I would Never Let myself Give up

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Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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I would Never Let myself Give up essay

For a year now I have been working toward the same goal. I wish one quarter to end the quarter with all A+’s. I believe the statement that I am myself toughest critic. I would never let myself give up at anything, and I never let myself be anything less than perfection. So when I started last year in 7th grade I told myself that I would get all A’s and above and when I’d meet that goal, I told myself that would get all A+’s for the end of the quarter. Even though it may seem near to impossible, with the right amount of dedication and perseverance and the right steps to lead me to my goal, I believe that I can do anything.

To kick off my journey to meet my goal I would take the first step and that would be to studying thoroughly. Even if its something as small as a quiz or as big as a midterm I should study that night and not go to sleep until I know the material well enough. This tends to be a big problem with myself because, I get too overconfident a lot. When I do get overconfident, I don’t study and that reflects heavily in my grades.By studying thoroughly I won’t be in a situation where I would have a test telling me how I got a 60 when I studied all the material and know everything. So by taking the first step and studying thoroughly, I would make sure that I don’t go underprepared for the next day and I make sure that I am ready for the test or quiz coming up. I make sure that I am confident that I will get a 100.

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My second step on this journey of mine would be to not procrastinate and complete my world with full effort. I was a heavy procrastinator. I would go home and go to sleep or watch Netflix instead of actually completing my homework. Last year I procrastinated so much, my homeroom teacher made a procrastinators anonymous club in homeroom. The struggle of doing this is that you never know what the teacher will do, and often I would get bad grades on these assignments. I would get 50-60’s on assignments hat if I tried I would get 90’s on. By not procrastinating I make sure that every piece of work is done to my full effort and that I won’t have to get scared to look online when they update the grades on PowerSchool. I one day have a hope I won’t be scared out of my mind to open up powerschool, and I won’t have to pray to the gods that my grades have not sunk like a hopeless souffle. I would be proud to present my work to the teachers and I wouldn’t have to worry about my grade falling, every day.

Along with procrastination, I have a lot of trouble asking for help on anything. Math has always been a monster to me,but this year especially. One of the toughest subjects to me this year is geometry. I have had a lot of trouble in math, but I would usually find some way to over go it. However, this year, if I have trouble with the basic stuff,i have trouble with everything else. A major struggle with me personally is accepting the fact that I need help.In math, when I would usually not understand a lesson, I would forget about it. But it’s hard to do that when you don’t understand the basics at all. This would reflect heavily on my test grades and there would be a huge difference between my grades if I do ask for help versus if I don’t. This will help me reach my goal because I will actually understand the subject. It helps to do the work and put full effort into something once you understand it.

My goal of getting all A+’s has been taking decades to complete. Ever since I was a child I have been surrounded by genuinely smart people. They make the toughest thing look simple. Even at home I get compared to my brother,“ Look how good Dheeraj did in math, why is it so hard for you to get a 90?” by setting my goal to get all A+’s I hope to prove those people wrong, that I am my own person and I can be better than my brother. I hope to prove to others and myself how I can succeed things if I put my mind to it. I hope to succeed in my goal by making sure that I study thoroughly, to make sure that I don’t procrastinate, and to make sure that I ask for help on anything. I hope to work on my goal for years, no matter how long it takes.

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