Presidency of George Washington

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Updated: Apr 18, 2019
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“The executive branch has completely changed since George Washington’s term; president’s no longer have such limitations the first commander in chief used to have. Congress used to overpower the president’s decision. The power of balance has shifted dramatically between branches. The executive branch has evolved leadership in the modern world, changing greatly since the adoption of the Constitution. It can be noted that the executive branch has undergone tremendous changes over time, making it very different to what it was when George Washington was president. Modern presidents have shaped this country to what it is now, but it wouldn’t have begun without the legacy of George Washington.

George Washington’s two terms were completely different from the modern presidents we’ve had. He had very limited choices. “”The nature of the presidency has evolved considerably over the course of American history, from the limited role the framers of the Constitution had in mind to the rise of the president-centered government of the twentieth century,”” states the source. The framers of the Constitution had set limitations for the presidents to follow, but over time the course of presidency has developed into what it is now. George Washington’s terms were much different to the presidential terms we see now, for example the presidents control over foreign affair has grown tremendously since the Theodore Roosevelt administration.

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Although George Washington may have been the greatest president this powerful country has had; the United States of America has had its fair share of presidents who’ve made America what it is now. Presidents like Barack Obama made healthcare easy and accessible. His administration also helped guide the country through a great recession and rescued the U.S. auto industry. President John F. Kennedy also helped guide America through the right path by standing up to the soviet union and for successfully diffusing the Cuban missile crisis, JFK also pushed for progress on civil rights. It’s safe to say many presidents have helped shape the United States into a successful country.

The executive branch has changed dramatically since Washington’s terms. During his presidency, congress used to affect the powers of the executive branch and the way the president and vice president got elected. The powers have drastically changed through presidential interpretation and the congressional legislation. Although congress overpowered the executive branch, they still can affect presidential powers. “”Congress can either pass or not pass potential presidential authorisations and it is a sign of a politically positive relationship.”” Claims the source. Congress has been beneficial since the start of the United States of America. Congress is one of the building blocks to a successful nation. The legislative branch has been around since the very start of politics in America. The executive branch and the legislative branch have changed for the better.

Modern day presidents like our current POTUS have much different morals than George Washingtons. President Donald Trump has brought up employment rate all over the country.

George Washington’s legacy has made way for modern presidents. He set the standard of a leader who united this country. When comparing George Washington and our current president Donald Trump, there are many similarities and differences. President Washington had his faults like our more modern presidents. President Trump is a man of knowledge as all our presidents have been before him. All presidents have their faults, everyone does.

Nonetheless every president who has had the honor to serve this thriving country has made an impact for the better. For example president George Washington set a long lasting impact and that is the legitimacy of the United States presidency and set many precedents that remain today, like the presidential veto and two-term presidency. One of the most influential presidents this country has seen is Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was a very dominant political leader as he led the United States through the civil war, not only did he guide the country through the civil war but he also started the incredible journey towards the end of slavery.

The executive branch would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the influential presidents we’ve had over the course of the years. Thanks to George Washington this nation has had the opportunity to have its fair share of powerful presidents. George Washington was a powerful man and still remains one to this day, but the presidents the country has seen have been incredible. The executive branch has flourished into something more and more powerful every day.

The president’s power grows stronger each election. When being president first, started the framers of the constitution believed all powers could be equal, but now a days many believe the president abuses his power. As previously stated the presidents got to be so powerful, because the constitution gave the president such limited leeway. Congress used to dominate the executive branch till Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson each expanded the powers of the presidency. “”However, throughout the 1800’s until the 1930’s, congress was a dominant branch of the national government. Then, throughout the rest of the 20th Century, the balance of power shifted dramatically, so that the executive branch currently has at least equal power to the legislative branch.”” states the source. The executive branch is now a very dominant branch and the president has much more possibilities to thrive.

“”The executive power shall be vested in a president of the United States of America.”” States the source. Article I of the constitution states that the United States Constitution gives congress its powers and limits. Congress is the legislative branch of the government, they’re the ones who make the laws for the United States of America. This article also creates two sections of congress, called the bicameral legislature.

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