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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Students

Compare and Contrast essays are one of the more analytical essays that students and experts write. This writing is done to give readers a perfect understanding of two subjects. These subjects are usually compared and contrasted.

Compare and Contrast essays are one of the more analytical essays that students and experts write. This writing is done to give readers a perfect understanding of two subjects. These subjects are usually compared and contrasted. Unlike simple compare-contrast tasks that usually do not have restricting metrics to determine what area the essay writer is considering. Compare/contrast essays have metrics that determine the similarities and differences of the subjects of interest.

Unlike the belief that compare/contrast essays are only designed for college students, non-educator players can also use this essay to offer very important information to readers. Hence, it is just as easy to see interesting compare and contrast essay topics in different fields as much as you will find compare and contrast essay topics for college students.

Research is generally needed to write good compare and contrast essay topics, and at the end, readers should end up with a very good understanding of the two topics considered. See more about compare/contrast essay topics.

What are Compare and Contrast Essays?

A Compare and Contrast Essay is a dedicated essay that examines at least two topics of interest by comparing and contrasting them. A compare and contrast essay can handle as many as five different topics as long as certain metrics about them make it possible to determine their similarities and differences.

However, examining more than two topics in a Compare and Contrast Essay usually requires a high level of analysis and research. These essays are usually dissertations and projects in College and Postgraduate programs. A thesis statement for compare and contrast essay is a good example of these types of complicated essays. Compare and Contrast essays usually examine popular topics.

The subject of interest may be difficult, or they could be easy cool things to compare and contrast. It could be objects, ideas, or people. A compare and contrast essay may exclusively compare subjects of interest, contrast them, or do both, depending on what the essay writer wants.

Tips on Choosing a Compare and Contrast Essays Topic

While the nature of compare and contrast essay topics has been outlined, it is important to know that certain factors must be considered to write a compare and contrast essay topic successfully. Several compare and contrast tips can help you write very good and easy compare and contrast essay topics. They will be considered below.

  • Selecting the Topics to Be Compared/Contrast
    It is very important that you select topics that can be compared and contrasted at eye level. Select topics that your target readers can relate to. You should not select topics that may not be easy to compare and contrast. You could decide to compare and contrast two colleges as opposed to comparing a water-based animal to an air-based animal. While the former comparison and contrasts are relatable, it would become highly difficult to determine the metrics that make it easy for you to compare and contrast.
  • List The Characteristics of the Topics
    A major step you should take is to list the characteristics of the subjects of interest you seek to compare and contrast. List out the respective characteristics of the topics and arrange them so that a characteristic (metric) in the first topic aligns with its twin in the other topic. Now, compare and contrast the topics based on these metrics.
  • Properly Use Transitions
    Transition words for compare and contrast essays are foundational principles to writing a successful piece. Transition makes it very easy for you to move from a state of comparison to contrasting. For example, the transition word "On the Contrary" seamlessly helps the essay writer move from comparing topics based on a characteristic to contrasting them.

While the above tips will help you write a better compare and contrast essay topic, it is possible to get great topic ideas or even buy comparison essay topics outlined by experts. Whether you want complex, easy, or funny compare and contrast essay topics, it is possible to buy non-plagiarized pieces.

Below are some of the common Education Essay Topics that you will find in 2022.

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Education Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Home Education vs. Daycare – comparison and contrast between the two for kids.
  2. Punishment vs. Reward – compare and contrast the effectiveness of punishments and rewards for keeping kids in check in school.
  3. Part-Time Job vs. focusing on studies – compare and contrast the two for college students.
  4. E-learning vs. Conventional Learning – compare and Contrast remote learning to conventional learning.
  5. Kids Exposure to High-end gadgets vs. conventional Books – Compare and Contrast both for kids.
  6. Asia vs. the West – compare and contrast education levels in the West and Asia.
  7. College vs. Skills Acquisition – Compare and contrast College dreams to skill acquisition.
  8. Textbooks vs. E-books
  9. Private College to Public College
  10. Parents’ Involvement in Children’s Career Choice vs. Self Discovery - Compare and contrast how parents get to influence kids' careers to kids discovering what they want themselves.

Sports Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Football and basketball – Football and Basketball are two of the most popular sports in the world, with both boasting a billion fans combined. Fans from both ends believe one is better, and as such, they will make a great compare and contrast essay topic.
  2. Marathons and walkathons – these two subjects are similar in terms of endurance, will, and fitness. However, they are also different.
  3. Indoor sports to outdoor sports – students can write on the similarities and differences of both sports by taking an analytic approach.
  4. Balancing sports with study vs. High focus studying – you can write a research compare/contrast essay on which of the two methods will yield more results as a student.
  5. Early morning Exercise vs. late night Exercise – A compare/contrast essay on which type of the two exercises is most effective considering certain metrics can make an excellent topic.
  6. Running vs. gymming – this subject will make a great topic and help fitness experts know when to adopt any of them.
  7. Home Exercise Vs. Gym Exercise – These two discussions have supporters and respective critics, making it an excellent compare/contrast essay.
  8. Tennis to Badminton – Tennis, and Badminton are closely related sports, and a compare/contrast essay about the duo will not be out of place.
  9. Soccer vs. NFL – the heated argument on the better between soccer and ruby makes the subject excellent for compare/essay writing.
  10. Indigenous sports to modern sport – there are many metrics to compare and contrast to know the best out of the two sports.

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Politics Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Democracy and Monarchy
  2. Capitalism and communism
  3. Socialism and communism
  4. Merits of free trade vs. the demerits of Free Trades
  5. Centralized Government Vs. Decentralized Government
  6. The US Political system vs. The French Political System
  7. Legislature and executive
  8. Fundamental rights Vs. State Policy's directive principles
  9. Equal opportunities or affirmative action
  10. Freedom of Expression Vs. restraints on Expression

Economy Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Economics as Mandatory discipline or as an Optional Pick
  2. Peace vs. political unrest – Compare and Contrast how both affect the world Economy.
  3. Is Economic Knowledge required in 2022 or not? – compare and contrast the effects of economic knowledge against the effect of non-economic knowledge.
  4. Capitalism vs. Communism in World Economy – compare and contrast the effect of both on the world economy.
  5. Economy and Politics
  6. Economics vs. business studies
  7. Regulated Prices vs. Free Market
  8. America Tax System vs. China Tax System
  9. New Laws vs. Old Laws: Which is more Important
  10. Macro-Economic vs. Micro-Economics – compare and contrast the difference between the two Economics.

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Social Studies Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Childhood in the 90s vs. Modern Day Childhood
  2. Coronavirus vs. The Great Depression
  3. COVID-19 vs. The Plague
  4. Adolf Hitler vs. Napoleon
  5. Common-Law Vs. Civil Law
  6. Rural Life to Urban Life
  7. America in the 60s Vs. America Now
  8. Are Social Orientations Necessary or Not?
  9. Family-based Orientations vs. School Orientations
  10. Do war Achieve Peace or Not?

History Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Lincoln's Ideas vs. Washington's ideas
  2. Baroque epoch vs. Renaissance
  3. Religious studies vs. Anthropology
  4. Napoleon Fall vs. Hitler Fall
  5. Democracy and monarchy
  6. The US and the UK Election System
  7. American Independence vs. China Independence
  8. Henry VIII and King Louis XIV
  9. Nazism vs. Fascism
  10. World War I vs. World War II

Literature Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

  1. Reality VS Fiction Literatures
  2. Depiction of Women in Literature in the 80s and Now
  3. Memoir vs. Autobiography
  4. Writing vs. Speaking
  5. Pen Letters to Modern Day Email Communication systems
  6. Prove vs. Poetry
  7. Historical Fiction vs. Science Fiction
  8. Shakespeare Piece: Othello vs. Hamlet
  9. English novels vs. French novels – compare and Contrast English novels to that of France. You could consider their relationship as well.
  10. Roman and Greek mythology – compare and Contrast Roman and Greek Mythology.

Controversial Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Intervention vs. Invasion - Comparison and contrast between Intervention and Invasion of a sovereign country.
  2. Religion and Atheism – comparing and contrasting the effects of Religion and Atheism on a country's growth, humanity, and other metrics.
  3. LGBT++ Rights vs. Sexual Orientation Restriction – compare and contrast Freedom of sexual orientation to restriction in sexual orientation.
  4. Freedom of Expression vs. Restriction in Thoughts – Compare and contrast Society with Freedom of Expression and those with restricted speech.
  5. Death Penalty vs. Life Sentence – you can compare and contrast the death penalty to a life sentence and how it affects psychology.
  6. Should sovereign countries be Restricted to own Weapons of Mass destruction or not – compare and contrast countries with weapons of Mass destruction and those without them. Consider how they affect global peace.
  7. Sex work vs. Drugs abuse? – compare and contrast both based on their effects on teenagers and adults.
  8. Abortion vs. Mandatory Delivery – compare and contrast why abortion laws and mandatory conceiving should be an option.
  9. Climate Change vs. War – Compare and contrast the two's effects on jeopardizing life and the world economy.
  10. Violent video games and Non-shooting games – Compare and contrast the two games and determine their effect on kids' health.


This article has highlighted 8 popular categories for getting excellent compare and contrast essay topics. Each category had 10 Topics listed out to give readers excellent compare and contrast essay options to consider. Some of the topics in this list can be compared and contrasted for fun, while some are highly analytical and could pass for academic projects and Thesis.

Irrespective of the reason for writing a compare and contrast essay topic, the aim is to ensure that, in the end, you are passing factual information. That gives your target audience a good understanding of both topics, where they complement each other and differ.

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