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How to Outline an Argumentative Essay

How to write an argumentative essay outline? There are a few things you need to know first. Every single paper will have to have an outline or the plan you will take while writing it. Yes, it will include a thesis statement, but it will have so much more. A simple argumentative essay outline is something most students need and should start with as soon as possible. It can make the whole process much easier and simpler while helping them with personal ideas and academic writing in general. Today we are going to reveal everything about the argumentative essay outline format, writing tips, and so much more you actually need. We can add that these simple words will have a huge, positive effect on your writing and on your grade, so you may want to consider these right now. In a nutshell, the whole writing process will be much easier. To get started, consider reading the Papersowl blog, which can provide quality support and professional assistance.

What Is an Argumentative Essay Outline?

Basically, here we can see that all papers must have an outline, and it is the same or at least similar in all cases. Before you learn how to create an argumentative essay outline, you need to know what it is. You also need to know what a thesis statement is. The outline is the plan or the organized order of all the facts you will use. It is a rough sketch of your paper. It explains how and where you will use the arguments and complete the task. As always, you need a strong intro, body sections, and argumentative essay conclusion, which has a huge role in all of this. The main argument must be present in the plan, and you must start with a strong opening statement. This is important for all papers, but even more with argumentative papers due to the fact they are based on the arguments, you will have to use.

Every argumentative essay outline consists of five elements:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Arguments to back up your opinion.
  3. Arguments that prove the weakness of opposing claims.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Cited works.

Don’t forget that you need to specify the exact argumentative essay topics for college you are going to write about.

Discuss an issue that matters for an audience. Go with something that splits opinions. Besides creating a powerful paper, you will learn to analyze information, check the facts, make conclusions. Take a look at our list of suggestions if choosing a topic seems complicated.

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How to Write an Argumentative Paper Outline?

If you want to see an argumentative essay outline example, you will have to wait. Here we have a few more generic and also important elements you need to know before you start writing. Basically, you will need to format an argumentative essay outline, and you will need to know how to process it properly so you can get the best outcome. Always remember that you need to present the other side of the issue as well. This will help you, and it will have a huge effect on your paper. Additionally, editing your paper is also important. Make sure to take a break from your paper and come back to it with fresh eyes. This can help you identify any errors or sections that need to be improved. You can use the same thing when writing book reports, movie reviews, and so much more. But, in an argumentative essay, your point of view has the main role.

  • Introduction
    The introduction is the first section of your paper. It has a huge role in all of this. Here you will need to start with the hook. This is one sentence that will attract the attention of the reader extremely. He/she will want to read the whole paper, which is precisely the thing you need and want. All papers of this kind should have this, and we can see them in each example argumentative essay outline without any deviations.


How our world would look like without smartphones?

The next thing you need to do here is to provide a brief element of information. You can use the same thing when it comes to Toulmin model outline, but you will have to continue reading and learn more about the basics later on. In general, you need to reveal background information. These are important in your argumentative essay introduction and must not reveal any of the main arguments or anything similar.
The last sentence of your introduction is where the thesis statement goes, and this is obvious for most students who have written before.

  • Body
    Here you will need to start with a single sentence that makes a clear transition between the paragraphs.


Smartphones have been responsible for many new introductions and better quality of life.

Here you will likely have three sections. Each one should consist of the argument or the claim and the evidence you can provide in order to justify that claim. If you can't find any evidence or you have a hard time, you can use the "write my argumentative essay" option, which is simple and will help you. You can use it for a movie review or anything else. Anyway, each claim must be strong and must come with strong evidence. How strong they are will determine the result of your paper. Once you are done, you will need the last section. Here you need to provide a concluding statement. This is not the conclusion but may look similar.


Smartphones have made our life much better, and they are something we rely on every single day and we will indefinitely.

  • Conclusion
    Each argumentative essay outline template will tell you the same thing. Here you need to restate your thesis, and you need to provide a strong summary that will keep your readers interested and focused on the topic for much longer. Writing an argumentative essay comes with this step is mandatory, and there is no way around it.


After all the facts and pieces of evidence, you can see above, we can deduce that smartphones are a huge threat to humankind.

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Types of Options for How to Structure an Argumentative Essay

We all know that the introduction paragraph and supporting your argument are a huge part of these essays. But, some of you will not know that there are three main types. Each one has a body paragraph, but each one is different as well. At any given moment, when you want to buy argumentative essay, you need to specify which type you need. This is important, and it has some differences. Hence choosing the wrong one can be a problem. Below we are going to explain three types that you will probably have to write on while at college or at school.

  1. Classical (Aristotelian)
    It is the most common type, and we can add that most students will ever have to write using this type only. Argumentative essay body paragraphs are simple and straightforward. This type also looks the most like any other conventional paper. You will use direct arguments, and you will use simple facts. Keep in mind that here you need to use reasoning, emotions, and credibility to prove what you want to your readers. Despite the simple argumentative essay structure, these papers can be hard to write and complete on time.
  2. Rogerian
    This type is different, obviously, and it has been used for specific cases. For instance, you will use it when body sides have strong arguments, and readers are more interested in the opposing side. In addition, this type is also appealing because it appreciates and respects the opposing opinion, which is probably not something you will be very focused on in the first case scenario. Specific argumentative essay topics can benefit from this type, which will have a huge impact. As always, you need to support your thesis.
  3. Toulmin
    The last type is extremely complicated. You will use this when you want to dissect just one argument, like one statement, and divide it into easier elements so you can process them. Opposing arguments don't have much value here. Some say that you can use this for an extremely complicated literature review. In fact, most students avoid these, and they will prefer to write one of the two types from above.

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Good Example of Argumentative Essay Outline 

You already have an answer to “Can I use argumentative essay writing service?” Let’s suppose you have got a topic, too. There is one last thing to pay attention to – a real outline for an argumentative essay you can use as an illustrative example, just like the one below.

Argumentative Essay Outline

Don’t worry if you face difficulties with an outline of an argumentative essay at first; good results always come with practice. You can use this article as a guideline for your future work. Start with creating a similar outline for your first essay. Be ready to defend your viewpoint, listen to criticism, provocative objections. Always response by weighting the facts. If you feel like you are completely stuck or need one more good example, feel free to contact PapersOwl for professional assistance or buy a thesis on our website. We’ll be really glad to help.

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