an appealing idea is the more suitable one.
  3. Make a draft
    Now you can start writing. This is a draft, so you don't need to worry about details and actual writing. Just write a whole paper so you can see what it will look like and what the main goal is. You can use social media to see some specifics. A draft should only reflect all the ideas and all the main elements you need to use. You will basically have to rewrite the whole draft, so don't worry about specifics. There is no need to do that.
  4. Revise
    The next step is to read the paper and make all needed changes. Make sure that each argument is carefully selected and that there are no issues or complications. Don't worry about spelling and grammar. Just try to make the paper sound precisely as you want. The whole [purpose of this step is to make your paper more suitable and more appealing to the readers. Once again, you can get help from your friends and family if you need it.
  5. Proofread
    On the next day, you will proofread your paper. Correct all the mistakes and errors you can find. You can recheck the arguments you have used. It is the one practice we highly recommend. Keep in mind that you can get help from a friend at this stage. Some people have a hard time seeing their mistakes when they read their own papers. Ideally, you would have to wait a couple of days and then proofread the content, but this is not always possible. As such, your friend or even a parent can help you at this stage. You can and should use online tools to check grammar and spelling but only as an addition and once you have proofread the paper by yourself.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

To help put these tips into context, we have created an argumentative essay introduction example. This is based on the WW2 thesis we outlined throughout the article.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

PapersOwl team hopes you have found this argumentative writing guide beneficial. We cannot stress enough how important the opening section of this paper is. If you get this part right, the remainder of your paper should flow. You should be able to capture the imagination and attention of your readers. Furthermore, you should be able to convince them of your argument.

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