How To Format An Application Essay For College

Writing college essays is one of the many academic assignments students have been completing for decades, but it is also an essential learning component. Every dream school student should know "How to structure a college application essay?" and "What does it take to write an excellent academic paper?" with this clarity in their minds. Given the importance of these essay assignments, high school students should learn how to write college essays.

With plenty of tips and tricks about college application essays and online applications now, many students still don't know how to get college essay format for them correctly. So, PapersOwl have curated this guide on the correct way of college application essay format.

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What is The Appropriate College Essay Format?

Formatting your college essay structure properly is extremely important as it makes the best first impression. Also, a satisfactorily formatted document can improve your test scores. So, what's the proper format for students to submit their general college essays? The answer to this depends on how you submit your great college essay.

Whether you are submitting sample essays via word files/PDF format, or text box, the college application essay format will vary. We'll discuss the specific best practices for each.

But don't hesitate, if you're struggling with formatting, you can 24/7 hire professional essay writers to help you.

Formatting tips for text box submission

  • Make sure not to make sentences or words bold and italics, as these formatting features are challenging to transfer in the text box.
  • Your college admissions essay template need not have a particular shape. These special formatting features don't appear on the text box and look gimmicky.
  • Ensure to separate paragraphs clearly and avoid double spacing and indents. 

Formatting tips for attached document submission

  • Avoid fancy fonts and use a standard font and size.
  • The ideal font and size are Times New Roman and 12 points.
  • Set your line spacing to 1.5 or double.
  • Try to stay within the word limit for the college application essay heading and body.
  • Save your in PDF format as it secures your formatting styles, unlike word, which doesn't support all formatting features. 
  • Use your first and last name in the header and footer, along with the page number.

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7 Steps to Effectively Format a College Application Essay

You can get a bunch of free advice on the internet about how to write a good college application essay, but can you format your work correctly?

Even the most imaginative writer with strong ideas may earn top scores if the paper is formatted correctly. Are you going to forgo the college application essay format because it is tough to follow, or maybe you don't know how to use a proper format correctly? This is another thing to consider.

Although there could be broad rules for formatting academic papers, some might not apply to essays for college applications. Nowadays, most universities choose and admit new students using application submissions.

Students applying for admission to universities and colleges should know that these papers do not have a predetermined, preselected, or set subject matter. How to start a personal statement for college varies from other documents in many ways as they focus on other students and on you. If they wish to get high grades at an entry-level, learners ought to look far beyond style for college admission essays.

Now, if you're wondering how to format a college admission essay. Let's examine the attributes, such as margins, spacing, headings, font size, etc. We're discussing a personal essay showing the admissions officers a little about you. By this method, they can decide whether you are qualified for the program you applied for or connect you with the appropriate one.

Let's get to the specifics and learn to write a good college essay template step by step.

1. Make proper structure

Start with making a structure for your college admissions essay. Write your college application essay introduction, use heading tags for better structure, and do not forget to include the college application essay conclusion at the end. The best college essay structure has a proper font, heading tags, introductory paragraph, sentence structure, specific file format, and more.

2. Give emphasis to page margins

One of the most crucial factors to take into account while writing your college admissions essay is the page margin. Yet, you shouldn't worry about it because most writing tools, like MS Word, Google Docs, and others, typically have pre-formatted parameters for every new project. Students can select several formats or alter current ones to suit their needs. For instance, MS Word has that set to 1-inch (standard).

3. Correct spacing is imperative

Spacing is another aspect of the structure for college admission essays. When starting an essay, Microsoft Word has a standard setting, but again, based on the specifications listed in the college admission essay guidelines, you can constantly adjust this to perform as expected. Do you have to double-space the lines? Which alignment should I use—right, left, or double? To do this, choose line spacing from the indents and spacing option after selecting a paragraph in your text.

4. Font type

Another crucial aspect of the formatting for an admissions essay is the font style. That is usually one of the simplest rules because Times New Roman, size 12, and most places accept it. The accepted format doesn't allow fancy formats and large-size fonts. Use apt font type to have a good impact on the admissions officer with your good story and essay writing skills.

5. Write your essay as per the word count

Students often neglect word counts. But you should focus on how you write your body paragraphs and heading. Your opening sentence has to be catchy but not lengthy. Try to keep it short and precise. Word count is an important aspect of the college admission essay format rules.

6. Use heading tags properly

Students who submit a college essay should also correctly structure the headline. Exists a set procedure for achieving this? Depending on the writing style, headings may differ. However, most educational institutions accept general guidelines as a starting point. This is the procedure.

Your name is on the first line; the name of your teacher or supervisor should be on the line below. The subject or course code should be on the third line, and the date on the last line. Align text to the left (Ctrl+L) after selecting everything above.

The format for a college essay wouldn't be complete without a strong headline. See our other guidelines for formatting advice on headers for the following pages. Using those suggestions, you could easily complete an essay in 3 hours!

7. Special essay formatting rules

The formatting requirements for a college essay can occasionally be very strict. For instance, a teacher might instruct pupils to write in a certain academic writing style, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard. Be aware that if you decide to use an application essay writing service, you must state this in the order requirements, which streamlines the process.

Know how to structure your paper

  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • 0" between paragraphs
  • 1" margin all around
  • double spaced (275 words/page) / single-spaced (550 words/page)
  • 0.5" first line of a paragraph
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Right Structure

Wrapping Up

When working on your college application process, you must submit either a personal statement or a college admission essay. This guide helps you write a well-formatted general college essay to complete your online application form. Remember: the main point of an admission essay is to convince the admission committee.

Now that you are aware of the format to incorporate in your essay writing process, you can start early so you can have enough time to double-check your whole essay before submission. Students who use our admission writing services must complete essay prompts at this crucial stage to being admitted to the colleges of their choice. Moreover, if you are in a rush, you can always purchase papers for money and get top-notch quality in a timely manner.


How to format a college application essay?

College application essay format is not a daunting task. The format of essays for college admission is straightforward and consists of an introductory paragraph, a longer body portion, and a conclusion. A title is not necessary because it will merely take up more space.

Remember that every college application has a different exact format. Also, you need to follow proper structure, font styles, word count, headings, narrative structure, and body paragraphs.

Should college essays be in MLA format?

No, not all essays are written in MLA format. Your professors will probably provide you with essay instructions that specify if you should use the MLAA style and reference manual, primarily employed by students and academics writing on the classics (languages and literature) or APA. The social sciences are the fields that use the APA style the most.

What is MLA format for college application essay format?

Basic MLA formatting requirements include using size 12 Times New Roman font all across the essay with paragraphs spaced half an inch, double spacing between lines, and books cited page with a hanging indent. Additionally, the title page should have the student's name, instructor's name, course, and date. For proper formatting, it is crucial to use these guidelines when writing a college essay, so consider buying college essays from professional writers who are familiar with all MLA standards.

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