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Mistakes And Topics To Avoid When Writing A College Essay

08 Jun 2018Essay Writing Guides

Any college essay assignment should have a certain structure and correspond to certain rules of a teacher or college. However, many students do not fully understand the specific features of a particular type of work and make mistakes in their compilation. This often leads to a failure.

How to avoid mistakes? To accurately follow all the recommended rules and make admissions officers interested in your work, you can use admission essays writing service and order the paper you need from academic writers who have professional skills and experience. However, you can also do it on your own if you follow our tips!

Mistakes Not To Make In Essay Writing

  • The first mistake is a bad check. It is not enough to check only spelling and punctuation. Reread your own essay and make sure that there are no unsuccessful turns, ambiguous expressions, and tautology.
  • Tentative forewords are often the cause of a poorly written essay, as it becomes uninteresting and the absence of examples of statements makes it insipid and gray.
  • Verbosity when writing a college paper does not lead to anything good, the fact is that the number of words in this genre is limited. Write your admission essay and manage the optimal volume with the mind. Often you have to give up various ideas or desired details.
  • Your text should be easy to read – the mistakes can be attributed to the use of long phrases, not always the length of the sentence determines its quality. In contrast, short, well-formulated proposals are more appreciated by readers. Much better if the author alternates short phrases with longer ones and not use overused college essay topics.
  • Substitution of essay concepts – you should give an analysis of the used literature, summarized facts mentioned in the source. What not to write about in a college essay? The disciple must express his/her own point of view, and not just retell the story of cliche college essay topics.

Top 7 Bad Topics To Avoid For College Essay

1. Do not write about politics if you are not a political scientist

Politics is the first college essay topics to avoid. Why? It is no accident that etiquette in different countries requires not to touch politics either in a friendly company, in conversation with colleagues, at a dinner party, or during quiet gatherings in the kitchen. By the way, psychologists and sociologists argue that the popularity of the topic of politics speaks of the disadvantage of society.

2. Do not write about religion, even if you are Catholic and visit the church every Sunday without exception

Remember - religion is one of bad college essay topics (even worse than politics). First, it is extremely difficult - you have to be a very educated person to talk about religion with knowledge. Secondly, it is very delicate - it's easy to insult your teacher or commission, completely unwilling, which is the main reason why it is better not to start.

3. Do not write about money and economic problems, if this is not your profile subject

If you ask what not to write in a college essay, the answer is - never write about money. Of course, money is a huge and integral part of our life, but it's not interesting for anyone to read about it in your admission paper. Also, to a huge gap in financial classes, you can inadvertently offend someone.

4. Do not write about health problems (yours, your family or anyone else)

It is also one of those topics to avoid in college essays. In general, it is possible to touch on health issues but there is a danger of slipping into personal examples and this is inappropriate. Thus, you should avoid such topics. Hardly anyone from your professor likes to listen to what exactly, where and how much you ache, how you treated it and other purely personal things. This is a personal cliche college essay topic to avoid in any academic work (only if you are not a medical student).

5. Do not write about differences between people

Yes, such arguments are very popular and in demand in modern society. But if you want to get a good mark and impress your teacher, do not use cliche college essay topics to avoid: racial, national, gender and other differences; at the very least, you do not want to be accused of discrimination and chauvinism? In addition, by touching on such topics, you can provoke conflict in your class.

6. Be careful with personal tastes

Everything that concerns individual tastes (in music, literature, painting, clothing, cinema, etc.), you can use, but carefully. Still, it is one of college application essay topics to avoid, but not that strict.

Loudly declaring that you hate the Beatles or consider modern domestic music the only worthy, can cause disagreement with the teacher and students. Do not be offended, but it's just boring for everyone, listening to what you love, there are much more interesting topics that you can disclose.

7. Everything that violates the law

Just do not make your text about it, and make life easier for everyone. Do not tell stories (if you have them) and do not ask questions, do not write arguments about the laws, and use application overused. Laws are absolute for all, and it is important for you to keep your reputation.

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