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Financial Research Paper Topics – The Complete List to Choose From

Last update date: February 22, 2024
5 min read

A search for the right financial research paper topic is constant. Indeed, we can understand this because knowing the reasonable topics in finance puts us ahead of the game. Students majoring in business are obliged to make presentations and submit essays, projects, and research papers on banking and accounting at one point in their career.

The challenges of picking the best finance topics are, however, always within. For this reason, we’ve done extensive research and have composed a great list of financial research paper topics and divided them into groups for you to choose from.

If you’re in doubt about how to choose your topic, we’ve got that covered too. Read our easy guide on which steps to take to ensure your paper topic is appropriate, along with our vital tips on what to pay attention to when choosing them.

How to Choose Financial Research Topics?

To choose the proper topic and get prepared for the process of research paper writing, you should first explore something that nobody has explored so far. Other than that step of selecting a unique topic, here are some other helpful tips we recommend in selecting the best and most appropriate financial research topic:

  • Find a question that has no answers yet in the field of your study and give it additional research to find a suitable solution;
  • Read several finance theses and papers to get a good idea for choosing your topic;
  • Always find a general viewpoint for your financial research topic and use your study to narrow it down to something specific;
  • Do online research and find what topics may be a burning issue to work on them. This type of research will make the research paper topic valid, compelling, suitable for your particular research, and unique;
  • Talk about your topic with your friends or other people who have experience in writing papers. You can consult your professors too.

List of Finance Topics to Write About

We offer you a list of exciting finance topics you can write about divided into groups. This way, you can choose the best topic from your target group and make sure you can cover it to a T. Have fun researching.

Interesting Finance Topics

Perhaps you want to write an interesting business paper. You’ll need to choose among some of the most recurring finance paper topics and write a persuasive paper. Here’s our list of the ten options we find most engaging.

  1. A comparative study on the set-backs and benefits of acquisition and merger
  2. Possible solutions to the Capital Asset Pricing Model
  3. Future commerce and the impact of manipulating commodity
  4. A comparative analysis of the Continuous-time model application
  5. Building stability for retail investors using the Systematic Investment Strategy
  6. US’ economy and income tax
  7. How does the American economy function with the current banking operations
  8. Financial statement analysis and the ratio analysis – is it a practical component?
  9. Senior citizen investment – a case study of this portfolio
  10. Multi-level marketing and its applications in different economies of the world

Research Topics for Finance Students

Finance students have to write research papers throughout their years of study. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the most engaging financial topics to write about, which is why our list should help.

  1. The differences and similarities between traditional finance and behavioral one
  2. Consumer satisfaction in e-banking
  3. The best risk management methods for the manufacturing industry – a detailed analysis
  4. A derivative marketplace and its financial risks – identification and measuring
  5. Potential risks for the banking sector and how to avoid them?
  6. The new technologies behind banking in commercial banks

Finance Research Topics for MBA

The following list of research topics in finance would help you intrigue your professors and look at the discipline from a new perspective.

  1. Investment analysis of your chosen company
  2. Capital management – a detailed report
  3. Saving taxes – considerations and financial plans
  4. Life insurance investments and the involvement of investors in them
  5. A comparative analysis between traditional products and UIL

Public Finance Topics

Public finance topics are a type of finance research paper topics that covers taxation, government borrowing, and other aspects.

  1. Accounting and government budgeting
  2. The austerity related to finance and government education
  3. The theory and practice of government taxation
  4. How does the government raise money through borrowing
  5. The government’s revenue collection plan
  6. Budgeting and accounting of the government

International Research Topics in Finance

Since business transactions are happening worldwide, and local trade is no longer the only option, we must study international business.

  1. What can we do to prevent global economic crises?
  2. Can the banking industry lower the impact of the recurring financial crisis?
  3. Can a country achieve funding healthcare for homeless people?
  4. Which sectors of healthcare need more funding?
  5. The problems of high prices of medication in the US

Healthcare Finance Research Topics

Here are some of the most relevant topics for healthcare finance:

  1. What’s better – paid or free healthcare?
  2. Healthcare finance – the origins
  3. Is financing healthcare a privilege or a right?
  4. Healthcare policies in the U.S. through history
  5. How can first-world countries improve healthcare?
  6. How much impact does the government have on its healthcare?
  7. Can we achieve worldwide free healthcare?

Corporate Finance Topics

Corporate finance deals with structuring capital, financing, and making decisions for each investment. The following list of research topics in finance covers ways to make minimal mistakes in this field.

  1. Possible solutions to ethical concerns in corporate finance
  2. Small and medium-capitalization businesses – understanding their investment patterns
  3. Investment for mutual funds – a detailed analysis of its different streams
  4. How do equity investors manage their potential risks
  5. What are the potential pros and cons of SWIFT, and how does it work?

Business Finance Topics

Each decision we make in business has some financial implications. Therefore, we must understand the fundamentals to write finance topics that require management, analysis, valuation, etc.

  1. Establishing business enterprises and the application of business finance
  2. Business modernization and the role of business finance
  3. Selling our life insurance – Is tax an effective incentive here?
  4. Who do mutual funds change within the public and private sectors?
  5. Different investment options for different financial classes – Is there a preference?
  6. The choices and preferences of investors – A detailed analysis
  7. The investors’ perspective on investing in private insurance companies
  8. Corporate entities and increasing their accountability
  9. Business finance and its ethical concerns
  10. Small to medium business tax payments

Personal Finance Topics

Personal finance is a susceptible area, as we all like to tend to our finances appropriately. Here are some of the most exciting burning issues in this field:

  1. Possible saving strategies while you’re on a budget – An evaluation
  2. The effect of inflation and the increase in the interest rate on personal finance
  3. Employees and employers working from home – what are the benefits?
  4. Is free healthcare or affordable healthcare a common right every citizen should have?
  5. What are the best ways to save money when you’re on a budget?
  6. Credit scored – a detailed analysis
  7. The importance of vehicle and credit loans
  8. How does tax impact making our financial decisions?
  9. What are the best ways to properly manage credit?
  10. Mobile banking and its difficulties


Yes, choosing among numerous financial research paper topics can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, we’ve laid out all the inspirational ideas for them in categories so that you can find your best pick fast and easily. If you feel like you can’t write that paper yourself, that’s okay too.

Contact our services at PapersOwl for some first-class research writing. On the other hand, if you feel like you are a professional in this field, we have you covered for that too. You can write research papers for money through our service and make extra cash from your writing skills.

If you have any additional questions about finance research topics, please contact our college paper help. Our team of experts will tend to all of your questions promptly.


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